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Supervisor Jim Desmond

By   /  October 7, 2021  /  1 Comment


A Win for San Diego Communities!
For too long, San Diego County communities have been living in fear knowing a Sexually Violent Predator could be placed in their neighborhood. San Diegans have been victimized by flawed policies and I’m pleased to announce today, the Board of Supervisors unanimously approved my Board letter to say “No” to all Sexually Violent Predator placements until San Diego County has full veto process.

I would not vote to put a sexually violent predator next-door to my family and I will not vote to put a Sexually Violent Predator next-door to your family.

Offshore Oil Drilling

As we see the disastrous images of the oil spill in Orange County, we are thankful we have no oil rigs in San Diego County.

However, this is a stark reminder that we always need to reaffirm our opposition towards off-shore oil drilling in our region. In 2019, I joined a bipartisan coalition opposing any offshore oil drilling in San Diego County. The Board of Supervisors then sent a letter to the Federal Government to reject any proposal that would allow an expansion of offshore oil drilling in the coastal waters off of the State of California. Learn More

Youth Sports Fees

Back in June, I announced a proposal to help parents and kids with sports youth fees. Kids have suffered greatly over the last 19 months, from virtual learning to not being able to play the sports they love. Youth sports participation is down in San Diego County, and I didn’t want money to be the reason. 

At today’s Board meeting, we were able to allocate $2 million towards youth sports and camps in San Diego County. These funds are Federal dollars from the American Rescue Plan Act, which have been sent to San Diego County for COVID-19 relief. 

Approximately $1,800,000 will be used to issue fee waivers and reimbursements, and up to $200,000 will be used to support the administrative costs of operating the program, including assisting families and organizations with the application and registration process. 

I believe we need to do all we can to help the people of San Diego as we recover from the pandemic and I believe this action will have a major impact for many people in our community. 

The Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) will now begin outreach efforts to engage participants and youth organizations to implement this program prior to their next registration period. DPR will ensure that the necessary adjustments are made to registration fees so that individuals will receive this benefit during the registration period. Learn More

Fire Safety Technology

As we head into the fall, the risk of fire increases in San Diego County. With that in mind, we must do all we can to be ready. Last month, the Rainbow Municipal Water District, North County Fire Protection District and CalFire partnered to launch the first Heli-Hydrant in San Diego County and second in the community of Rainbow. The Heli-Hydrant is a pilot-controlled, remotely activated, 12’ by 5’ deep open tank that is only filled when needed. The Heli-Hydrant is connected to a water distribution system and helicopter pilots will have efficient, permanent access to water and be able to rapidly make substantial water drops. Heli-Hydrants are similar to an above-ground swimming pool that can be filled with approximately 5,000 gallons of water in 6 minutes. It will allow a firefighting helicopter to fill its water tank within a matter of seconds and return to the fire quickly.  

I’ve been so impressed with the heli-hydrant technology, that I am now looking at bringing more to North County. At today’s Board meeting, I initiated a Board letter to direct the Chief Administrative Officer to work with staff to determine the feasibility of placing additional Heli-Hydrants in San Diego County and report back to the Board of Supervisors in 120 days with potential locations.

Signage Program for Unincorporated Area

I’ve received multiple requests in my district for monument signage to identify the entrances to our wonderful unincorporated communities. Each of the communities I represent have a unique identity that they are proud of and I’d like to acknowledge that.

Today, I initiated action to allocate a portion of District 5’s Neighborhood Reinvestment Program dollars for staff to create a monument entryway program. The program will be staff-driven, with community input on the design and location of the entryway monuments or arches. This program will provide a better sense of identity to District 5’s communities. View Board Letter

Supervisor Jim Desmond | 1600 Pacific Highway, San Diego, CA 92101


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  1. Sue Lehman says:


    Thank you for all you do to support the people. I think one of your biggest challenges is to keep Nathan Fletcher in check. Nathan Fletcher appears to have the goal of being a Newsom clone.

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