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South Vista Communities July- August Newsletter

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FIRST OF ALL . . . In this new and different world, we hope all of you are well and safe and will continue to be. Please help keep our community safe
by following instructions from our city, county, and state.
The City of Vista is providing very useful and timely information. To subscribe to the City’s news updates, go to https://www.cityofvista.com/city-hall/vista-news-center. Healthiest best wishes to you all!

CREEKSIDE’S WALL … The wall on Green Oak Road, entrance to the Creekside neighborhood, recently suffered damage from graffiti. Thanks to the advice from Vista Public Works Director Kuna Muthusamy and the magic potion he recommended, the graffiti was removed and the wall could be repainted.
Many thanks!

Although South Vista Communities has to forego an Annual Meeting due to COVID concerns, the Board of Directors for this year will be –
• President -Tazheen Nizam
• Vice President – Pia Romano
• Secretary – Lynell Ciranna
• Treasurer – Pia Romano
• At-large: Francis Dumler, Leonard Finkel, Stephanie Jackel
We look forward to the time when we can see you all at a community meeting!

— by Co-Planner Lonna Leghart… We started off the week with a powerful and energetic Rush Hour Protest, coordinated by Katie Melendez. Approximately 50 Vistans showed up with signs and stood – masked and well-distanced.

Along Vista Village Drive and Hacienda. Many drivers engaged with honks, waves, and thumbs up. Several protesters hung their signs on Sunroad’s
fence at the end of rush hour, but the signs were soon removed.

Wednesday’s letter-writing campaign and Thursday’s calls to the three Council members who voted YES were both lackluster and did not meet
our goal of 300 contacts. According to Deputy Mayor Amanda Rigby (who voted NO, so we cannot be certain of the calls received by Mayor Ritter and
Council Members Green and Franklin), 53 letters and calls were sent to her in opposition.

Our call to action also generated some letters of support – fewer than 10, but still more than supported the project in its original form. These supporters included a Planning Commissioner who was happy with the removal of the
car wash.

We are deeply grateful for the time, creativity, and efforts of the Vista residents who participated in 3 Days of Action. We heard you, and we will
continue to do this work.

Overall, the planning team and I hoped for better engagement by Vistans city-wide. We haven’t been silenced, though. In fact, this has refocused our

First, we are planning the mass-disbursement of a survey that has two goals: educate Vistans about the Sunroad project and share their opinions
and related experiences with city council.

Second, we have approached a regional nonprofit asking for their support in stopping this development. Challenging Sunroad seems to fit into their mission and past successes. More information about this partnership will be shared as it becomes available.

We are open to ideas that broaden the scope of our outreach and look forward to sharing the final survey with you soon. Your assistance in forwarding it to your Vista contacts will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you, South Vista Communities, for your continued energy and generous support.

— John Byrom, North Coastal Prevention Coalition While the COVID19 pandemic is certainly a crisis, it is important to remember that we have not
solved our Opioid crisis. As stay at home orders please, it becomes possible to dispose of unused and expired medications to protect your friends and

If you have prescription medication in your home, it is important to keep it stored in a safe and secure place; if it’s expired or no longer needed, proper disposal is important. Please secure your medications and gather any unused or expired medication and dispose of them properly.

If you or someone you know needs help with prescription drug abuse, call the San Diego County Access and Crisis line at 1-888-724-7240 or call 211 for local program resources. southvistacommunities@cox.


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