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Supervisor Jim Desmond-Migrant Processing Center

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I wanted to update you on the border crisis happening in San Diego. Yesterday, I stood alone in voting against accepting $19 million from the Federal Government to establish a migrant processing center in San Diego County. This decision reflects my unwavering stance that we cannot continue to merely pass the problem of illegal immigration onto other parts of the country, thereby becoming complicit in the Federal Government’s, specifically the administration’s, failure to enforce immigration laws effectively.

This is not just a local issue – it is a matter of national security. The magnitude of the current immigration crisis is unprecedented, unlike anything witnessed under any previous administration. By accepting these federal funds, we would be endorsing and perpetuating the federal government’s ineptitude.

Over the past eight months, San Diego has experienced over 147,000 street releases, with no indication of an end to this influx. Human smugglers have pinpointed California, particularly the San Diego border sector, as the path of least resistance for illegal immigration. Consequently, Border Patrol has been reduced to acting as an ‘Uber’ service for migrants, while San Diego County has unwittingly become a travel agent.

California’s sanctuary state status exacerbates these challenges. State laws prohibit law enforcement from collaborating with immigration officials, restricting the ability to manage and mitigate the impacts of illegal immigration. Even when local law enforcement responds swiftly to incidents such as boats arriving on our shores or breaches in border fences, state regulations prevent them from coordinating with immigration authorities, leaving our county vulnerable.

San Diego County should not be forced to shoulder the consequences of failed federal policies. The federal government must address this issue at its source rather than shifting the burden to local jurisdictions.

San Diego County District 5 Supervisor Jim Desmond


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