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South Vista Communities Newsletter

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The neighborhood in the corner of Sycamore, SR 78, and La Mirada suddenly discovered a proposed zone change from low-density to high density for 62 townhomes. According to Vista Community Development Director John Conley, the City does not support this zone change.
This message is from the neighbors — their pre-recorded presentation is excellent:

Dear neighbors, After sitting through the San Diego County Board
of Supervisors’ online meeting today addressing Afforadable Housing, I have to say that I feel hopeful. The Planning staff reports that the minimum housing needs in the County can currently be met WITHOUT increasing existing General Plan zoning. This, hopefully, bodes well for our resistance to the requested zoning change here with the Smilax project. I also
found the Board members very responsive to the public’s concerns. They are working very professionally and cordially together which is also encouraging. https://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/sdc/general/

On 2/24/2021, the online portal will be available for eComments for the 3/3/2021 Board meeting, when our project will be considered.

https://www.sandiegocounty.gov/content/sdc/bos/ecomment.html# Each person is allowed only 500 characters to write (maybe 4 sentences), but if you sign up on their website for an account then you can add attachments. You can then also sign up to make up to a 3-minute phone comment. We have help for those of you needing words to say.

We now have over 400 signatures on our petition at www.nosmilaxrezone.org. Please ask friends and family to also add their signatures and concerns . Here is our pre-recorded presentation:

https://youtu.be/teO864QD_qM Please watch it and share with others. Spread the word! Thanks for standing with us!
Belle Hazlehurst nosmilaxrezone@gmail.com

3/9— from Council member Corinna Contreras

On January 12, 2021, Janis Jones (Surfrider Foundation San Diego Chapter Rise Above Plastics Co-lead) and Brady Bradshaw (Oceana Southern
California Campaign Organizer) were invited by Councilmember Contreras to present to the Vista City Council. The presentation focused on ending
the plastic pollution crisis as well as which strategies could be employed locally to do our part in ending this crisis.

The public zoomed in with many comments. Overall, the majority of the public encouraged the Council to take up the plastic pollution issue.

For the March 9 Council meeting, we will be discussing possible strategies our City can take to reduce plastic pollution. This is the beginning of a
process that could lead to a city ordinance or resolution.

First, there must be discussion among the Council. To move forward with an ordinance or resolution, a majority of the Council must direct staff to bring forth such a document for later discussion.

We, as a City, are just at the beginning of the process, so your input is important and much appreciated. I hope to hear from you at our March 9th Vista City Council meeting!

Meeting Livestream: City Council Meeting Livestream or
go to cityofvista.com/city-hall/agenda- minutes/meetingvideo-broadcast
Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/82002184852?
pwd=eUl3Q2phOTlCVXB5ZjBrYmlNL084UT09 or via
telephone at 1-669-900-6833 – Webinar ID: 820 0218 4852 – Password: 556317


LEGAL ACTIONS – from Hope Nelson, President, Citizens for a Friendly Airport

C4FA and the residents had a good week in Court with regard to the expansion of Palomar Airport and the Airport Settlement Agreement between the City of Carlsbad and the County of San Diego. We are doing everything possible to prevent the County from turning Palomar Airport into “John Wayne South” (with no mandatory quiet hours or mandated flight paths).

First, after three attempts by the City of Carlsbad and the County of San Diego to have our lawsuit against their Settlement Agreement dismissed,
the Court ruled that C4FA has the right to sue and we’re going to trial. We are very happy.

Second, there was a Minute Order in our environmental (CEQA) lawsuit against the County of San Diego’s McClellan-Palomar 20 Year Master
Plan Update. The judge ruled in C4FA’s favor by instructing the County to apply for permission from the City of Carlsbad via their Conditional Use
Permit process before the airport runway can be expanded. The judge ruled the County waived its rights of immunity as part of the City of Carlsbad’s
agreement to the 1978 Annexation of Palomar Airport.

THIS IS HUGE! It means the City of Carlsbad must approve any change of Palomar Airport now and in the future. Within 48 hours of this ruling,
the County has already appealed directly to the judge to reverse his decision before the final judgement is filed…..

In addition, with regard to Airport Noise, the Minute Order stated that the County’s “study area and methodology were inadequate” when analyzing
airport noise impacts. The County was ordered to redo the Noise studies and report back to the Court.

Stay tuned. The legal games have just begun. It’s important to note that not a single member of the current Board of Supervisors had the opportunity to question or vote for this Palomar Airport expansion plan. It was rushed through by Supervisor Bill Horn in Oct 2018 before term limits removed those past elected officials. We hope common sense and respect for the
environment and the residents first will prevail with the current Board. We’ll keep you posted. Oh, and if you can, please donate to our C4FA
legal fund so we may continue to fight for the residents. https://www.c4fa.org/donate — Your Friends and Neighbors at Citizens for a
Friendly Airport


SANDAG has completed construction of three miles of the Inland Rail Trail in North County San Diego.

The newly-completed sections of the Trail run 2.5 miles between Cherimoya Drive and Mar Vista Drive in San Diego County and the City of Vista and
a half-mile between North Drive and West Bobier Drive in Vista. With the completion of Phase 2 of the Trail, people can now bike, walk, or roll along
more than 10 continuous miles of the separated multi-use path between the Escondido Transit Center and Mar Vista Drive in Vista.

The Trail is an important link in the SANDAG Regional Bike Plan Network, a network of high quality, pedestrian-friendly streets and bikeways that reimagines how we use space on our streets to make them safer and more comfortable for every person who uses them.

Remembering Rich Alderson

I would like to pay respects to Rich Alderson, who was a big part of Vista, especially South Vista. He was a gentle giant with a heart of gold, touch of
clouds, and grits of steel. His contributions to Vista were memorable and unprecedented.

My friend and mentor Rich Alderson was a very generous person who was always thinking about others. In fact, his life was dedicated to the service
of others, especially our children. Rich was an educator, a husband, father, and a champion for education right here in Vista. Rich was an avid and tireless advocate for student rights. He was a teacher in both the Vista and
Temecula Unified School Districts. He was then the Principal of Rancho Buena Vista high school from 1999-2006 when it had an enrollment of 3000
students. Rich was Superintendent of the Julian Union High School from 2006-2008; then he served as a trustee of Vista Unified School district
from 2012-2020.

After Rich retired in 2008, he continued to be an advocate for special education students who had trouble navigating the school system with
learning disabilities or behavioral issues.

Rich passed away in his sleep on February 6th. He had been battling cancer for years. Our deepest sympathies for his wife Sue, his kids, and grandchildren. He touched us through his strength, wisdom, leadership, and advocacy. Rich is already missed but never forgotten.
Tazheen Nizam, President South Vista Communities


The Sheriff’s Department is proud to announce the official roll-out of its new department public website, www.sdsheriff.gov, which was designed
with an emphasis on the users’ experience and ability to intuitively navigate the webpage. This website will be compatible with browser settings to offer translation in various languages and has an
accessibility widget to assist people with a variety of disabilities. The website will also be compatible in different viewing modes such as mobile device, tablet, laptop, or desktop modes. With these added tools, online visitors will have greater access to the information available on our website.

The Sheriff’s recruiting website, www.joinsdsheriff.net, also received a design overhaul so that it too will be branded to the parentsite. We recognize first impressions impact our digital followers and prospective candidates; therefore, the new website designs hope to demonstrate
our department’s commitment to being modern and cognizant of the user-experience.

It is our hope that these webpages will help us interact with the communities we serve, assist with telling our story, and increase our ability to recruit quality individuals who are interested in working for our department.
Henry John Tirado ret. – Crime Prevention Specialist


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