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South Vista Communities January Newsletter

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A very Happy New Year to you each!
May we hope for better days for everyone, in every way.
South Vista Communities


On January 1st, two new state housing laws went into effect which could change the character of single family neighborhoods –

SB9 and SB10. It appears that much of South Vista will not be affected by these laws. The state already allows accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) in every residential zone. An ADU can be 400 to1,200 sq. ft. in size, must have its own kitchen and bathroom, comply with setback requirements, and provide one additional parking space. A garage ADU conversion requires kitchen and bathroom, but no additional parking.
• Two-unit project: one lot, two new units or one existing unit and one new unit; additional ADUs may also be allowed. No short-term rentals allowed; lot owner must occupy one unit.
• Lot split: one lot split into two lots (each at least 1,200 sq. ft.); the split must be 50/50 or 40/60. Could be two new units or one existing unit and one new unit; ADUs not allowed. Each unit must be at least 800 sq. ft. in size; one additional parking spot per unit. No short-term rentals allowed; owner must occupy one unit.
• There is no size limit to the housing units so long as they meet the standards, setbacks, etc. The second unit could be sold to a new owner.
• SB9 projects must be within single-family residential zones and “within an urbanized area or urban cluster.”

SB9 projects are prohibited 1) at an historic landmark or within an historic district; 2) wetlands (but are permitted in coastal zones); 3) earthquake fault zone; 4) lands under conservation easement;

• FEMA flood plain; 6) high fire hazard severity zone. SB9 projects are also not allowed in areas with an HOA or CC&Rs.

Vista planning staff is preparing the standards for SB9 projects, which will likely be presented for City Council approval in March or April. Once the standards have been approved, SB9 projects will require only ministerial approval – approval by staff according to the standards, no Planning Commission review or City Council approval needed.

High fire hazard severity zones

You can access this map to explore it further:
https://public-cityofvista.hub.arcgis.com/ —
Open link, click Vista GIS → click Open Application → click Map Themes → click Fire

SB10 Authorizes a legislative body to rezone any parcel to allow up to 10 residential units. Must be in a transit-rich area or urban infill sites and meet other requirements. Vista’s City Council has taken no action on this law at this time.

A new year is a fresh start on the calendar full of 365 new potential starts. Whether you plan to take the bull by the horn or relax and ride the wave, may you have a safe, healthy, and happy time throughout the year.

Even if 2021 didn’t bring a lot more relief than 2020, it still had its moments. We almost saw the of the end pandemic amongst a vaccine frenzy only to be hit by 2 more variants of the global pandemic.

This Christmas and New Year’s were yet another season of celebration in isolation. But, my friends, you have been killing it through a year of social distancing!

I am so proud of my Vista community, how well we have been keeping up. We may have muted celebrated, cheered in silos, battled in silence, contributed with our wallets and our service, but we persisted. I know we can keep it up through 2022 and many years to come!

A Very Happy New Year from SVC —Tazeen Nizam, President

SB 9 and the End of Single Family Zoning in California


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