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South Vista Communities October Newsletter

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VISTA ELECTIONS 2022 Candidates for City Council


My name is Armen Kurdian, and I’m running to serve Vista on the City Council. I’m a 25-year Navy veteran and upon retirement I brought my family back to Vista because we loved what Vista has to offer and its strong sense of community. I am ready to serve my city with the same energy and commitment as I served my country.

I have been connecting with as many voters as possible, personally knocking on thousands of doors to listen to concerns and formulate goals and expectations based on residents’ needs and ideas. They want more law enforcement as we are severely behind all of our neighboring cities. They are tired of how expensive rent and basic necessities have become, so unlike my opponent, I oppose new mileage and sales taxes which could cost working families another $2,000/year. We need real solutions for the homeless, true rehabilitation and recovery, not just spending money to make the problem go away. Our outreach teams need to include previous victims of addiction, homelessness, and violence, who have rebuilt their lives, to help build that emotional connection with the unsheltered and mentally ill, and get them the help they need.

I have started a business, successfully led large organizations of people, managed $100M budgets and saved taxpayers millions.

I volunteer with our Chamber of Commerce, veterans’ and other organizations, and mentor tomorrow’s young leaders. Together, we can make Vista safe, clean, and prosperous, and I humbly ask for your vote, thank you. www.armen4vista.com

Candidate, Vista City Council (District 4)
armen@armen4vista.com – www.armen4vista.com -760-332-8673 (C)

DAN O’DONNELL, District 4

Dear neighbors,

I would be honored to serve you on the Vista City Council.

I’m running because my family is heavily invested in our community. My wife and I were married at
St. Thomas More, own a home here, and this is where we will raise our children. So, I care deeply about what the future of Vista looks like for every resident.

Professionally, I provide Business Management to nine small businesses in California. As a community member, I volunteer with the Vista Boys and Girls Club, I’m a member of the Rotary Club, and serve as an Ambassador with the Vista Chamber of Commerce.

When speaking with neighbors, residents are concerned about traffic, safety, and overdevelopment.

I value community input and will host nine town halls annually, so your voices will be heard.

At a recent candidate forum, we were asked about developing the old Burlington Coat Factory. I
believe a smaller version of Bressi Ranch would revitalize that entire corridor, make it less desirable for encampments, and create a rejuvenated space that welcomes our residents and small businesses. I’m also against the current 250+ unit proposal for that space.

My opponent stated that “we always need more self-storage” and they are open to adding up to 499 units to that location.

I’m proudly endorsed by the Vista Firefighters and many local leaders.

I’m committed to public safety, oppose the Mileage Tax, and believe in smart growth. I would be honored to earn your vote.
Dan O’Donnell
www.danforvista.com – Dan@DanforVista.com

Dear C4FA Supporters,
As is common knowledge, all aircraft emit hazardous air pollutants into the air we breathe, however, residents living within 10 miles of airports are exposed to large amounts of these harmful pollutants through emissions from aircraft landing and takeoff operations, these pollutants are bad, really
bad, and have been shown to lead to lung and heart illnesses, some types of cancer, and premature death.

This is the first in a series to discuss some of the different pollutants that come from aircraft at
Palomar Airport. We’ll start with LEAD. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that there
is NO KNOWN SAFE LEVEL of exposure to lead.
Piston-engine aircraft that operate on leaded
fuel are the largest remaining source of lead emissions into the air. Leaded fuel used in cars was
outlawed decades ago, but somehow airplanes were deemed exempt. Lead from aircraft that use
leaded aviation gasoline (known as leaded avgas) pollutes our air, our water, our lands and tragically,
our bodies as well.

Palomar Airport is among the 50 most lead polluting airports in the nation. In spite of this fact,
Palomar Airport only provides leaded aviation fuel for its piston-engine planes. The Airport does not
offer unleaded aviation fuel (called unleaded avgas) that is now available for piston-engine planes. Pilots can’t even buy unleaded avgas for their piston planes if they wanted because it’s NOT OFFERED at
the airport!

We must stop poisoning our communities immediately, especially our children.

Email County Airport Operations at airports@sdcounty.ca.gov AND your local officials and ask them to ban the sale of leaded avgas at Palomar Airport and offer unleaded avgas instead.

Contacts for local officials can be found here: https://www.c4fa.org/copy-of-contact-local-officials
Email your local Congressperson and ask them to support a ban of the sale of leaded avgas, just like
the ban of leaded gas for cars and trucks.

Stay tuned – more to come in this series.
Thank you!
Your Friends and Neighbors at Citizens for a Friendly Airport
P.S. We are a 100% local volunteer group….. all regular folks. So, if you are able, please help by
donating at www.c4fa.org/donate. Tax deductible option is available. Thank you.
Please share this with friends and neighbors!


Corinna Contreras is a public policy enthusiast who wholeheartedly believes in the power of community-based decision-making.

As a lifelong resident of Vista, Corinna enjoys the endless experiences San Diego County provides. From
snorkeling at La Jolla Cove to chasing super blooms in Anza Borrego and everything in between.

At the University of California, Santa Barbara, she earned her B.A. in Film & Media/Sociology.

After receiving her Permaculture Design Certification from the San Diego Sustainable Living Institute,
her interest in regenerative agriculture, permaculture, and traditional ecological knowledge grew.
She tapped into the local food system to understand how to be more impactful. For her efforts,
she was picked as one of 100 idea ambassadors for Berry Good Food Foundation’s Berry Good Night

This new knowledge of food systems, policy, and California native plants activated Corinna. Local
civic engagement became her focus. In 2018, she became the first Latina and the first-ever LGBTQIA
Councilmember of the City of Vista. Following her win by 66 votes, Assemblymember Tasha Boerner
Horvath awarded Corinna “Woman of the Year” for AD76.

Corinna is a board member with the North County LGBTQ Resource Center and FACT. She represents the City of Vista on NCTD.

Corinna understands that her many experiences are privileges materialized from deep colonial systems that perpetuate opportunity for some at the expense of many, a reality that must be acknowledged.

Thank you,
Corinna Contreras


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