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Calendar >  The Proverbials – Thomas Calabrese

The Proverbials – Thomas Calabrese

By   /  November 13, 2022  /  13 Comments


They Put the ‘Us’ In Dangerous

Thomas Calabrese — Definition of proverbial: Well known, especially so as to be stereotypical, mystical, famous, celebrated, well-known, self-evident or unquestionable.

Lisa Gentry grew up on a ranch near Elko, Nevada. This region is dubbed the Swiss Alps of Nevada because of its year round access to hiking, skiing, hunting and access to 20 alpine lakes. The Gentry spread was 5,000 acres and located at the foot of the Ruby Mountains and near Lamoille Canyon. Her father, Bo Gentry was a champion rodeo cowboy who took over the operation of the ranch after he retired from the rodeo circuit and her mother, Rita was a horse trainer, strong and independent. Her grandparents lived on the property until their deaths and are buried on the mountainside behind their house.

The Double G Ranch raised Morgan horses and grass fed cattle. Lisa’s three older brothers, Bill, Mike and Bob were all rawhide tough cowboys. She was seven years younger than the oldest, Bill and two years younger than Bob. As a child, she did her best to keep up with her rambunctious siblings, but at the time she didn’t have the strength or maturity, but instead of whining and complaining like some children would do, she vowed, “I’ll get you one of these days…wait and see!”  

By the time Lisa started Elko High School, she had matured into a strong young woman, who was also an expert skier, white water rafter, horseback rider, rock climber, excellent athlete and student. Lisa was an overachiever on every level and her brothers were more concerned about keeping up with her than the other way around. She attended the University of Nevada, Reno and was accepted into the nursing program. After obtaining her Registered Nursing credentials, Lisa decided to do some traveling. The only life she had ever known was ranch life and now she was eager to experience some of the world before settling down in one place. The best way to do that was to become a traveling nurse. Lisa spent several months in Anchorage, Alaska and some time in Key West, Florida, Honolulu, Hawaii and now she was at Tri-City Medical Center in Oceanside, California. As part of her employment package, the hospital provided living accommodations.

Lisa was currently sharing a three bedroom condo on West Vista Way with two other traveling nurses, Jeannie Kearns and Beth Harley. She worked three 12-hour shifts, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights in the emergency room and her roommates worked days in other departments of the hospital. It was a good situation, Lisa got along with Jeannie and Beth and  the fact that they didn’t see that much of each other made the living situation even more harmonious  Lisa was usually sleeping when her roommates were working and vice versa. On her days off, Lisa was usually outside doing a variety of activities while her roommates were more the homebody types.  Beth liked to cook and bake so there was always tasty snacks in the kitchen.

Jeannie protested “How am I ever going to lose weight this way?”

Lisa interjected, “I’ve got an idea.”

When they were both off work on the same day, Lisa and Beth went to Home Depot and bought two small refrigerators and put them in their bedrooms. This way only the bare essentials were kept in the main refrigerator.

Lisa said, “Now the temptation will be out of sight,”

Lisa were very good at finding common sense solutions and avoided making big deals out of easily solved issues. She stood 5 foot ten inches tall, had glistening black hair that hung loosely about her shoulders that swayed gently in the breeze and moved in rhythm with her graceful walk. Her posture was perfect and her shoulders formed a perfect V to her narrow waist. Glistening green eyes, high cheekbones and a warm and engaging smile accentuated her femininity. To some men she was intimidating and to others she seemed unapproachable, but in reality Lisa was sociable and friendly. Maybe inadvertently she just projected the impression that she wasn’t looking for anything serious. Lisa wasn’t going to be staying very long in Southern California. She didn’t want anything serious or even semi-serious and the other reason was that she never met a man that was worth changing her plans for. It wasn’t their fault, it was just that her father and brothers set the bar very high for what she expected from any potential suitor. During her time in California, Lisa became certified in scuba diving, started surfing regularly and developed an interest in hang gliding off the cliffs in Torrey Pines.

It was toward the end of her shift when she was called to one of the treatment rooms. Lisa looked at the paperwork in her hand and said, “Mr. O’Sullivan, what happened to you?”

            “Call me Trey,” the young man smiled, “Thank you for taking time to see me. I told the police that I was fine and appreciated their concern for my welfare, but they were adamant about me getting medical attention. I didn’t want to argue with them so here I am. Now that I see you I realize how right they were and how wrong I was.”

            ‘The paramedics said you had a bicycle accident.” Lisa tried to keep things professional by not smiling, but it wasn’t easy.

Trey explained, “It kind of went like this; I was on an early morning ride and I had just circled the Oceanside Harbor and was on my way home. I could have been in his blindspot or I reminded him of someone he didn’t like. In either case he made an abrupt right turn and sent me flying. Luckily the pavement broke my fall and the chain link fence stopped my roll. Like the proverbial owl, I should have kept my head on a swivel.”

Lisa said, “I’ll clean up your cuts and scratches so that we can get a better look at the damages.”

While cleaning up the dirt and from the scrapes and abrasions, Lisa noticed two circular scars from bullet wounds on Trey’s right thigh and a jagged scar on this back. She casually commented, “Looks like you’ve been hurt before.”

Trey replied, “A nick here and there, nothing too serious.”

            “Yeah right,” Lisa assessed from Trey O’Sullivan’s physical appearance, which was lean and muscular and his scars that there was more to this man so she asked, “Are you in the military?”

            “I did have the pleasure to serve at one time, my current occupation is consultant.”  Trey answered.

            “Consultant for what?”

Trey said, “Travel, home, business… a little bit of everything, but nothing as interesting as your occupation.”

            “I hope bike riding isn’t on your resume, you might lose some clients after this mishap,” Lisa joked.

            “Good suggestion, I’ll do some additional training after I get home,” Trey replied.

Lisa looked at a deep gash on Trey’s right shin, “You’ll need some stitches on this…I’m guessing five stitches.”

            “Rather than bother the doctor, just give me the needle and thread and I can do it myself,” Trey offered, “If you think I’m good with repairing cuts, you should see some of my handmade quilts.”

            “Sorry that’s not protocol,” Lisa said.

When Doctor Steve Whittington entered, he looked at the injury and told Trey, “Lisa will give you a local anesthesia. Once that takes effect, I’ll put in the sutures and you can be on your way.”

            “Thank you anyway, Doctor, but I don’t need any anesthesia,” Trey said.

Lisa watched as Doctor Whittington did the procedure and Trey did not even flinch. When he was finished Doctor Whittington marveled, “You’ve got an extremely high tolerance for pain.”

            “Not really, I was crying like the proverbial baby on the inside,” Trey quipped.

When Lisa got off work, she walked outside just in time to see Trey get picked up and leave the parking lot. He definitely made an impression on her that was for sure.  It was 0745 the next morning when Lisa exited the building after completing her shift and heard a voice behind her, “Excuse me, Ma’am.” Lisa turned around to see Trey standing there with a bouquet of red roses, “A token of my appreciation for the excellent treatment you gave me yesterday.”

Lisa accepted the bouquet, “This is very thoughtful of you, I hope you didn’t come by bike.”

            “Like the proverbial fourth grade teacher said, if you don’t know the answer don’t be afraid to ask the question. My question is as follows, what are my chances of getting to know you better?”

Lisa quipped, “Like the proverbial bookmaker told the habitual gambler, “If you don’t play, you can’t win.”

It was a match made in proverbial heaven and the chemistry between Lisa and Trey was unmistakable. Trey was her athletic equal and more than capable of doing the activities that Lisa loved to do, but it was more than just casual male companionship to her. Trey soon became her best friend.  In dating, there is more of a self-preservation aspect to the dynamics with the inevitable questions, am I going to get hurt or this person going to take advantage of me, but with a friendship the individuals always place the other’s welfare above their own.

One of the tests of a strong relationship is when a couple can do nothing together and still find contentment. There were times when Lisa and Trey sat quietly on the beach without saying a word and their silence offered comfort and fulfillment.

A pivotal point in their relationship came on Veterans’ Day. Lisa and Trey were driving back to Oceanside from the Torrey Pines Gliderport and Lisa commented, “I’m in the mood for a Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad at Applebee’s.”

            “I was thinking the same thing,” Trey said.

They placed their orders and waited patiently their food. Fifteen minutes passed and still no food. Lisa politely inquired, “Is there a problem?”

A frantic young waitress stammered, “I’m sorry, this is only my second week and the other waitresses had car trouble on the way in and I’m trying to do three stations at the same time. I’m really sorry, please forgive me.”

            “It’s not your fault, we’re in no hurry.”  Trey said.

While trying to clean one table and take orders from another, the waitress dropped a stack of dishes on the floor and almost broke into tears. Trey was up in an instant to to assist her. Four men were relentless in their criticism of the young waitress, “How long do we have to wait for our food!”

Trey walked over to the table to the calm the men down, “Take it easy, she’s doing the best she can.”

One of the men responded angrily, “Get the hell out of here!”

Trey reached into his pocket, pulled out a hundred dollar bill and set it on the table, “I’m going to purchase your meals and in return you’re going to be patient and polite. Otherwise, we’ll have to settle this in a different way.”

When Trey returned to the table, Lisa said, “Very impressive and strongly diplomatic.”

            “Courtesy is given…respect is earned.”

            “What did you say?” Lisa asked.

            “Courtesy is given…respect is earned.” Trey smiled.

Lisa cleared her throat, “That’s my dad’s favorite saying.” It was that precise moment that she knew she was in love.”

Every so often, Trey would inform Lisa, “I’ve got some business to take care of…I’ll be back in a few days.” When he returned, they would pick up where they left off as if nothing had interrupted their relationship.  Lisa never asked Trey about where he went or what he did. She figured that if he wanted her to know, he would tell her.

Trey maintained a suite at the Club Wyndham Oceanside Pier Resort. One evening after dinner, while sitting on the balcony that provided a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, Trey casually commented, “Like the proverbial nut with the hard shell, I think it’s time to crack it open.”

            “Sounds exciting or at least mildly interesting,” Lisa said.

Trey continued, “On a need to know basis, you didn’t need to know,”

 Lisa said curtly, “I can respect that if you that’s the way you feel. There’s no rule that says we have to share everything with each other. ”

            “I care more and more about you each day,” Trey smiled, “Not many women would be content to see a guy and know that he is keeping secrets from her and not want to know what those secrets were. You are one unusual woman.”

            “Unusual as in good or unusual as in strange?” Lisa added, “Besides maybe I’ve got a secret life that you don’t know about…you ever think about that?”

            “Considering all your talents, it would not surprise me,” Trey answered.

Lisa was obviously a little irritated, “Can we change the subject?”

            “Soon…I’m almost done. Have you ever heard the term ‘red diamonds?”

            “A red diamond displays red color and is considered the most expensive and rarest diamond in the world.” Lisa answered.

            “That’s one explanation, here’s another one, a group of former military personnel whose primary mission is the protection of our freedom and liberty. They operate covertly around the world.”

            “And you’re a Red Diamond?” Lisa asked.

Trey continued, “You can take that information to our government or any number of countries and you would become a very rich woman and I would be deader than proverbial road kill.”

            “That reminds me of something, my father will be celebrating his 70th birthday party. I’ve been invited home for the festivities.  Would you like to go with me?” Lisa asked.

            “I can’t think of anything that I’d rather do more,” Trey said.

Lisa and Trey drove to the ranch two days before the birthday celebration. Lisa warned Trey about her family, “They can be pretty hard at times.”

            “Are you worried about my sensitive nature?” Trey said.

            “I’m giving you a heads up,” Lisa said.

            “They love you…right?” Trey said.

Lisa answered, “I hope so.”

            “As long as I have that in common with them, everything else will fall into place.”

They arrived at the ranch and Lisa introduced Trey to her family. Trey was courteous and respectful, and said, “Thank you for your hospitality.”

Bill asked, “Ever been on a ranch before?”

            “Why don’t we show you around?” Mike added.

            “Sounds good,” Trey smiled.

After the men left the house, Rita turned to her daughter, “This is the first time that you’ve invited someone to the house since you were in high school. Is he special?”

            “Very,” Lisa answered.

Rita suggested, “You might want to go check on him, you don’t want your brothers to scare him off.”

            “If he scares that easily, he’s not a keeper,” Lisa replied simply.

Inside the large barn was a fitness center with weights, a punching bag and a boxing ring. Trey commented, “Nice set-up, I guess when you live this far out in the country, too far to drive to a gym.”

Mike commented, “Bob was all-state wrestling champion in the heavyweight division and also competes in Mixed Martial Arts fights.”

            “Congratulations,” Trey responded, “You must be very proud.”

Bill asked, “You like to work out?”

            “Yeah, a little bit.”

Bob offered, “Want to do a little sparring?”

Trey knew that Lisa’s brothers were testing him so he might as well get it over with otherwise they would never let it go. “It was kind of a long drive, I was planning on doing some yoga to stretch out, but this might be just as good.”

Trey put on a pair of open fingered six ounce gloves and climbed in the ring. Bob was overconfident and it proved to be his downfall. He boasted, “I won’t hurt you too badly.”

Almost as soon as Bob said the words, Trey hit him twice in the face then flipped him to the mat and bent his arm back until he tapped out. It took all of 30 seconds to accomplish this. The three brothers were dumbfounded. Trey shrugged, “That wasn’t much of a workout, I still might have to do some yoga after all.”

Later, they went out back to do some target practice with pistols and rifles. Lisa could hear the shooting coming from behind the barn and her father said, “Is your fella’ comfortable being around guns?”

Lisa responded, “You can ask Bill, Mike and Bob when they get back.”

Trey put on a shooting exhibition that left the three brothers in awe. He commented, “If you found out what you needed about me, then maybe I could enjoy the rest of the trip, but I’m available for additional testing if you think of anything else.”

Bill spoke for his brothers, “Don’t take it personal, you’d do the same if it was your little sister.”

            “I would have expected no less,” Trey shook hands with the three men.”

During dinner, Rita commented to her youngest son, “You got a pretty good shiner.”

Bo Gentry winked, “You might have underestimated our guest…it seems.”

            “A lucky punch,” Trey said.

From that point on Trey was welcomed by the Gentry family and when it came time to leave, Bo said to Trey in a stern voice, “Take care of my daughter.”

Trey responded without hesitation, “Yes sir, like my life depended on it.”

On the drive back to Oceanside, Lisa commented, “I didn’t think I’d never see the time when any man could impress my entire family.”

            “Like the proverbial helium balloon, you elevate me…the main thing is that you’re impressed.” Trey said.

            “I’m way passed impressed,” Lisa kissed Trey on the cheek, “Like the proverbial wanderer, I’m approaching the point of no return.”

Trey said, “We did a trip for you and now you need to take a short trip for me.”

Two days later, a helicopter landed at Oceanside Airport. Lisa and Trey boarded and it took off. Twenty minutes later it landed on the helipad of a yacht cruising 50 miles offshore. Trey led Lisa below deck to the conference room where 15 men were sitting around a table. An elderly gentleman was sitting at the head of the table, “Welcome, please take a seat, Miss Gentry.”

Lisa sat down and Trey stood behind her and the man continued, “Trey informs us that you would be a valuable asset to our organization. Are you interested?”

            “Would I be working with Trey?” Lisa asked.

            “If that’s the way you want it.”

            “I do…otherwise I’m not interested.”

            “Welcome to Red Diamonds…training begins immediately. We’ll have a minor change to your call sign. You will now be called the ‘The Proverbials’.”

            “I like the sound of that,” Trey said.

Lisa put in her notice at Tri- City Medical Center and waited until another traveling nurse could take her place. Once that was done, it was non-stop for Lisa. When she wasn’t training to become extremely proficient in martial arts, defensive driving and marksmanship, she was studying cyber security, politics and global economics. There was no shortage of missions for ‘The Proverbials’. Some districts attorneys were using their office to prosecute their political enemies and government bureaucrats and politicians were making backroom deals with defense contractors to enrich themselves.

With the help of the Red Diamonds elaborate support system, Lisa soon had a dozen different fabricated identities with detailed backgrounds that included education and job experience to support each of them. Her stunning good looks, amiable personality and overwhelming knowledge and qualifications of the job she was applying for made Lisa proverbial catnip for employers and recruiters. Her fist assignment was to find financial connections between the CDC (Center of Disease Control) and the pharmaceutical companies. Lisa then worked on Wall Street where she found inside trading collusion between members of Congress and a major brokerage company. After that, she changed her look by dying her hair blonde and impersonating a lawyer. Lisa was hired by the District Attorney’s office in New York and found proof of witness tampering and falsifying evidence in a high profile case against two police officers. From there she traveled to Silicon Valley and found communications between law enforcement agencies and social media companies ordering them not to comment on certain high profile stories. On all these assignments, Trey had her back.

Their next assignment would have Trey on point and Lisa in the back-up role. Stanley Kilby had been in the microchip development industry for two decades and was close to creating a master decryption program, often called a skeleton key that could hack any computer network without leaving a trace. If this technology fell into the wrong hands, it would be disastrous.

Kilby currently lived in an isolated area outside St. George, Utah, ten miles from the Zion National Park. Lisa and Trey took a ride from California to see the computer scientist and introduced themselves as aspiring hardware engineers. Lisa flashed her most engaging smile, “We were in the area hiking at the park and thought if you had some time, you might give us some advice on software development.”

Kilby was hesitant at first then agreed to see them. It took him a while to open up, but eventually he became quite talkative about chip development. He suddenly realized, “I live alone and don’t get much company so excuse me for talking too much. I left Silicon Valley because it was too crowded, but I might have gone to the extreme by coming here.”

Trey smiled, “We’re hanging on every word…don’t stop.”

            “Tell us about the skeleton key,” Lisa encouraged.

Kilby was shocked then outraged, “How did you hear about that? I only told one person about that and he swore to keep it confidential.” Kilby reached into a drawer for a pistol and Lisa took it from him.

            “You might have wanted to keep it confidential, but Corbin ignored your instructions.  You’re in danger, that’s the bottom line,” Lisa said, “If we know so do others.”

            “Am I supposed to believe that you’re here to protect me?” Kilby grumbled, “What’s the real plan…torture and kill me. Well you wasted a trip because I haven’t finished it.”

            “Our first priority is the program, but if that is not possible, then we want to stop others from getting it and killing you…that’s the truth.” Lisa said.

Kilby wasn’t convinced so Trey gave him an opportunity to find out the truth, “How about this; you call your friend and tell him that you finished it and it is even better than you expected it to be,” Trey explained.

            “Why would I do that?” Kilby said.

Lisa added, “Make sure that you emphasized to Mr. Corbin not to say anything about it being completed. One more thing, tell him that you’re leaving for San Diego tomorrow afternoon to talk to someone from Navy Intelligence about it.”

            “So let’s say I do this, what do you expect to happen?” Kilby asked.

            “If you’re right, then nothing, but if we’re correct then some men should be coming to see you, “Lisa said.

Kilby made the call, “Hey Corbin, I just finished writing the code for the skeleton key. I’m leaving for San Diego tomorrow afternoon, but I have some things to take care of before I go. I just wanted to tell you the great news and we’ll talk more when I get back. One more thing, let’s keep this between us.” Kilby hung up the phone.

Lisa suggested, “Why don’t you two discuss the next part of the plan while I scout the area.”

            “Roger that,” Trey said.

Lisa walked outside and Trey began to speak, “When they get here, you’ll go with Lisa. She’ll monitor the conversation from her location and know when to make her move….any questions?”

Kilby asked, “Who are you…who do you work for?”

            “We’re concerned citizens, I’m Trey and that woman warrior who just left is Lisa. Some people call us the ‘Proverbials’.”

            “Like the proverbial first responders?” Kilby asked.

            “More like the last resort.”

 While outside, Lisa did an extensive search of the area and found a spot among the rocks that offered an excellent field of fire while providing adequate concealment. She went back to the vehicle and took out a large rifle, ammunition and a large pack and hiked up to the elevated position. Lisa set up a makeshift campsite with the appropriate equipment then went to the end of the access road that led to the house. She placed a motion sensor device and several explosive devices along the way and returned to the house. She told Trey, “All set.”

Kilby commented, “You two are involved, aren’t you, this is more than a normal working relationship, isn’t it?”

            “Like the proverbial blender, a combination of key several ingredients are essential to the finished product.” Lisa smiled.

            “And like the proverbial border fence, we respect our boundaries,” Trey said.

Kilby suggested, “Since we’re going to be here a while, care to join me for dinner?”

Lisa smiled, “We’d be honored.”

Kilby fixed a tasty meal of rainbow trout and various side dishes and Trey commented, “My compliments to the chef.”

            “I’ll second that review,” Lisa said.

Later that night, Kilby was asleep in his room and Lisa and Trey were in the living room watching old Twilight Zone episodes on the television. Both their phones started ringing from a signal that the sensor sent to their wireless devices.

Lisa walked over to the bedroom door and knocked, “Let’s go.”

 Eight men in two vehicles arrived at the house and walked up to the front door. One of the men pounded on the door and Trey opened it, “What’s going on…it’s three in the morning.”

One of the men demanded, “Where’s Kilby?”

Trey answered, “He decided to leave early for San Diego.”

The man made a call and put it on speaker. The voice on the other end said. Yeah?”

The man said, “Tell him what you told me.”

            “I said that my Uncle Stanley went for San Diego,” Trey said.

The voice asked, “Do you know anything about the skeleton key?

Lisa was listening to the conversation from her concealed position with Kilby next to her.

            “I heard Stan talking about how good it works,” Trey said, “That’s all I know.”

The voice asked, “Who are you?

Trey answered, “I’m his nephew I just arrived a couple days ago for the visit.”

Voice on the other end, “You don’t know anything else…you’re absolutely sure?”

            “I’m just watching the place until Uncle Stanley gets back then I’ll be on my way” Trey shrugged, “If you want to leave a message, I’ll give it to him.”

Voice on the other end, “He’s of no use, kill him.”

Lisa heard the order and detonated two explosive devices to distract the men. Four of them went outside to investigate. Lisa took aim and quickly shot them with her custom made sniper rifle. A moment later, Trey pulled his SIG Sauer P35, a striker-fired subcompact semi-automatic pistol from the holster attached to his rear waistband and shot the other four.

Later, Lisa told Kilby, “They’ll be sending more men…you can count on it.”

            “It’s going to take us a couple hours to get rid of the bodies and vehicles,” Trey said.

            “You can use that time to pack what you need. We’ll set you up in a place where it’s safe and you can finish your research then you can come back when it’s safe,” Trey offered.

            “Or you can choose to stay here and deal with the situation on your own,” Lisa said.

Kilby responded, “Like the proverbial Mallard duck quacked when he got in the back of the flock to head south, ‘lead the way and I’ll follow.”

After returning to Oceanside, Kilby was placed in a home in the Vista Hills to finish his research. Lisa and Trey located Bentley Corbin at Estadio, an upscale eater in Washington D.C. and convinced him to give up the names of the people that he was working with. In return for his reluctant cooperation, he was transported to a safe house in Costa Rica by other members of Red Diamonds for further interrogation.

During that time frame, Lisa and Trey went down the list of conspirators and one by one and the body count started to add up. If you’re in trouble or the country is in peril and you can find a way to contact the Red Diamonds, specifically request the elite team called, ‘The Proverbials’. They put the ‘us’ in dangerous.

The End

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, business, events and incidents are the products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

The Veterans Writing Group of San Diego County invites all writers to join us at our monthly meetings. Veterans and Non-Veterans are equally welcome For more information go to our website: www.veteranswritinggroup.org


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  1. Clyde says:

    This was a well developed story. I liked the interaction between the two main characters.

  2. Tom says:

    Another proverbial winner! I like the female touch, although she is anything but a glamour girl worried about her nails. Liz Taylor had her “White Diamonds” and now you have “Red Diamonds”.

  3. David says:

    You are a good wordsmith.

  4. john michels says:

    Another great tale Tom

  5. Tony says:

    Mr. Thomas Calabrese has a unique talent or for writing and a knack for using a simple subject or word and expanding it into a worthwhile and entertaining story. Such is this Sunday’s story in the Vista Press by Mr. Calabrese and his talent shines through like the morning Sun on a clear day. His “Proverbial” story incorporating both Male and female subjects as team into the Red Diamonds Organization as co-operatives for the good of the country is enlightening. Mr. Calabrese’s
    uses the person that maybe your next door neighbor, friendly and kind, an average person that does not stand out or call attention to him or herself but has some special talents and works for a clandestine organization accomplishing a successful mission for our country and returning home and fitting back in to the neighborhood and society without arousing anyone’s suspicions.
    Enjoyed your story and always look forward to the next one in the Vista Press.

  6. Robert says:

    A really good story, entertaining and enjoyable.

  7. Joe Hancock says:

    Good “change of pace”. I liked it.

  8. wolf says:


  9. marty says:

    Great story Tom. Dr. Whittington I presume…

  10. Janet says:

    I enjoyed the story…very strong female lead.

  11. Bart says:

    Another good one.

  12. Stephanie Boren says:

    Great story, restores your faith in people.

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