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Calendar >  Picking The Best T.V. Comedy Duos of All Time

Picking The Best T.V. Comedy Duos of All Time

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TR Robertson — Comedy has been a mainstay of entertainment since the days of vaudeville & silent film. Ever since comedians like Charlie Chaplan and Buster Keaton hit the screen, audiences have laughed at the antics of classic comedy routines as a way to sit back and enjoy themselves for a few hours. Eventually studios saw an opportunity to increase the laugh opportunities by adding an additional sidekick and comedy duos were born. Many times, one member of the duo acted as a “straight man” for the other member, at other times, both members of the duo supplied the antics and jokes for those watching.

Many of the comedy duos only made one or two films together, and we wished they had made more. Others were long lasting comedy movie duos appearing in numerous films. Some of our favorite movie comic duos included Oliver Hardy and Stan Laurel, Bud Abbott and Lou Costello, Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis, Steve Martin and John Candy, Jeff Bridges and John Goodman, John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd, Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd, Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby, Cheech Marin and Tommy Chong, just to name a few.

As television grew in popularity and more and more T.V. channels appeared, the comedy duo concept spread from the movie theater to the T.V. studio and to an increasing number of comedy shows on T.V. Listed below are some of the memorable comedy duos from a number of popular television shows, along with the name of the show and the dates the show ran on T.V. The names are listed in no particular order. See how many you remember and decide for yourself which ones you think should be considered the best of the best. I guarantee you that each pair certainly deserve consideration as the best. A special thank you to “Remind” magazine, a great magazine that focuses on our past and has wonderful articles on a variety of entertainment, pop cultural, personalities and other features that reminds us, as they say, “The Past is a Blast”. The magazine also features a number of puzzles, trivia and quizzes related to that month’s topic. Go to www.remindmagazine.com to subscribe to this nostalgic magazine. Their March issue focused on a number of the comedy duos, which are included below, and I included comedy duos I felt should also be listed as reminders of those that have had a role in making us laugh.

Television Comedy Duos

Robin Williams & Pam Dawber as Mork & Mindy McConnell – “Mork and Mindy” – ABC – 1978-82

Bert & Ernie – originated by Frank Oz and Jim Henson – “Sesame Street” – PBS – 1969-present

Lucille Ball & Vivian Vance as Lucy Arnaz & Ethel Mertz – “I Love Lucy” and “The Lucy Show” – CBS – 1951-57

Redd Foxx & Demond Wilson as Fred and Lamont Sanford – “Sanford and Son” – NBC – 1972-77

Carroll O’Connor & Jean Stapleton as Archie and Edith Bunker – “All in the Family” – CBS – 1971-83

Jackie Gleason & Art Carney as Ralph Kramden & Ed Norton – “The Honeymooners” – CBS – 1955-56

George Wendt & John Ratzenberger as Norm Peterson & Cliff Clavin- “Cheers” – NBC – 1982-93

Harvey Korman & Tim Conway – “The Carol Burnett Show” – CBS – 1967-78

Penny Marshall & Cindy Williams as Laverne DeFazio & Shirley Feeney – “Laverne and Shirley” – ABC – 1976-83

Andy Griffith & Don Knotts as Sheriff Andy Taylor & Barney Fife – “The Andy Griffith Show” – 1960-68

Homer & Bart Simpson voiced by Dan Castellaneta & Nancy Cartwright – “The Simpsons” – Fox – 1989-present

Bruce Willis & Cybill Shepard as David Addison & Maddie Hayes – “Moonlighting” – ABC – 1985-89

Dan Rowan & Dick Martin – “Laugh-In” – NBC – 1968-73

Mike Farrell & Alan Alda as B.J. Hunnicutt & Hawkeye Pierce – “Mash” – CBS – 1975-83

Johnny Carson & Ed McMahon – “The Tonight Show” – NBC – 1962-92

Susan Saint James & Jane Curtin as Kate McArdle & Allie Lowell – “Kate & Allie” – CBS – 1984-89

Will Smith & James Avery as Will & Uncle Phil – “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” – NBC – 1990-96

Beavis & Butt-Head voiced by Mike Judge – “Beavis and Butt-Head” – MTV – 1993-97

Tim Allen & Richard Karn as Tim Taylor & Al Borland – “Home Improvement” – ABC – 1991-99

Tim Allen & Earl Hindman as Tim Taylor & Wilson – “Home Improvement” – ABC – 1991-99

Jerry Seinfeld & Jason Alexander as Jerry Seinfeld & George Costanza – “Seinfeld” – NBC – 1989-98

Jerry Seinfeld & Michael Richards as Jerry & Kramer – “Seinfeld” – NBC – 1989-98

Ted Danson & Woody Harrelson as Sam Malone & Woody Boyd – “Cheers” – NBC – 1982-93

Tim Daly & Steven Weber as Joe & Brian Hackett – “Wings” – NBC – 1990-97

Thomas Haden Church & David Schramm as Lowell Mather & Roy Biggins – “Wings” – NBC -1990-97

Kelsey Grammar & David Hyde Pierce as Frazier Crane & Niles Crane – “Frazier” – NBC -1993-2004

Jennifer Aniston & Courtney Cox as Rachel Green & Monica Geller – “Friends” – NBC – 1994-2004

Matthew Perry & Matt LeBlanc as Chandler Bing and Joey Tribbiani – “Friends” – NBC – 1994-2004

Bob Newhart & Tom Poston as Dick Loudon and George Utley – “Newhart” – CBS -1982-1990

William Sanderson, Tony Papenfass & John Voldstad as Larry, Darryl & Darryl – “Newhart – CBS – 1982-1990

Jim Parsons & Johnny Galecki as Sheldon Cooper & Leonard Hofstader – “Big Bang Theory” – CBS – 2007-2019

Simon Helberg & Kunal Nayyur as Howard Wolowitz & Raj Koothrappali – “Big Bang Theory” – CBS – 2007-2019

Drew Carey & Kathy Kinney as Drew Carey & Mimi Bobek – “Drew Carey” – ABC – 1995-2004

Ryan Stiles & Diedrich Bader as Lewis Kiniski & Oswald Lee Harvey – “Drew Carey” – 1995-2004

Bob Denver & Alan Hale Jr. as Gilligan & The Skipper – “Gilligan’s Island” – CBS – 1964-1967

Tom & Dick Smothers – “The Smothers Brother’s Comedy Hour” – CBS – 1967-1969

Tony Randall & Jack Klugman as Felix Unger & Oscar Madison – “The Odd Couple” ABC – 1970-75

The successful casting and pairing of actors and actresses in these shows will generally be important to the success of the program and the atmosphere and audience appeal for the show. The longevity of the show is also due, in part, to these characters. Some are major parts of the show and other times they will appear occasionally, but have great appeal, such as Larry, Darryl and Darryl in “Newhart”. There is nothing better than classic T.V. comedy shows, when done well, to provide laughter and enjoyment for an evening of T.V. viewing.


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