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Oceanside Recommends Level 2 Drought Reduction Actions

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In Accordance with the State Emergency Drought Regulation, the City of Oceanside Encourages Additional Actions as Drought Progresses

Oceanside, CA –The City of Oceanside will be enacting Level 2 Drought Reduction actions, in accordance with the State Water Board’s Emergency Drought Resolution No.2022-0018 that was approved on May 24, 2022. This drought regulation was in response to Governor Newsom’s March Executive Order N-7-22 that recommended new regulations requiring water suppliers to implement mandatory restrictions.

“The Water Utilities Department is complying with State regulations as the drought progresses,” said Rosemarie Chora, Oceanside Water Utilities Division Manager. “As summer approaches, we ask residents and businesses to do their part and be mindful of water usage.”

Oceanside City Council adopted a revised Drought Ordinance last Spring, which followed state guidance. Oceanside’s Ordinance contains six drought response levels with increasing restrictions as the City moves to higher drought levels. Oceanside will be remaining at a Level 1 but will be highly encouraging Level 2 Drought Actions as a result of the State Water Board Resolution. This is consistent with other water districts in the San Diego region.

The City of Oceanside is recommending residents and businesses to follow Level 2 Reduction Actions: reduce irrigation to three times a week between 6:00 p.m. and 10:00 a.m., keep sprinkler irrigation to 10 minutes per station, fix leaks within 72 hours upon notification of the City, and stop the use of ornamental fountains, unless using recirculated water.

Additionally, the State Water Board has prohibited irrigation by commercial customers of turf considered to be non-functional. Exceptions include any turf used for gatherings or community activities such as at parks, sports fields, or cemeteries. 

The State of California is currently experiencing one of the driest years on record, with record low precipitation from January to March 2022. Fortunately, the City of Oceanside and the San Diego region have invested in different sources of water including Pure Water Oceanside and the regional Claude “Bud” Lewis Carlsbad Desalination Plant. Oceanside customers will continue to have sufficient water due to a diverse portfolio of water supplies and customer conservation efforts.

The public can learn more about current drought regulations and ways to save water on the City website or www.GreenOceanside.org, and be sure to follow the City on social media, at @Oceanside_Water on Instagram and Oceanside Water Utilities on Facebook.


About the City of Oceanside: The City of Oceanside is located in northern San Diego County with a population of approximately 175,000. Oceanside’s vibrant coastal community includes MiraCosta Community College, the world-renowned 1,954-foot Oceanside Pier, and the beautiful Oceanside Harbor. Oceanside is located 83 miles south of the city of Los Angeles and just 35 miles north of the City of San Diego. The City of Oceanside offers outstanding public amenities such as a municipal airport, 30 city parks, four community recreation centers, three municipal swim centers, two senior centers, two city-owned golf courses and 3.5 miles of public beaches. More than 6,000 businesses operate within the City of Oceanside, including Genentech Pharmaceuticals, TE Connectivity, Hydranautics, Nitto Denko, Gilead Sciences, Hobie Cat and Tri-City Medical Center, as well as emerging craft and entrepreneurial ventures. For more information, visit www.OceansideCa.org.

About Green Oceanside: Green Oceanside is the City of Oceanside’s environmental services and programs dedicated to teaching residents and local businesses how to be better stewards of the earth through sustainability, watershed protection, water efficiency, zero waste, climate action and energy conservation.  For more information, visit www.greenoceanside.org.


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