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Calendar >  The Mesmerizer – Thomas Calabrese

The Mesmerizer – Thomas Calabrese

By   /  February 18, 2024  /  10 Comments


Crosshairs of True Justice

Thomas Calabrese -John Luciano grew up in Piedmont, California, an upscale neighborhood of Oakland, California. Most of his family and this included his two older brothers, Carl and Pete, cousins, aunts and uncles were members of the International Longshoreman’s Union. Some were officers of the union and others worked at either the Oakland Port, San Francisco Port or the Port of Richmond in the Bay Area.  The Luciano connection to the union and the docks went back three generations and they wielded a lot of power and influence.

John worked part time on the docks during his high school years and also while attending the University of California, Berkeley. He received an athletic scholarship in baseball as a power hitting first baseman and had a double major, one in international economics and the other in philosophy. John was always different than the rest of his family in his goals and perspective of the world. This point was greater emphasized by his decision to join the Marine Corps after graduation instead of taking a high paying executive position with great benefits at one of the ports in the region.

Tony Luciano respected his son’s decision to serve his country, but still had to ask, “You sure you want to do this?”

            “I do…I’ve spent my whole life in the Bay Area and I want see more of the world,” John said, “I don’t want to say when I’m older that I should have seen this or done that when I had the opportunity. Carl and Pete always knew what they were going to make a career working on the docks, I never felt that way. You once said that some people have to see what they don’t want before they know what they do want. Maybe I’m one of those people.”

            “Then take a year off and do some traveling. I’ll pay for it.” Tony volunteered, “The Marines are a major commitment and if you don’t like it, you can’t just move on.”

            “Your generosity is appreciated, but I also need a goal and a challenge and the Marines can offer me that,” John said, “I’ll be a better man for it…at least I hope I will. Maybe someday I’ll be content to work at the ports, but that day isn’t now.”

John attended Officer Candidate School in Quantico, Virginia then began his active duty career at Headquarters and Service Battalion at Camp Pendleton. It wasn’t long before he became restless sitting behind a desk and decided to apply for the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion. After going through the necessary training and being assigned to his unit, Lt. Luciano soon found out that Marine officers seldom deploy to the field. Instead they coordinate supporting fire, logistical support and insertion and extraction of the teams. It was valuable and essential work and somebody had to do it, but it wasn’t exactly what John wanted to do. For the next 18 months, he remembered what his father told him. ‘It’s the job that you’re assigned to do that matters, it’s how well you do the job’.

John was eventually promoted to Captain, but that did little to convince him to re-enlist in the Marines so he called his parents about his plans to return to the Bay Area in 16 months.

Tony exclaimed, “That’s great news, there’s a good job waiting for you.”

Several weeks after informing his parents about his decision, he was approached about joining a new Special Forces unit comprised of Marines and Navy Seals, codenamed J.E.F for Joint Expeditionary Force.

John’s first question was; what is the mission? He was told the unit’s core principles would be enhanced techniques from Colonel Charles Beckwith’s Delta Force playbook. He was the legendary warfighter who created and implemented innovative tactics for asymmetric warfare in Indonesia. It could be best described as strategic combat between opposing forces and involved the use of unconventional weapons, guerrilla warfare and covert operations.

It was a good fit for Captain John Luciano and he spent the next 14 years involved in missions around the globe and fought alongside some of the best fighting men in the world. One of his favorite assignments was when he spent 18 months working and training with the Special Operations Force of the Singapore Army. The SOF is composed of only highly-trained regular servicemen from the Commando formation. Singapore has a unique national defense policy. They prefer to leave their shores to face the enemy when Intel lets them know that an attack is imminent. It will scramble its fighter jets and bombers and send them to the enemy’s capitol before the first shot is fired. This is a form of great deterrence and any nation in the region knows that if it attacks Singapore, it does so at the risk of its own economic and military assets.

Singapore’s national defense strategy is to fight any war within the aggressor’s borders and if the enemy is far away, they will use complex bombing strategies to bring the enemy’s advance to a standstill. While pushing their troops forward and building supply lines to ensure a decisive victory their elite force of commandos will be wreaking havoc on the enemy’s key installations and supply lines. Last, but not least is the ‘so-called poison shrimp. This is the most powerful card in Singapore’s deck because it ensures mutual destruction for itself and its aggressor. Singapore would rather burn everything to the ground than surrender their country.  They considered it a defeat if even one enemy combatant is able set foot on Singapore soil. Every last soldier, gun, vessel, tank and plane will be used to exact maximum destruction in the enemy’s homeland even if it is a suicide mission. The population of Singapore is slightly over six million people and it is surrounded by much bigger countries so this is their best deterrent.  They say, you may beat us, but your victory will seem like a defeat. .They make their strategy public, but if they can’t back it up, it would just be bluster. That is why everyone knows that Singapore has the best equipment and their military and intelligence personnel are highly trained and motivated. This is why nobody wants a conflict with Singapore.

John loved working with the Singapore military. Their training was precise, intense and if something wasn’t working, it was quickly eliminated without a bunch of red tape. He wished his own country could be this efficient, but America was too big, diverse and had too many layers of bureaucracy to emulate Singapore.  When it came time to leave for his next duty station, Colonel Luciano couldn’t help, but be overwhelmed with sadness. He had made some close friends, but duty called so he sucked it up and moved on.

While working with Shayetet-13, the Israel Navy Seals, also known as ‘men of silence’ John was wounded on a covert mission into Iran to destroy a long range rocket site. An explosion caused him to receive a traumatic brain injury and several shrapnel wounds. While the wounds were not life-threatening, they were serious enough to affect his operational capabilities.

John had a decision to make, his parents were getting older and he had been gone, off and on for over 20 years and if he was allowed to stay in the Marines, he would be assigned to an administrative role for the rest of his career. John chose to retire with the rank of Lt. Colonel and return to the Bay Area. By this time his father had retired and his parents were alternating their time between a summer home in the Minden Valley of Central Nevada and a winter residence in a gated community in Scottsdale, Arizona. They were doing well and enjoying life. John’s dad was playing golf regularly and his mother was in a Pickelball league for seniors. His brother Carl was Chief Executive Officer of the Oakland Port and his brother Pete was Harbor Facilities Maintenance Director. With his military background and education, John was easily qualified for the position of Port Risk, Security and Assessment Chief. 

The three brothers often got together in their luxurious motorhome that they kept parked on site. It was big enough for each person to have his own work space and still stay in contact with their support staff. Pete was the designated cook and loved to make meals from his mother’s recipes. Because they were executives, the Luciano brothers had some flexibility with their schedules. They would stay for onsite for three days then work remotely for the other two. It was too far to drive back and forth on a daily basis to Auburn which was 113 miles away where Carl and Pete had large homes on a 50 acre parcel of land. They had two guest houses, John stayed in one and the other was reserved for their parents’ visit.

It was a stable life for John Luciano and while he wished it was a little more exciting, he was grateful to have a high paying job with security and be with his brothers. During his free time, John went to the local rifle and pistol range to keep up marksmanship skills. His other hobbies were skydiving, rock climbing, skiing and exercising on a regular basis. John did not like being inactive…it gave him too much time to think.

Two years into his job and John received a visit at the Oakland Port from Kenny Chung, heir to Pacific International Lines (PIL) a massive shipping company incorporated on 16 March 1967 by Singaporean entrepreneur Chang Yun Chung, who was the world’s oldest billionaire until he died at 102 in September 2020.

Carl called to his brother, “There’s somebody here to see you.”

            “I’m Kenny Chung.”

John surmised, “Kenny Chung, President of PIL shipping?”

            “The same,” Kenny said.

            “What brings you to Oakland, Mr. Chung?”

            “Call me Kenny, may I call you John?”

            “John or Johnny, either is fine with me,” John said.

            “I’ll get to the point, I want to hire you,” Kenny said.

            “Why me?” John asked.

            “Several reasons…my nephew is a commando with the Singapore Army and he speaks  very highly of you,” Kenny said. “Ronny Chu, remember him?”

            “A hell of a fighting man, I was honored to serve with him,” John said.

Kenny explained, “I had my people do an extensive background check and everything I’ve read and heard about you convinces me that you are someone that I want working with me. You possess the attributes that I respect and admire and can help me make my company stronger and safer. From what I heard, you really liked Singapore when you were there.”

            “Favorite place in the world without a doubt,” John replied.

            “Then come back,” Kenny said.

            “I’ve already got a job.”

            “I know what you’re making and I’m prepared to offer you ten times as much plus a house and numerous other benefits. This includes all the first class Singapore Airlines tickets you want so your family can visit or you to come back here. In case of emergency or unforeseen circumstances you’ll have access to one of my private jets.”

            “I appreciate the offer, but why be so generous?” John asked, “There are other people you can hire from your homeland.”

            “My ships have been getting hit hard by terrorists and hijackers. These criminals have killed some of my men and taken my ships. I don’t pay ransoms, but I also don’t want my crews to lose their lives because of my policies. I discussed my decision about hiring you with the Prime Minister and he’s in total agreement that you’re the right man for the job. You know our national defense policy is that if anybody comes after us or our interests and we retaliate ten times harder. I intend to adhere to that policy and I want you at the tip of the spear.”

John turned to his brothers and asked, “What do you think?”

            “You’re a born warrior and as much as we hate to see you go, Johnny, you’ll probably regret it if you don’t,” Pete said.

            “You’re like a caged animal around here. You do your best to hide your restlessness by keeping busy, but we see it in your eyes every day. Be honest with yourself, this is not your kind of life. Like Pete said, we hate to see you go, but the world is a safer place if you’re out there doing your thing,” Carl said.

John took a leave of absence from work and turned over his duties to the Assistant Chief of Security and headed to Singapore to put a strategy together. Within two weeks of his arrival, John was able to put together a strike team of former Singapore Commandos and headed to the Middle East. The plan was to set up a trap for the hijackers. John and his team would ride on one container ship until it was in safe waters then catch a helicopter to another container ship before it entered dangerous shipping lanes and then repeated the process. John reminded his team, “We need prisoners for Intel so don’t kill everybody.” 

It took a week before the Houthis finally made their move and John and his team were waiting. They shot down two helicopters with Stinger missiles, killed eleven hijackers and captured two. After some drug induce interrogation, the surviving terrorists were very talkative and eager to give up all the information they had concerning the captured crews and where the PIL ships were anchored.

Not wasting any time, John and the commandos developed a plan. Half the team would rescue the crews being held on land and the other half would retake the two freighters. The attacks would commence simultaneously. The team operated with precision and once that the crews and ships were back in their possession, John called in, “Part one of the mission is completed.”

Kenny responded, “You are authorized to proceed to part two.”

            “Roger that,” John said.

With close air support from the Singapore Air Force, John and his team attacked the heavily fortified compound of the Houthis. This is the same compound that the White House refused to strike for fear of escalating the conflict in the Middle East. John and his commandos killed every fighter and confiscated hundreds of weapons and tons of ammunition and explosive ordnance. Most of which had been left behind by American forces in their chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The United States sent a formal complaint to Singapore for their ‘so called’ reckless actions and the Prime Minister responded curtly, “You protect your interests and we’ll protects ours. Singapore’s philosophy about responding to aggression remains clear and unchanged. We live in peace because we are not afraid to show strength.”

For the next 30 days, John and his team remained on a Pacific International Lines ship until they were sure that the terrorists in the region got the message. They returned to Singapore, but remained ready to return at a moment’s notice if the situation changed.

While in Singapore, John joined an all-inclusive holistic health center that provided every known treatment in the Eastern medicine playbook. This included acupuncture, herbal medicine, dietary therapy, medical massage and manipulation, exercise, movement therapy, meditation and martial arts. The Eastern philosophy of health is based on prevention and lifestyle and is a truly holistic approach that places equal value on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the patient.

Nobody had to convince John Luciano about the value of this type of medicine and when he wasn’t working he could usually be found at the center involved in some activity. He developed a close relationship with one of the practitioner at the center. Connie Chao was three years younger than John and their connection was more spiritual and mental than it was just a strong physical attraction. To put it simply, they both believed that despite their vastly different journeys in life, destiny had brought them together. In Chinese philosophy and eastern medicine, the concepts of fate and destiny are often discussed in the context of two key concepts: ‘heavenly mandate’ or ‘divine decree’ and refers to the idea that a higher power predetermines one’s fate.

Master Po Luke was a Shaolin monk. In addition to their physical prowess, Shaolin monks are also known for their mental toughness. They maintain a calm mind even amid chaos and can focus completely on the task at hand. This unshakeable focus allows them to perform feats of mental and physical strength most people would deem impossible. Master Po Luke was a master of the ‘Diamond Finger’, a seemingly impossible feat: a one-finger handstand.  He taught a course at the center that was a combination of mesmerism and hypnotism. After several months of taking the course, John felt a significant increase in his mental acuity.

Master Po Luke saw immense potential in the former Marine and explained, “People that are evil and devious are weak-minded. They do not follow any code of conduct and will do anything that benefits them. This makes them more susceptible to mental manipulation and control.”

Over the next nine months, John studied diligently and while he was not able to accomplish the ‘Diamond Finger’ he did reach a level of proficiency where he could do a handstand using only two fingers on each hand. Where John really excelled was in the practice of mind control, his own and others. When he came to the realization that he could use this power it in a constructive manner, John approached Kenny and expressed his feelings, “I love Singapore, but I’ll always be an American of Italian descent, it is my heritage and I’m proud of it.  On the other hand, I’m not happy with my government, too many entrenched bureaucrats and corrupt politicians. I swore an oath to protect America from its enemies, foreign and domestic no matter where I am or what I’m doing. There is no expiration date on that oath.”

            “That’s the kind of man that you are. You have an intense sense of loyalty, that one of the main reasons that I wanted you to work for me,” Kenny said.

John said, “I need to tell you something,” and proceeded to explain about his newfound mental powers.

            “You definitely don’t want that to go to waste,” Kenny smiled, “I know that you wouldn’t have come to see me if you didn’t have a plan in mind. Tell me how I can help.”

Three weeks later, John was in California to meet with United States Senator Adam Axelrod, “My name is John Lassiter and my employer is a big supporter of the World Economic Forum and their globalist agenda. Your radically progressive policies are something that he would like to support with a generous campaign donation.”

            “What is your employer’s name?” Adam Axelrod inquired.

John said, “He prefers to keep that information confidential for the time being.”

            “I understand, how can I help you right now?” Adam asked.

            “I would some clarification on your official position concerning taxes, energy, immigration, etc.”

            “Sure, I’ll be happy to elaborate,” Adam said.

While the corrupt senator rambled on, John stared at him with piercing eyes that penetrating all the way to his soul. By the time Senator Axelrod was done speaking, he had been mesmerized. John pulled out a tape recorder and set it on the desk, “Now I need you to tell me about your corruption, bribery and money laundering, do not leave out any names, understand?’

Adam answered weakly, “I can do that.” and began to speak in detail about his expansive criminal activities.

When Senator Axelrod was done speaking, John gave him a post hypnotic suggestion, “You won’t remember this conversation or ever meeting me,” and left the office.

John met with three other corrupt politicians and recorded more incriminating information before returning to Singapore. Soon afterward, he uploaded the recordings onto a social media portal and it was disseminated around the world for all to hear. John repeated this same process every month for over a year. Despicable elected officials, bureaucrats, biased judges and district attorneys were frantic and extremely fearful that they would be next to be exposed. Who had the capability and technology to record detailed confessions in the perpetrators’ own voices that they swore they never said?   Resignations and retirements were at an all-time high in Congress and the deep state quivered because it was in the crosshairs of true justice.

Former Marine John Luciano possessed a special set of skills and could kill a person with his bare hands, knife, gun… or let them hang themselves with their own words of self-incrimination and guilt. He was the Mesmerizer.

The End


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  1. Robert says:

    Excellent story. Thank you

  2. Skip says:

    Thanks for the mesmerizing story about the adventures and accomplishments of John Luciano, LtCol USMC Retired. You paint a picture of retaliation against the Deep State that so many of us hope for. Semper Fidelis!

  3. Clyde says:

    Another American hero to add to the list. There is still have hope for our country as long as Tom can create characters to stop the destruction of our country. Fiction today…reality tomorrow.

  4. john michels says:

    Fascinating story one of your best Tom

  5. bob wolf says:

    enjoyed it

    never sure in tom’s stories what is truth or fiction. , i was not aware of Singapore’s military tactics and capabilities.

    it would be interesting to see what results if any john. would obtain if he had a memorized conversation with feeble mined Biden..

  6. bob wolf says:

    enjoyed it.

    Iam never sure what is fact or fiction in tom’s stories.

    I WAS NOT aware of Singapore’s military capabilities and doctrine.

    i wonder what info if any, john would obtain if he had a mesmerized conversation. with Biden?

  7. Steve says:

    A very enjoyable story…I really enjoyed the how it came together.

  8. Tony says:

    Mr.Thomas Calabrese does it again in this Sunday Vista Press Story.
    He calls on his paisans for assistance to right some injustices not only for America but for the good of other countries aligned with our country. Marine John Luciano maybe related to some of early Italian pioneers that were seeking justice for countrymen and carried in over to America. Our country’s history is filled with great men and women with brave hearts. We need to shore up our country, and mend our fences, secure our borders to protect the people of our country. We could use a few more Lt. Col.’s Luciano’s, maybe a whole bunch.
    Thank you, Mr. Calabrese for providing a positive message to your readers.

  9. Tom says:

    This is a tale of epic proportions. A great story of a great place: Singapore; a Republic in SE Asia that is the envy of all surrounding countries. Pristine environment and strict laws and customs, especially the poison shrimp philosophy. What better setting for a happy go “Lucky” Marine named Luciano! I so enjoy how you weave the intricacies of political corruption and appropriate retribution. Too bad there are still any Houthis alive! Luciano should sell back the abandoned weaponry and ammo to the USG and make them pay a hefty price. The crosshairs of justice will root out these traitors!

  10. Bart says:

    Like the character. I have friends in Singapore who respect the military. So your story depicts the true nature of their people.

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