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Calendar >  Miss Mercs. – Thomas Calabrese 4/9

Miss Mercs. – Thomas Calabrese 4/9

By   /  April 8, 2017  /  15 Comments


They put the take in breathtaking

Thomas Calabrese … It was a hot and muggy evening in Juarez, Mexico and the stench of garbage stubbornly hung over the city like a foul smelling guest who’s overstayed his welcome.  The ruthless enforcers of the drug cartel caught a group of careless men transporting cocaine through their area of control and the unlucky drug mules were lined up and cut them to pieces with razor sharp machetes. The warning was simple, yet unmistakable; violate our territory and die a painful and brutal death, but one organization however was not dissuaded by the threat, in fact they considered it an invitation to make themselves at home.

A sprawling palatial home was situated inside a twenty foot electrified fence on the outskirts of town.  Armed guards patrolled the outside perimeter while spotlights and surveillance cameras scanned the area. It was supposed to be impenetrable, the key words being “supposed to be.”  The place was owned by the notorious sociopathic drug dealer and human trafficker Joaquin Renteria whose brutality was only exceeded by his over indulgence and deviant behavior. He had expanded his criminal endeavors to include kidnappings and was currently holding the daughter of a billionaire American industrialist who was abducted from the family’s super yacht while it was docked off shore from Cabo San Lucas. Renteria was currently awaiting a response from the family on his fifteen million dollar ransom demand.

One of the guards noticed something red on his chest and tried to brush it away, but when he realized that it was a light and not an insect of some type, it was too late. A three inch dart pierced his heart, a split second later a second arrow went through his voice box and muffled his cries of distress. He fell to the ground with a thud that aroused the suspicions of another guard who walked over to investigate and a dart went pierced his temple and shut off his brain like someone flipped off a light switch.


Nikki Walker was a freelance mercenary and if she wasn’t the best then she definitely ranked in the top six. Her uniform for tonight’s mission was a high tech black compression suit that absorbed light and allowed Nikki to blend in with her environment and a mask to prevent facial recognition. She carried a backpack with the essential tools and quietly moved through the shadows until she saw a guard standing next to the perimeter fence lit a cigarette.  A dart went through his open mouth and took the tobacco stick with it.


Nikki attached a small electrical device about the size of an IPhone to the fence then punched in several numbers on the keyboard. A span of light extended ten feet which deadened that much of the fence while allowing the rest of it to remain active, She took out a laser knife and cut through the non-electrified area and entered the compound. Nikki reloaded her laser guided CO2 powered gun with darts that contained a fast acting three drug cocktail of Arsenic, Ricin and Cyanide. These were ruthless and evil men who were beyond redemption so “overkill” was deemed appropriate for the rules of engagement.


A small camera was strapped to the side of Nikki’s head and transmitted everything she saw to a main control center, “Entering the perimeter,” Nikki said.




A drone flew overhead and hacked into the surveillance camera and in less than a hundredth of second the images of Nikki moving across the courtyard was deleted and the altered images were re-sent. Nikki saw a guard standing at the front door and he was neutralized by a shot through his left eye. Her next stop was the circuit breaker panel on the west side of the house where she placed an electron-magnetic device on it that went through a series of configurations until it disabled the alarm system.


She froze the lock mechanism on the back door with liquid hydrogen, snapped it and entered the mansion, then remotely reactivated the alarm from her wristwatch. For a split second the guard monitoring the surveillance cameras saw a blip across the screen, but it passed so quickly that he just assumed if it was just a momentary power surge.


Nikki quietly made her way up the stairs to the second level and crawled along the floor, staying as close to the wall as possible until she was within several feet of the unsuspecting guards then leaped up with a knife, stabbed one guard through the heart and severed the other man’s carotid artery. Nikki’s movements were so quick and efficient that both men were dead before they hit the ground. She opened the door and walked over to the bed where a woman was sleeping and placed her gloved hand over her mouth.


“Don’t make a sound, it’s check out time,” Nikki whispered and showed the woman a family portrait, “they’re waiting for you,” then reached into her pack and pulled out a nylon vest with a large hook in front, “put this on,” The woman complied and Nikki pulled the straps taut and led the woman to the balcony and radioed in, “Initiating diversion.”


Nikki pressed a button on her wristwatch that sent a signal that the fence had been breached and when she heard men running in that direction, “We’re ready for extraction.”


A helicopter hovered above as Nikki tossed three smoke grenades to the ground and obscured the visibility of those below.  The woman panicked, “How are we getting out of here?”


A rope dropped down from above and Nikki connected it to the woman’s vest, “Does that answer your question.”


“I’m deathly afraid of heights,” The woman cried, “I can’t do this!”


“Yes you can,” Nikki injected a fast acting sedative into the woman’s neck and in less than two seconds she was unconscious.”


The woman disappeared out of sight as the turbo winch from the helicopter engaged. Two seconds later, “Package on board,” came the radio response from the pilot who made a quick exit.


“Going after secondary target,” Nikki said.




The master suite of Joaquin Renteria went into lockdown when the fence alarm went off and the thick impenetrable metal door lowered into place, but that technology was no match for the one Nikki had in her possession as she placed highly explosive shape charges at each corner of it. Nikki took cover then touched a button on her wristwatch and all four charges went off simultaneously and the door fell into the hallway. She touched another button and the entire building went pitch black. Nikki put on her night vision goggles and crawled into the room as Joaquin Renteria fired wildly at the open doorway with an automatic weapon even though he didn’t have a target.


“Switching to infra- red,” Nikki picked up a heat source behind a couch and got behind Renteria then tranquilized him into unconsciousness.


Three minutes later, a group of twenty armed individuals had Renteria and his henchmen under guard while Nikki conversed with her team of; Charlene Harmon, Beth Paulson, Dani Landis, Jess McDonnell and Kate McCallum.  The women were in their mid-thirties and had met eight years earlier when they were selected from various Armed Services to serve in the first all women covert counter terrorism team. Their third assignment as a team was to capture a high value Taliban target in Afghanistan, but the problem was that the mission was sabotaged and never meant to be successful.


Unscrupulous military leaders and government officials were determined to destroy the women’s unit so they leaked pertinent information of the mission so that they would be ambushed and killed. When the women heroically fought their way out, ruining the plan of these individuals, classified Intel was quickly planted on the women’s personal laptops and cellphones and made it appear that they were the ones that were careless with classified information in violation of military regulations.


The six women were later convicted in a general court martial and Four Star General Douglas Balen showed no mercy when he sentenced the six women to bad conduct discharges and two years confinement at Leavenworth Military Stockade. After their release the women were approached by a very powerful and wealthy group of American Patriots who offered them the opportunity to use their specialized skills without being bogged down with bureaucratic red tape and political correctness. The six women were hesitant at first until they were shown irrefutable proof that General Balen was responsible for planting the evidence against them and were promised that they would eventually get the opportunity to clear their names and hold the high ranking officer accountable for his betrayal. It was an offer that they could not refuse.


“That new synthetic truth serum worked like a charm,” Kate McCallum smiled, “Renteria couldn’t wait to give up all his assets.”


“How much are we talking about?” Beth Paulson asked.


“Sixty million and change,” Kate answered as she looked at her laptop.


Jess McDonnell asked, “What are we going to do with him now?”


“They are going to going to sedate him and implant a surveillance and kill chip in brain without his knowledge. When he wakes up in some other location, he won’t remember a thing. They think he might provide valuable Intel somewhere down the line,” Charlene Harmon replied.


“What about his men?” Charlene Harmon said.


“We had three objectives; get the girl, get Renteria, get the money,” Nikki answered, “mission accomplished.”


Two large moving vans approached and Nikki turned to a man in her support team, “Take everything of value then torch it.”


“Roger that.”


“I’ve got an idea that since we’re already in Mexico and we really don’t have a pending assignment,” Jess said.


“That we take a few days before we head back,” Nikki guessed, “sounds good to me, any objections?”


“Not from me,” Kate interjected.


“Count me in,” Dani smiled.


The six women arrived by their private jet at the Puerto Vallarta airport then drove to a large home in south central Sayulita while at just about the same time that the two moving vans pulled up to a rescue mission outside Juarez.


A priest came out to meet the driver of the first truck, “Can I help you?” The priest said.


“We have a few things to donate,” The driver got out of the cab, walked to the back of the trailer and rolled up the door and showed the priest a load of very expensive furniture, clothing and miscellaneous items worth tens of thousands of dollars, “it is all yours.”


The women were lounging poolside while eating lunch and sipping on iced drinks.


“I like the perks of this job,” Jess smiled.


“I thought you just liked killing bad guys,” Kate added.


“Don’t we all,” Jess smiled.


“To quote William Randolph Hearst; Pleasure is worth whatever you can afford to pay for it,” Beth added, “and in our case, our method of payment is our lives.”


There was a beeping sound and Dani flipped open her laptop to view the message, “they want us back by tomorrow.”


Nikki stood up, “That’s gives us the rest of the day and tonight so let’s use the time wisely,” then dove into the pool and was followed by the other five women.


Their jet landed at Carlsbad Airport and the women picked up their armored SUV and drove to Global Marketing in the Oceanside Ranch Business Park. The business license stated that the company was in the import export business, but that was only an elaborate ruse. It was located on a ten acre parcel that used to belong to a golf manufacturer and had three buildings that totaled two hundred thousand square feet. The smallest building was the office to maintain the pretense of a legitimate business, the second structure contained the living quarters where each woman had their own two thousand square foot suite designed to their specific taste and specifications and the third and largest building contained the laboratory, auditorium, target range and training facilities. Everything was state of the art at the facility and while the six women were the field operatives, seventy five other men and women, all experts in their chosen fields supported their activities.


Three days later, the six women were in the conference room, “There is no doubt that the world would be safer if the threat did not exist at all,” Nikki commented as she looked at the digital map on the wall that indicated the different locations of nuclear facilities in Iran.


“This would be a giant step from our usual method of operations of going after criminal organizations and individuals,” Kate attempted to be the voice of reason.


“But it is exciting to think about the possibilities,” Jess added.


“We’ve got thirty days to develop a list of scenarios then we’ll revisit the issue at that time,” Charlene suggested.


One week later, Nikki was on a secure phone line to a man from “The Company” whom she had never met and only addressed as sir.


“We’re working on it right now, Sir.”


“If there’s anything you need, just let me know.”


“Yes sir, I’ll keep you posted.”


Twenty eight days later, Nikki received a call from the same man, “Our sources have confirmed that a group of nuclear scientists from Iran will be in Moscow in six weeks for a conference with the Russians. Can you come up with a plan to get by then?”


“We’ll do our best, sir.”


“There’s one more thing else you should know.”


“Yes sir.”


“General Balen will be at the conference, he is representing the Japanese company that built the navigational systems that the Iranians will be using in their rockets to transport their nuclear weapons. The Company appreciates that your team has been patient.”


“Yes Sir.”


“The time for your retribution is rapidly approaching.”


“Yes sir.”


Nikki called the entire staff together and briefed them on her phone conversation especially the part about General Balen, “We are on the clock so let’s make this happen!”


Two weeks later, Doctor Moshe Devonstein, one of the foremost authorities in computer micro technology addressed the six women, “Nano technology has been around for a while, but our prototype nanobot is a super high tech internal malware that can maneuver itself through the bloodstream into the brain’s neurological system and download everything that the host is experiencing in real time. An additional function of our nanobot is the capability to emit electrical impulses to the heart. We are still working on accessing the medial temporal lobes and the limbic system which contains the memory, that’s a more complicated procedure, but we’re getting close. ”


The six women and other members of their support team landed in Moscow four weeks later and were met by a Russian trade ambassador, “We have vendors in California who want us to explore possible trade opportunities in the Russian markets,” Beth stated.


“I will do everything I can to assist you,” The Russian trade ambassador offered.


“Give us a few days to get everything organized then we’ll contact you,” Dani said.


When they got to the Four Seasons Hotel near Red Square, they checked into their rooms and quickly set up their equipment and got down to business ,“The Iranian scientists have taken the entire sixth floor and are guarded around the clock by Iranian and Russian security,” Charlene informed the team.


“So breeching the sixth floor is off the table,” Jess commented.


Dani pointed her computer toward the wall and projected seventy five photos on to it, “These are the scientists, the top photos are the most important ones and we should focus on those first, but if other targets of opportunity present themselves, we’ll take them.”


Doctor Devonstein explained the injection process, “Each of you will be given a special injection device that holds one hundred nanobots and once you get within five feet of your target, we’ll identify the individual and give you authorization. Each nanobot has its own IP code and after that it’s just a matter of monitoring the data, simple huh?”


“We’ll let you know how simple once we’re done,” Nikki replied


Over the next week the six women made every effort to cross paths with the Iranian scientists inside the hotel while maintaining their cover of businesswomen. The scientists were scheduled to return to Tehran in the morning, but three had not been injected yet.


“We didn’t really expect to get them all, did we?” Beth asked.


“These are three important guys,” Dani responded, “We should give it one more try.”


Neil Gaspar, a computer technician was keeping track of the scientists while they were onsite through the hotel surveillance cameras, “You’re going to want to see this,”


“Let’s go,” Nikki said when she saw the video.


When the women got to the dining room, they sat at a table with an unobstructed view of the Iranian scientists, Russian officials and General Balen.


“We’re in position,” Nikki radioed.


Neil Gaspar turned the hotel fire alarm on in the hotel and the dining room guests began moving toward the exits as the six women quickly moved into position and injected their last three remaining targets.


Next morning, General Balen bid farewell to the Iranians in the lobby then walked into the hotel coffee shop for breakfast when Nikki approached him, “Sorry to disturb you, but I bet my friends that you were an American.”


“You win,” General Balen smiled and since it had been years since he had seen Nikki, he did not recognize her.


“Would you care to join us?” Nikki gestured to the other five women.


“Absolutely,” General Balen smiled in anticipation.


Jess dropped the potent truth serum into General Balen’s drink while he was distracted and over the next two hours, the women documented every bit of pertinent information that he openly shared with them.


“Our flight leaves in the morning,” Nikki tried to act disappointed.




“I would be happy to give you a ride back to California in my large plush private jet if you sexy ladies are willing to take this little get together up to my suite?” General Balen slurred his words from too much alcoholic consumption.


“Who could refuse an offer like that,” Kate smiled, “What is your room number?”


“I’m in a private suite, just tell the front desk that you are guests of General Balen and they’ll escort you up in the private elevator.”


“A General, I don’t think I’ve ever met a real General,” Jess cooed.


“We’re almost like other men, only better,” General Balen laughed.


As the women left the bar, Nikki shook her head in disgust and communicated to her team, “We’re clear, please make it slow and painful.”


General Balen grabbed his chest and fell out of his chair when a series of painful jolts from the nanobot manipulated his heart and after several minutes of excruciating pain, his heart went into cardiac arrest and he died where he fell.


After returning to Oceanside, Nikki’s secured phone line rang, “Yes sir.”


“We accessed evidence in Balen’s computer to show his unlawful involvement in your court martial. It shouldn’t be long before the Department of Defense notifies you and your associates that your discharges are being changed from Bad Conduct to Honorable. I would also expect a public apology and full pardon from the President.”


It was one year later and the Iranians were conducting a missile test when something went drastically wrong in the guidance system and it changed direction and crashed into the Natanz uranium enrichment plant. The explosion destroyed the entire structure and contaminated the site for decades to come.


Six weeks later, in an area just outside Tijuana, one hundred heavily armed terorists lined up to enter an elaborate two mile tunnel equipped with railroad tracks and motorized carts.


“All aboard, next stop America!” Renteria laughed.”


Beth, Kate and Jess watched the men enter the tunnel from their position on the American side of the border with high powered telescopes and when the last man disappeared down the hole, Beth called out, “Last man in.”


The three women then joined Nikki, Charlene and Dani inside a large van and sat down in front of a computer screen and monitored the progress of the men through the GPS that was implanted Renteria’s brain. A drone flying over the tunnel transmitted infra-red images and when the terrorists were within a quarter mile of American soil, Nikki called out, “Let’s move out.”


The women determined that the exact destination of the terrorists was a warehouse in a business section of Otay Mesa. Five minutes later, a heavily armored vehicle with mounted machine guns crashed through the front of the structure with guns blasting and the ten armed men inside the building were quickly eliminated.


Nikki got on her cellphone, “Area secured, sir.”


“Neutralize the threat and destroy the tunnel,” came the order.


“Affirmative, sir” Nikki answered and gave the thumbs up signal.


Charlene got on her radio, “Bring it in.”


A gasoline tanker truck backed into the building and stopped as Charlene and Dani connected the hose and put the other end in a large hole. Beth turned on the valve and released thousands of gallons of highly flammable fuel into the tunnel. The terrorists were only three hundred yards from coming out on American soil when they heard a rumbling ahead of them and before they realized what was happening they were up to their waists in gasoline. They attempted to retreat back to Mexico and the sound of their desperate pleas echoed through the confined quarters.


When the tanker truck was completely empty, Dani called out, “Done.”


“Set the timer for three minutes,” Nikki called out.


Dani dropped a ten pound C-4 charge down the hole and the team made an orderly exit from the building and they were over a mile away when the bomb detonated. The flames raced through the entire length of the two mile tunnel. The explosion could be heard fifty miles away and the ground shook as if a major earthquake had just occurred, filling the skies over Tijuana and San Diego with fire and smoke.


Renteria was sitting in the back of his armored limousine when he saw the wall of flames and instinctively knew that something went wrong, but never got the chance to find out how wrong because the nanobot inside his brain created an aneurysm and killed him instantly.


Three days later, the six women were in Sayulita, Mexico as Beth and Kate cooked fish on the grill by the pool.


Nikki inhaled deeply and smiled, “I must be getting soft because I’m beginning to like the sweet aroma of marinated Mahi Mahi more than the pungent smell of our enemies’ funeral fires.”


Think about this; the next time you see six beautiful women together in North San Diego County engaged in some normal activity that would never arouse your suspicions…you may have just crossed paths with the legendary Miss Mercs.


The End




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  1. John Michels says:

    Tough ladies story full of action Glad all the badguys got theirs

  2. Guy Watson says:

    Charlie’s Angels 2.0…Equal Rights for women to wreck havoc, I vote for that.

  3. Joe says:

    That’s some BAD ladies. Our country could use a couple dozen of those.

  4. Pat Madden says:

    Another very good story, Tom

  5. Kyle says:

    Srtong ,patriotic and beautiful women…they got my support…sign me up

  6. Mike says:

    Good story…kept my attention. I’ll keep my eyes open for the Miss Mercs when I’m in Oceanside.

  7. Mona says:

    Loved this action packed story ; especially the women protagonists! The story has a terrific plot and an enjoyable finish!

  8. Josh says:

    I enjoyed this story very much…well developed and plenty of action.

  9. Steve says:

    Started off with action and finished off the same way…Fun story to read.

  10. Cary says:

    You don’t want to get on the bad side of these ladies…especially if you want to stay alive.

  11. Tony Marengo says:

    I look forward and enjoy reading Mr. Thomas Calabrese stories each week. His sort stories are action packed and entertaining to read. I sincerely hope he continues to write for your paper.

  12. Robert Collins says:

    Always enjoy reading your stories

  13. Greg says:

    I enjoyed the story…keep them coming, Tom

  14. Wolf says:

    Fast passed, good reading. I am sorry when I get to the end.

  15. Wolf says:

    fast paced, never could spell

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