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Calendar >  New Farm to Table Eatery Arrives in Vista – The Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen

New Farm to Table Eatery Arrives in Vista – The Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen

By   /  August 31, 2015  /  1 Comment

TR Robertson

TR Robertson


Vista is growing by leaps and bounds and the dining scene is one of the fastest growing parts of the city. The newest restaurant to arrive in downtown historic Vista is The Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen, located at 230 S. Santa Fe. The Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen is the second restaurant for owners Roger “Roddy” and Aaron Browning. The first Flying Pig is a highly successful restaurant in Oceanside, located at 626 S. Fremont. The Oceanside restaurant opened on March 31, 2011, after doing extensive remodeling of a former Asian Market. This restaurant was the 1st Farm to Table Gastro Pub opened in San Diego’s North County. Roddy and Aaron were able to turn the building into a popular Gastro Pub that has helped change the dining scene in downtown Oceanside.

Photos by Carolyn Robertson

It is this creativity and enthusiasm they bring to Vista in opening the second Flying Pig. The Browning’s purchased the former Santa Barbara Bank & Trust building on S. Santa Fe, and their dreams began to take hold.

They wanted to create a restaurant with a bistro feel that offered fine dining at affordable prices.

Roddy and Aaron both grew up in the restaurant business, beginning at age 15. Their decision to open the first Flying Pig was the result of Roddy working in Del Mar and Aaron working in Laguna Beach, at Montage, in the restaurant business and their need to find something they both could build together, closer to their home. The restaurant has grown in popularity and draws clients from Vista, Bonsall, La Costa, San Marcos, Carlsbad and, of course, Oceanside. Their second restaurant will give them a chance to expand their consumer base to other cities in the North County while giving them a chance to offer a restaurant that has its own unique vibe.

The Vista Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen has an eclectic décor. Lots of vintage art, lamps, chandeliers, furniture is scattered throughout the dining room and in the outside patio areas.

Wooden tables and assorted types of wooden chairs give the restaurant that bistro feel.pigs5

The wall color schemes have been specifically picked out to give customers an immediate visual impact. It quickly brings your attention to the items on the wall. Some are a bit unusual, like the animal heads and the antique mirrors. The outside green color scheme on the restaurant was chosen to both be eye catching for people driving on S. Santa Fe and to fit into the food theme of the restaurant, farm to table fare.

Roddy said they tried to salvage as much as they could from the old bank building, especially if it was wood. Framing around the windows is from the former bank.

The railings on the fencing of the outdoor patio are from and old Escondido pool house that was being torn down. The old tractor that is the center of the bar lounge belonged to a friend, Dale Lawrence’s father.pigs7

At the present time seating is for around 60 customers, but seating is not yet maximized. Roddy says it may approach seating for 100 at some point. Jon Wright, of Green Applications, and Sean Gaulden, of Sean Gaulden Designs, oversaw the construction and planning of the restaurant.

The restaurant has an interesting and unusual vibe; but that is not what make it special. It is definitely the food, the menu. This is a restaurant that specializes in fresh food. The Browning’s want to make your dining experience one you will not forget.

Everything they serve is certified all natural. “Never Ever”, is their philosophy. No antibiotics, no steroids, no induced hormones in the meats they offer. All vegetables are grown in the United States.

Part of the vegetation around the restaurant is herbs used in their kitchen and other herbs are grown at the Browning’s home. Where possible, depending on the items being prepared, organic milk, butter and cream is used. They make their own pasta and pies from scratch. Eventually, they plan on making their own bread. Roddy said he and his staff go through an extensive process to select products to use in the kitchen that will provide a farm to table dining experience for the patron.

When possible local farmers are used for their products, especially farmers that are into quality control for their animals and produce.

They believe whole foods are healthier and by developing a relationship with the people who grow and raise the food they purchase this will go a long way in providing their customers the best products they can offer.

The restaurant offers craft beers and plans on expanding the number of beers offered.


They also offer a great selection of boutique wines. Roddy has been a sommelier for over 16 years and employee Stacy Boretto is a cicerone, a specialist in craft beers. The restaurant offers only beer and wine in the bar. They plan on offering a wider selection of appetizers that will be served both at the dining tables and in the outdoor bar lounge. Jenni Schafer is the restaurants operations manager and runs the Oceanside Flying Pig when Roddy and Aaron are at the Vista store. The Vista chef is Mario Moser, the chef de cuisine is Justin Lappies and 9 other cooks and preparation employees are in the kitchen. In the dining room 9 waiters and waitresses, hostesses and 3 bar tenders stay busy with the dinner crowd. At the present time, the bar opens at 4:30 pm and dinner service begins at 5:00 pm. There are plans in the work for a possible lunch times and possibly a 10-2 Saturday and Sunday brunch menu. There are also plans on applying for a retail wine distributor’s license.

The Vista Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen menu slightly different that the Oceanside restaurant. The house fare offers a Pork Burger with a house made garlic and marjoram patty and Irish cheddar; halibut with a local shelling bean salad; an all natural pork chop with creamy polenta; fried chicken with smoked mashed potatoes & sausage gravy; and what Roddy said is a burger he would put up against any burger in San Diego. The burger is with blue cheese, arugula, mustard aioli and melted leeks and comes with fries or a salad.P1050246

Also on the menu are several steak options – a Heart Brand roasted Akaushi all-natural tri-tip and a 10 oz. prime c.a.b. all natural flat iron steak. For those that want a light fare the restaurant offers several selections for salads, including a local beet salad; a serrano ham with local melon; p.e.i. mussels in saffron broth; butter milk cornmeal battered calamari con creama; flatbread; and truffle fries with parmesan. There are also two pasta dishes – Bolognese and campanile (beef and pork) and spaghetti & clams. For dessert daily house made pies a la mode, mason jar vanilla custard and chocolate granache, and almond financier cake with Tahitian vanilla gelato are the choices. Roddy and Aaron are always listening to the customer’s recommendations and change the menu when needed. Daily specials are offered to patrons as well.


At the present time Yelp, Facebook and Google Review are the primary means of getting the word out as well as word of mouth by many happy customers. The Browning’s are the first to let people know how much they appreciate their customers. The Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen is a unique bistro dining experience that Vista residents will appreciate and as the word spreads more and more people in and around Vista will enjoy.

For reservations for 6 or more call 760-630-4311 for the Vista restaurant and for the Oceanside restaurant call 760-453-2940. To check out the Flying Pig Pub & Kitchen on line go to FlyingPig.pub.


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1 Comment

  1. I have been to both locations. Both are an excellent dining experience. Vista really needed a destination restaurant. There are many good restaurants in town, but none I would drive to if I lived in, say Encinitas. This place should bring in folks from all over. The menu is dy-no-mite. The staff are top notch, friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. They can tell you what is on both menu’s (food & drink), they can also tell you where things were sourced an easy task as many items change daily. The vibe is egalitarian, bikers, beach-bums, seniors, hipsters, professionals and families. It’s a tad more expensive than I like to spend on a meal. But for the quality of the food, the prices are a bargain.

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