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North County Results Of CIF Division I & II Wrestling Tournament

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David Willauer –Division I Girls Wrestling Tournament 

San Marcos 3rd with 129 points Luciana Frazo 6th at 108 Emma Mangen 3rd at 113 Brianna Ross 3rd at 123 Charlie Yambao 5th at 133 Katie Wood 3rd at 139 Destiny Ware 1st at 162 Dianna Duarte 2nd at 191 

Vista 5th with 94 points Melina Lopez 1st at 118 Jailyn Camacho 1st at 172 Alyssa Blanches 4th at 191 Aiyanna Flores 1st at 237

Escondido 8th with 68 points Melanie Flores 5th at 113 Carla Flores 2nd at 120 Briana Pierce 6th at 145 Michelle Klein 2nd at 174

Mission Hills 10th with 52 Jaala Degannes 2nd at 139 Confidence Nkoroh 2nd at 152 Irma Arevalo 4th at 237 

Rancho Buena Vista 13th with 46 Kayla Edwards 1st at 128 Kiley McClain 2nd at 152 

San Pasqual 14th with 45 Isabella Davis 6th at 152 Alejandro Orosco 6th at 162 Valerie Hernandez 2nd at 237

Carlsbad 20th place with 20 points Caroline Collins 2nd at 113 

Fallbrook 23rd place with 4.0 points 

Orange Glen 25th with 2.0 points 

Division II Girls San Diego Tournament Results 

Valley Center 5th with 78 points Kylie Young 4th at 113 Kaila Gonzalez 3rd at 119 Iris Diaz 4th at 152 Krista Ghosh 2nd at 162 

LaCosta Canyon 10th with 54 points Hayden Fry 1st at 113 Alex Perez 1st at 191 Charis Tolentino 2nd at 103 Seleste Gonzales 6th at 118 Madalyn McKeller 3rd at 128 

Oceanside 13th with 50 points Kaylee Thoreson 4th at 103 Chloe Stidham 5th at 145 Marlee Garrison 3rd at 191 

Coastal Academy 14th with 49 points Charis Tolentino 2nd at 103 Seleste Gonzales 6th at 118 Madalyn McKellar 3rd at 128 


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