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Supervisor Jim Desmond -A Humanitarian Crisis

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Declaring Border Situation, a Humanitarian Crisis

With over 600 street releases daily, the strain on our local infrastructure and services is becoming increasingly untenable. We have witnessed an unprecedented influx of migrants from around the world being dropped off at transit stations throughout San Diego County. Over 5,000 individuals have been “street-released,” dropped at transit stations, over the last 10 days. The numbers show no sign of slowing down. Our immigration system is broken, and people from far and wide are capitalizing on the federal government’s ineptness, putting San Diegans at risk.

In the absence of sufficient Federal Government resources and support, it is clear that we cannot continue down this path. As such, I have taken the initiative to place an urgent agenda item for discussion at our upcoming Board meeting. This item will declare the current situation as a humanitarian crisis.

We already face a severe homelessness crisis, and dropping thousands of individuals onto our streets will only exacerbate this issue. Like many others, our region is already beyond its capacity to provide essential services, resources, and support to those seeking refuge within our borders. While we are a community that values compassion and empathy, we must also acknowledge the practical limits of our capacity to meet the needs of those who arrive in our region.

We urgently require federal assistance, resources, and a comprehensive strategy to address this situation effectively, ensuring the well-being of our community and those seeking shelter within it.

San Diego County District 5 Supervisor Jim Desmond


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