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Calendar >  South Vista Communities September Newsletter

South Vista Communities September Newsletter

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Dear Friends and anyone interested in preventing the expansion of McClellan- Palomar Airport,

To briefly catch everyone up, on May 5, 2021, the McClellan-Palomar 2018 Airport Master Plan was rescinded by the County Board of Supervisors (BOS), forced by a lawsuit filed by C4FA. The County did not appeal the court’s decision. The BOS will reconsider future plans for this airport, most likely in October. Three socially responsible environmentalist on the BOS make a shift in perspective possible.

Please consider signing on to the petition https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/ stoppalomarexpansion as well as forwarding to your friends and neighbors in Carlsbad, Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos, Escondido, and Valley Center, as
they will be impacted if the County moves forward with their previous plan for expansion. We want to make sure the BOS understands the importance of retaining the Airport in its current status as a B-II Airport.

You can also notify your HOA Board of the petition and ask them to circulate to the residents of your community.

Contact me with any questions or should you need assistance, or a presenter for a community or HOA Board Meeting.
Thanks for your consideration and support. Hope Nelson info.c4fa@gmail.com attn: Hope

From the petition at https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/stoppalomarexpansion:


The signers of this document do hereby petition the Carlsbad City Council Members, San Diego County Board of Supervisors, San Diego County Congressional Representatives, and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), that the following Principals be safeguarded.

 That the McClellan-Palomar Airport be retained in its status as a small aviation airport with NO runway expansion, to protect the safety of the surrounding communities.

 That takeoff/landing patterns which minimize noise impact on residential neighborhoods and schools be strictly enforced by the FAA and mandatory quiet hours be implemented between 10pm and 6am.

 Preserve the current Carlsbad City Law which protects the health and quality of life of Carlsbad and surrounding communities.

Sign the petition today — keep our neighborhoods’ peace and quiet and prevent pollution from airplane fuel.

Life lessons come as a surprise.
Sometimes darkness is the path that needs to be
taken, in order to get to the light.
Our most painful struggles are most necessary to grow.
What seems like a burden may prove to be a boon.
No matter how difficult things are, there is always
No matter how powerless things seem, we must
keep going.
We have to keep picking ourselves up and keep
moving forward.
We’ve made it this far; we can make it through
whatever comes next.
There is hope and joy, you just have to cross that
Life awaits you.
Best Regards, Tazheen Nizam President, SVC

Support New Single Use Plastics Ordinances, Coming Soon
— from Janis Jones, Surfrider
As summer comes to a close, there are several upcoming opportunities to support single‐use plastic reduction measures in North County.

During the Council Meeting on September 21st, Carlsbad staff will present a sustainable materials plan and will outline strategies for reducing single‐use plastics. We are hoping one of the council members will make a motion to direct staff to draft a single‐use plastic ordinance.

On October 6th, Oceanside staff will present a draft “Skip the Stuff” ordinance that will require that utensils, straws, stirrers, etc. are provided only upon request. The Oceanside City Council did vote in favor of a Skip the Stuff ordinance during the meeting on August 4th. We must speak up to ensure that council members vote in favor of the ordinance that staff proposes.

In December 2019, San Marcos City Council Members unanimously voted to direct staff to draft an ordinance, but it’s been on hold since then. Staff is now ready to bring the draft to Council and will present it on October 14th. We will be
urging all Council Members to vote in favor of adopting the ordinance.

Meeting information for each city is below, and you can find additional information, including talking points and participation Tips HERE.

 Carlsbad City Council: September 21 @6:00pm (virtual) — Staff will present a sustainable
materials plan along with suggestions for plastic reduction measures.

 Oceanside City Council: October 6 @ 5:00pm(hybrid) — Staff will present a draft Skip the Stuff ordinance

 San Marcos City Council: October 14 (in‐ person) — Staff will present a draft single‐use plastics ordinance

TBA: Agenda items/item Titles and additional participation instructions will be provided as soon as they are available for each city. (Contact Janis at janis@surfridersd.org to be added to a mailing list
that will include updates.)
I am hopeful that Carlsbad, Oceanside, and San Marcos will finally be moving forward, and I am till thrilled that Vista adopted its single‐use plastic ordinance on June 22! When we started this work, I couldn’t have imagined that we would be able to have such an impact along the 78 corridor.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email or call me.
With appreciation, Janis Jones 760‐715‐0578

The Fall Coastal Cleanup Event is scheduled for Saturday September 18th, all day. Once again, this event will take place remotely or in your own neighborhood. For all information related to Coastal Cleanup Day, please visit www.CleanupDay.org.

Please contact me, Leila Sadrieh at LSadrieh@cityofvista.com or 760‐643‐5433 with any questions. — Leila Sadrieh


Regarding City of Vista report:

The agenda for  the September 14 Vista City Council meeting included an Update on the Implementation of the Strategic Plan to Address Homelessness. The report was not discussed because two Council members were absent; it has been postponed to September 28. The report can be found at https://records.cityofvista.com/WebLink/0/doc/1932189/

Page1.aspx SVC board member Dr. Francis Dumler reviewed the report and has these comments: General Comments: This is a comprehensive well written “Progress Report” that outlines recent activity (pages 1-44) within the strategic plan. I congratulate all members on their hard work and thoughtfulness. I am in favor of adopting the resolutions listed under Recommendation. I believe that it is very important to provide detailed “Progress Reports” on a quarterly basis that will offer guidance based on actual trends and data. I don’t believe we have hard data on the size of our “service” population. I am sure the census is quite variable. I think it is very important to identify in the reports the base number of the interactions with staff. As an example: social worker attempts to contact 100 individuals; only 50 are amenable to initiate the process; only 20 complete the intake; only 10 are willing to obtain the service (i.e. sheltering); only 5 actually do it; only 2 are successfully discharged. These are the data that allow estimation of the efficiency of the strategic plan.

Specific Comments: Exhibit 10-D1, Pages 26-28. I am glad that Alliance for Regional Solutions had 45 clients sheltered to date in Q1-Q3. The numbers for Q3 show 17 at La Posada and 4 at Haven House. It is more important to know how many individuals were contacted and how many were actually placed. Those numbers provide the efficiency of the activity. The outcome of shelter placement, at least in the short term, is reassuring as 9 out of 21 (43%) found housing

Exhibit 11-D1, Pages 33-35. A total of 125 contacts are reported. Shelter referrals had only a 7% success rate. During the first and second quarter, the Vista Social Worker prioritized the Vulnerability Index -Services Prioritization Decision Assessment Tool (VI-SPDAT).

For this quarter, the Vista Social Worker continued to emphasize and focus on completing VI-SPDATs. During Q3, 10 VISPDATs were successfully completed (86% of those done). That looks good, but in reality it is a very small number (86% of the ~ 10% that agreed to participate). The circle graph should include the actual number as well as the percentage.

The second circle graph is OK since only those that complete the VISPDATS can enter into the matching (if I understood the process correctly). Appendix A, Pages 41-44. What was the source of the diagnoses listed on page 41?

Respectfully submitted, Francis Dumler MD

A Personal Perspective:
First, we must all recognize that this is a complex issue that doesn’t have a singular answer, while
also recognizing that it has become a real problem
in the area we live. None of us want encampments
near our homes.
We need to start implementing our strategic
plan with greater urgency and it should be updated
more frequently. The current strategic plan for
homeless is 18 months old. We hired a consultant in
2018, conducted workshops in 2019, adopted the
plan in March of 2020, but we did not receive an
update from the City Council until April of 2021. It
should be reviewed and updated quarterly, if not
more often.
Our current Social Worker handles between 30
and 50 cases, when they should handle closer to 20
or 25. Why do we only have one Social Worker?
I also want to point out that the majority of the
unsheltered we see here in Shadowridge are single
males, for which we only have 5 beds available.
While there are beds available in Vista, they are not
available to them. Vista’s Strategic plan states that
“Because Vista has no shelter beds for the single
men who make up the majority of our community’s
chronically homeless, we have limited resources to
impact its unsheltered population. Moreover, while
Operation Hope and Solutions for Change operate in
Vista and provide excellent services, they serve primarily or solely families who are willing to enter a
high barrier shelter and agree to their rules.”
How we utilize our funds is also important. In a
piece by Paul Webber, responding to how Los Angeles is spending $1 billion to tackle this issue, he
stated “More funding, without supportive treatment
programs AND house for the mentally ill and addicted, will change nothing.” We should be exploring ways to create some form of hybrid plan, that
would include increased services for mental illness
and substance abuse and improve our housing/
shelter plan.
We must also have more frequent encampment
cleanups, so long as they are done correctly, and
services are provided. CDC guidelines do not prevent us from keeping the public safe and our waterways clean. The guidance from the CDC is to not disburse individuals and spread the virus or have them lose contact with service providers. We should also be coordinating with CalTrans to cleanup highway encampments, similarly to what Long Beach did back in May.
The City of Vista has spent a lot of time and
money on creating a Strategic Plan to address this
issue, and a great deal of thought has been put into
it. We just need more timely updates and to have
greater follow through, so that we can address
these issues before they become an even larger
Kind regards, Dan O’Donnell, Citations
Webber, P. (2021, April 16). $1 Billion Will Not Get
The Vulnerable Off L.A.’s Streets. Hope Street Coalition . Retrieved 2021, from http://

Join I Love A Clean San Diego in partnership with the City of Vista as we cover sustainable landscaping practices as they relate to our waterways.
This event is free to attend and open to all! Please register to receive the link to join.
Registration is currently open!

Here is the registration link: https://love.cleansd.or/sustainablelandscaping9-22-


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