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Calendar >  South Vista Communities September Newsletter

South Vista Communities September Newsletter

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In this new and different world, we hope all of you are well and safe and will continue to be. Please help keep our community safe by following instructions from our city, county, and state.

The City of Vista is providing very useful and timely information. To subscribe to the City’s news updates, go to

Healthiest best wishes to you all!

The listing of members of SVC’s Board of Directors last month was incomplete.

The Board for 2020-2021 will be:
• President Tazheen Nizam
• Vice President Pia Romano
• Secretary Lynell Ciranna
• Treasurer Pia Romano
• Members At-large: Kathy Bagwell, Francis Dumler, Leonard Finkel, Stephanie Jackel

We look forward to seeing you at a community.

ELECTIONS ‐ Campaign Forum

Each election year, SVC enjoys hosting a forum for candidates and the public with the Shadowridge Owners’ Association. This year, unfortunately, the forum will not be possible.

We have asked this year’s candidates to submit statements of their candidacy for our readers, to be found of this news release. Nanci Oechsle, League of Women Voters of North County San Diego, also provides Information on how and where to vote in this unusual year.

Enforcement Officer Derek Clemente.

Each year at its Annual Meeting, South Vista Communities presents its “Above and Beyond” service awards. To our regret, we were unable to hold
our in-person Annual Meeting this year, but wish to congratulate and thank this year’s recipient: Senior Code Enforcement Officer Derek Clemente.

Mr. Clemente has responded, consistently and thoroughly, to numerous problems and situations negatively affecting residents of South Vista, contributing substantially to the quality of life for all residents.
Many thanks!

A new cemetery — Good Shepherd Cemetery — is proposed for an area north of Buena Vista Drive, east of South Melrose Drive. Garry Garretson
has shared information he received from Jeff Smyser, County Planning & Development Services.

A Major Use Permit application for the proposed cemetery was submitted to [County] Planning & Development Services on May 8, 2020. As part of that submittal, a notice was mailed out to property owners within 300 feet of the project site, based on the County Assessor’s property records as of April 15, 2020, informing them of the proposed project. Since the project site is not located in an area represented by a formal community planning or sponsor group, staff recommended that the applicant reach out to the neighboring
community about the project, which they did through a letter to surrounding residents. While we suggest that you attend any meetings set up by the project applicant, staff is available to answer any questions related to the project or any concerns you may have as we process the Major Use Permit.

County staff is currently reviewing the proposed project. After we complete our review, we send a letter to the applicant with detailed comments regarding the project, including revisions to project plans and accompanying environmental studies to address any identified issues and impacts. Once completed, the project documents will be posted to our website and available for public review and comment for a period of 30 days. We will send out another notice at that point in the process, notifying you and surrounding property owners of the public review period. We anticipate the public review period will begin in early 2021. After public review, staff will review each comment received during the public review period and prepare written responses.

Staff will then prepare the proposed project for the Planning Commission and a public hearing will be scheduled. The public will be able to provide
written and or verbal comments to the Planning Commission before and/or at the public hearing. Another notice will be sent to property owners
informing them of the public hearing and how to comment and participate in the hearing. Your message included your mailing address and I have
added you to staff’s notification list for this project to ensure all future notices are sent to you. We will also contact you by email to inform you of the public hearing as well.

I hope you find this information useful in understanding the project review process and how this project is progressing through the process. I have added brief answers to your specific questions below. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me at (858) 495-5438 or jeffrey.smyser@sdcounty.ca.gov.

• When is the public meeting on this proposal? —

• Where will the meeting be held?

A: The hearing date will be set in the future. This likely will be sometime in late 2021.

• What is the zoning and what could be built on that location based on existing general plan and zoning?

A: Zoning for the site is Limited Agriculture (A70). This zone allows a cemetery with a Major Use Permit. The applicant submitted an application
for a Major Use Permit.

• Where will the runoff water drain?

A: The drainage design is under review.

• Will Buena Vista Drive have a sidewalk in front of the property?

A: Road improvement requirements are under review. It is common for a sidewalk to be added along a project’s frontage.

• Will there be a fence all around the property?

A: The proposal includes a fence around the entire perimeter and a solid masonry wall along the southern property line.

• Will trees be planted to shield the neighbors from the visual of a graveyard?

A: A landscaping plan with trees and other screening was submitted and is under review.

• What is the setback distance from neighbors’ property to grave sites?

A: There is no specific gravesite setback established in the Zoning Ordinance, but this is a good point to highlight in the review.

• Will there be an office or live-in caretaker?

A: The proposal includes converting the existing house into administrative offices. The proposal does not include a live-in caretaker.

Jeff Smyser, AICP, County of San Diego, Planning & Development Services


From Nanci Oechsle, poll worker and member of League of Women Voters of North County San Diego November 3rd’s upcoming election will be like no other. In reaction to the Corornavirus19 conditions, Governor Newsom put out executive orders (N-64-20 and N-67-20) that were codified by SB
423 and AB 860. These changes are for this election only. What are these changes?
1) Every registered voter in the state of California will get a ballot mailed to them starting on October 5th. It is important to note that this is only for this election. It does not change your status as a poll voter in future elections. There will be drop off locations starting October 5th in 3 locations in Vista: Vista Library, Vista’s Elks Lodge on E. Vista Way and VFW Post 7041 on S. Santa Fe. This will likely be faster than putting your ballot in the mail. If you do mail it, it is postage paid.
2) Under AB 860, processing of VBM ballots will start earlier as well. Normally it is 10 days before the election, but for this election only, it will be 29 days before the election. This is the vote count you see when the polls close, and results are posted immediately. San Diego County is already 75% VBM and the Registrar of Voters has made some improvements since 2018 that should help speed up the processing of VBM ballots.
3) In-person voting in larger spaces (consolidated polls). Face coverings are mandatory. Early voting in person starts October 31st thru election day. The hours will be 8-5 Saturday – Monday and Election
Day 7am – 8pm. You will need to go to your designated polling location. This will not be your normal one. Check your sample ballot for the one you should go to. The poll worker will suspend the ballot mailed to you and give you a paper ballot. Most of these locations will be at schools but will not be finalized until September 16th.
4) Where’s my ballot? You sign up through the Secretary of State website and this program will allow you to know when your ballot was sent to you, when it arrives at the Voter Registrar and when it is counted. https://www.sos.ca.gov/elections/ballot-status/wheres-my-ballot/
5) www.sdvote.com for further information. Click on upcoming election information. Also, you can confirm your registration status and look up your ballot.


Amanda Rigby Councilmember District 3

Amanda Rigby, District 3
Serving as your Councilmember is a true honor. I am a committed public servant working to be a true voice for all Vistans. When I first ran for office there were issues I wanted to address and whether it is public safety, economic development, parks and recreation, financial responsibility, or
quality of life issues, I am very proud of what we have accomplished: $2.4M to address homeless, new and renovated parks, additional ambulance,
additional deputy, road rehabilitation, and so much more.

I am honored to be endorsed by the Deputy Sheriffs’ Association, the North San Diego County Association of Realtors, and the California Taxpayers
Coalition. I invite you to learn more about me as your Council representative, about me personally, as well as about the work I continue to do for our City.
Amanda@AmandaRigby.com. Feel free to call anytime 760.889.7944.

Katie Melendez

Katie Melendez, District 3
Vista is a beautiful and resilient community that I am blessed to call home. I grew up in Vista and thrived in our public schools. I am proud to be a first-generation college graduate, and I currently serve our community as a
social worker, providing treatment and resources for people experiencing substance abuse and homelessness.
As your councilmember, I will work hard to address important issues such as improving traffic and infrastructure, protecting our environment,
and addressing homelessness. I will be an engaged representative and hold weekly office hours and quarterly town halls in order to include constituents in finding solutions and making decisions. I am proud to be endorsed by the Vista Fire Fighters Association for my record of public service and my commitment to public safety. I would love to hear from you! Give me a call or text at 760-277-2922 or visit katiemelendezforvista.com.

Joe Green,
Councilmember District 2

Joe Green, District 2
I am a lifelong Vista resident dedicated to the well being and betterment of our community. My wife of 20+ years, Jennifer, and I are proudly raising our four children in our forever home, in Vista. Our three daughters and son, range in age from 13 to 21 years old, all attend/attended Vista schools. I will continue to prioritize street and infrastructure maintenance and improvements to ease traffic flow. I will support public safety efforts to reduce crime and homelessness in our community. Being an engaged and available Council member is an important goal of mine. I have been and will continue to be a responsive public servant because I understand that I work for you.

To learn more about my vision for Vista, please visit my website at www.joegreen2020.com and find me on Facebook at https://

Liz Perez

Liz Perez, District 2
Liz Perez has been a long-time resident of Vista. Liz is a US Navy Veteran and a small business owner of GCG. GCG is a general contracting firm specializing in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and resiliency. Liz is licensed in the State of California as a general B contractor. GCG is used as a catalyst to put displaced workers and underserved populations to work.

Liz has been a leader in social, environmental and economic justice for years. Her achievements include: White House selected Liz as a Champion of Change, U.S. delegate, and she served as Deputy Secretary for the State California.

Liz is running for Vista City Council D2 because she believes in building a better Vista. Her focus is to develop affordable housing, ensure that Vista is not threatened by gentrification, build an energy economy, and update our city infrastructure with a local skilled labor workforce.

Nutrition for Older Adults — McClellan Adult Activity and Resource Center


Join us in keeping Vista a special place to live. Visit our website www.southvistacommunities.org to find our membership form or simply to sign up for our email information and updates.


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