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Overturned -Thomas Calabrese

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The Malicious Prosecutor

Thomas Calabrese – Calvin Tillis was the Los Angeles District Attorney. He did not represent his constituents, he represented his own selfish self-interests because basically he was narcissistic sociopath. Calvin wore custom made $2,000 Italian suits and his collection of Rolex watches was worth several hundred thousand dollars, He lived in a 10,000 square foot multi-million dollar mansion located in the exclusive upscale suburb of Brentwood in the Westside region of Los Angeles and embraced the lifestyle of the ultra-elite.

The normal rent for a home of this size in this area could be between $35,000 and $100,000 per month, far beyond Calvin’s financial capabilities. The district attorney salary including benefits barely reached $500,000, but the civil service employee paid only $1500 per month and this included utilities and a full staff. You might ask yourself, how was that possible? The answer is simple, the mansion was owned by a shell company and funded by ‘dark money’. In politics, particularly the politics of the United States, dark money refers to spending to influence elections, public policy, and political discourse, where the source of the money is not disclosed to the public. Multi-billionaires who want to maintain their power and enormous wealth know that a complicit government is invaluable to their devious treachery.

Calvin was a heartless political henchman, a lawfare assassin without a conscience. He used his office as a weapon to punish or destroy innocent and law abiding citizens for no other reason that they were the political opponents or business rivals of his financial benefactors.  He would file charges that he knew were false and fabricate evidence and get people to make untrue statements. Most of his despicable and transparent tricks would not get pass a competent and reputable judge, but the judges that Calvin went before of were also on the ‘Dark Money’ payroll and they didn’t care if their verdict were reversed later. The point was to make the defendant spend as much money as possible for his legal representation and slander his reputation in the process. After exhausting their life savings, they had to take a plea deal to protect their families from losing everything.  It was beyond despicable.

Did District Attorney Tillis have any regrets? None, zero, zilch, in fact, each time he ruined another person’s life, he celebrated his ill-gotten victory with a celebration. After an ultra- expensive meal at Nobu Malibu an exclusive eatery in Malibu, California that costs one of Tillis’ corrupt political donors eight thousand dollars for a party of six, Calvin bid farewell to his dining companions, “I’d like to stay longer, but I have a meeting with the mayor in the morning. You know how it is when you are indispensable.””

Calvin took a deep breath when he exited the restaurant and looked around the area for the parking valet. Finally a man walked up and said, “Jimmy got sick and I’m covering for him.”

Calvin grumbled, “That’s not my problem,” and pointed to his car, “It’s the yellow Maserati MC 20 Cielo Maserati…hurry it up!”

The man responded, “Yes sir, I wouldn’t want to keep you waiting.”

The man ran to get the car and stood by the door for Calvin to get in. The man injected Calvin in the neck with a knockout drug and put him in the passenger seat of the car and drove off. A few minutes later, the driver pulled off Pacific Coast Highway and down a private road. A large truck was waiting and the driver drove up the ramp and into the back of it.

 Another man walked up, and asked, “How did it go?”

Then man replied, “Went off without a hitch.”

            “You’d better give him another dose, we don’t want the knucklehead waking up in the middle of the trip,” The Second Man suggested

            “Roger that…how are the other guys doing?” The First Man inquired.

            “So far so good,” The Second Man responded.

Fourteen hours later, Calvin awakened to find himself in a prison cell. He began screaming, “Where am I! Let me outa’ here!”

A minute later, a man came up and growled, “Shut the hell up!” and opened the cell door and dragged Calvin out. Where Calvin resisted, the man slapped him across the face and pushed him down the hall.

The man opened a door and called out, “I have the defendant, your honor.”

            “Take a seat, Mr. Tillis,” The Judge said.

Calvin Tillis sat at table with four other men. The Judge said, “I believe you know each other.”

The other four men were corrupt judges that Calvin Tillis had been working with. The Judge turned to the bailiff, “You can show the jury in.”

Calvin protested, “This isn’t a court…who are you people?”

A man walked up and roughly hit Calvin in the back of the head, “Speak when spoken to and don’t interrupt the judge!”

Twelve people entered and sat in the jury box. The Judge continued, “I will now read the charges; abuse of public office, murder, extortion, embezzlement, fraud, conspiracy, tax evasion and conduct unbecoming officers of the court. How do you plead?”

A man walked up behind each man and nudged them with these instructions, “Guilty or Not Guilty.”

Each man mumbled, “Not Guilty.”

The Judge stated, “You men have lived by the philosophy that just because you had the power that you gave you the right to do as you pleased. Nothing could be further from the truth. You were required by your oath of office to conduct yourself with impartiality and in compliance with the law. You will now stand trial for your offenses.”

Calvin lashed out, “You have no authority to do this!”

A man walked over and punched Calvin in the stomach, “Nobody asked for your opinion.”

The Judge instructed the bailiff, “Call the first witness.”

The first witness was an elderly lady whose husband died from a massive coronary after a slew of false charges bankrupted him and the stress was too much for him to take. One by one the witnesses took the stand and told heartbreaking stories of how Calvin Tillis’ actions negatively affected their lives. When the last witness finished testifying, the Judge turned to the jury and said, “Have you reached a verdict?”

Calvin asked, “Don’t we get the right to defend ourselves?”

Judge smiled, “Was anything that the witnesses said untrue?”

Calvin started to speak and the Judge pulled out a pistol and held it up for him to see, “In this legal proceedings, lying is considered a capital offense…punishable by death.  I will put a bullet between your eyes if you attempt to deceive the court by contradicting the testimony of the witnesses with false statements. Now that I’ve told you that, do you still want to testify?”

Calvin stood mute and the Judge addressed the other men, “Do you wish to speak in your defense?”

The man standing behind the defendants said, “Answer the Judge.”

Each man softly responded, “No your honor.”

            “Good, we might as well go the sentencing phase, “For your consistent and merciless criminal behavior and lack of remorse, you will be hanged at sunrise. May God have no mercy on your worthless souls.”

The defendants looked at each other in horror. A man walked over to the Judge and whispered in his ear. The Judge nodded and turned to the defendants, “My associate reminded me that there might be another option besides the death penalty…would you be interested?” Each defendant quickly nodded, hoping for any type of reprieve and the Judge continued, “Ten years extremely hard labor.”

The defendants would have agreed to anything to save their lives.

The next morning the men were wearing orange jump suits and standing in the middle of a wide open field surrounded by high mountains. The Judge told the defendants, “This is a working ranch. You’ll be given the worst and hardest jobs and work from sunrise to sunset. You’ll be given three meals a day and a place to sleep. Stop working…you die…try to escape and you die. Each employee on the ranch is authorized to shoot you on sight if you’re are outside your designated work area. With every breath you take and with every muscle that aches, let that remind you of one indisputable fact…you are vermin scum and a disgrace to the judicial system and the country.”

The five men often wished that they had been hanged, they had never worked so hard and been treated so harshly in their lives. Their living conditions were similar to those of convicts living on death row. Calvin could see a large gallows from his cell window. It was a stark reminder to him what his alternative was if he decided to stop working.

You might be wondering right about now who put this elaborate plan to hold Calvin Tillis accountable. It was none other than the legendary Whit ‘Duke’ McNielsen, multibillionaire investor and American patriot. He owned the Pegasus Ranch in Idaho, a 75,000 acre spread in Idaho. Most of his employees on his ranch were former military and some were Special Forces. They all loved America and knew that a country could not survive without a strong foundation of law and order.

The FBI made a reasonable effort to find Calvin Tillis and the missing judges, but there were no leads and too were many other problems in the country to deal with to keep massive resources on the cases indefinitely. After three months the FBI no longer considered the disappearances a top priority

Nine months passed, one judge passed away from a heart attack and another died when he was killed by a mountain lion on the open prairie during an escape attempt. Two years passed and Duke McNielsen was still funding and coordinating missions against radical anarchists and foreign adversaries bent on the destruction of America. A part of the ranch was used for training and an underground bunker was the high tech command center.

Three years into his ten year sentence and Calvin was the only one still standing. Duke went to see Calvin while he turning big rocks into little rocks with a twenty pound sledge hammer, “How’s it going, Tillis?”

Calvin wiped the sweat from his brow and growled, “Like every other day…miserable…terrible…horrible.”

            “Good, as long as you’re suffering, that’s makes my day.” Duke smiled.

            “I’m glad I could help out,” Calvin grumbled.

            “No mercy for the merciless,” Duke said, “I wish there was something about you that stimulated my compassion, but all I see when I look at you is evil and I don’t compromise with evil…I destroy it.”

            “Yeah, I know,” Calvin said dejectedly.

            “How would like it if I put you on a work release program?” Duke asked.

            “What’s your idea of a work release program…sending me somewhere else to bust rocks and dig ditches?” Calvin asked.

            “Nothing that physical…you would be working for Judicial Watch.”

Calvin stated, “The same Judicial Watch that seeks to promote accountability, transparency and integrity in government, and fidelity to the rule of law.”

        “The same,” Duke said.

            “According to you, I’m a tool of a corrupt system. Why would you want me to go work with Judicial Watch?”

            “Because you know where the bodies are buried and have the Intel to take down a lot of bad actors,” Duke said, “Despite your disgraceful history, you can still serve a useful purpose.”

Calvin pondered the offer then said, “I can do that.”

            “I know what you’re thinking,” Duke motioned for two of his men to come get Calvin.

Next day, Duke met with Calvin in his cell. The former district attorney was groggy and asked, “What did you do to me?”

            “A little surgery,” Duke said, “I know what you were thinking… once you’re free, you’d go to the authorities and tell them everything…right?”

            “I wouldn’t do that,” Calvin lied.

            “Yeah, you would, you couldn’t help yourself,” Duke pressed a button on a handheld remote and Calvin fell to his knees and grabbed his chest. He turned a dial a fraction and Calvin screamed out in pain. Duke turned it back to zero and said, “A cardiac stimulator was surgically implanted into your chest. That excruciating pain you felt was level five…imagine what level 15, 30 or 50 would feel like. As level 60, I could blow your heart apart like an over-inflated balloon. If you try to remove it without inputting the proper code, it will instantly kill you. Do you still want the work release program…the stimulator is part of the deal.”

Three days later, Calvin was drugged and transported back to Los Angeles. When he was questioned by law enforcement authorities, his standard reply was, “To the best of my recollection, I don’t recollect what happened to me or where I was.”

After beginning work at Judicial Watch as an attorney, Calvin Tillis’ main duties were clearing the names of the people that he falsely prosecuted and getting them financial restitution. As part of his work release program requirements, Calvin was required to log on to an encrypted website to discuss his activities with Duke McNielsen. Several of his reports led to successful covert missions by the Pegasus militia.

Calvin Tillis had been a malicious prosecutor for years and while justice was delayed, it eventually was served. The other problem is that he isn’t the only corrupt district attorney in America. It isn’t all bad news however so do not despair. As long that there are patriots like Duke McNielsen in America, evil will always have sworn adversaries.  Duke kept a running count of pending cases and took great pleasure every time he wrote Overturned on a file and an innocent person was vindicated


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  1. Tom says:

    If only there were places like this for the corrupt officials of the world. To betray the trust given to them is to me an unpardonable sin. No chance for salvation once these miscreants have crossed the line. Dante’s Hell would be a resort compared to what I would construct! Thanks for giving me a new word in my vocabulary: I did not know about lawfare!

  2. Skip says:

    Do we have enough of those implants to cover the numbers of evildoers? Thank you for a clear vision of what should happen to malicious prosecutors!

  3. John Michels says:

    One of your better stories Tom

  4. Robert says:

    Some of this parts of this story could be true. It’s a nice Sunday story.

  5. bob wolf says:

    enjoyed the story
    this country needs a Whit ‘Duke’ Michielsen

  6. Terry L. Lutz says:

    Good story Tom. We can only hope the current judicial system can be corrected!

  7. Tony says:

    An outstanding story in this weeks Sunday Press by Mr. Thomas Calabrese. I shines a ray of hope that an organization such as Pegasus will come forth and remove the inequities of our justice system and take it back to where it was meant to be, true justice for all. We find people that were incarcerated that are innocent of the charges that were levied against them at the time. For the most part the American justice system works but at times it is misused for certain reasons that violate an oath taken by a few in the justice system. Presently, I would not mind an oversight committee like Pegasus to monitor the system. It seems at times the Law is being abused. Thank you Mr. Calabrese for bringing this Sunday story to the public. It appears the Pegasus Committee might be required today to intervene in a high profile case?

  8. Clyde says:

    I enjoyed the story…a great mix of fact and fiction.

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