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The Revenge Legacy-Thomas Calabrese

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Special Forces Justice

Thomas Calabrese – Master Chief Edward Daniel Corbett was a Seal Team leader and had been a Special Operator for 23 years. Usually after this extended length of time, an elite warrior like Eddie Corbett would have either been killed, injured or retired. The brutal business of combat takes its toll on the body and mind and Special Operators are like professional athletes, they know it is better to retire too early than too late.

Eddie’s team was deployed to Israel to assist the Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations, popularly known as Mossad, the national intelligence agency of the State of Israel in tracking down terrorists in the region. The Mossad motto is, ‘the dirtiest actions should be carried out by the most honest men’. Three months had passed and it had been a successful deployment so far. The Navy Seals were able to take out an entire chain of command of one terrorist cell that had been wreaking havoc on shipping in the Red Sea.

Eddie Corbett met with his team to discuss their next mission, “The Abdullah Azzam Brigades just received a shipment of high tech cluster bombs from North Korea. Mossad has determined that they are located in a heavily guarded compound east of Tripoli. Be ready to go in 35 minutes, we’ll brief in-route.”

The Seals came in under the cover of darkness and operated with precision to eliminate the exterior security. The team was using the radio call sign of Lima as their call sign for this operation. Each man in the team kept their same number, but routinely changed their radio call sign with each mission, Alpha. Bravo, Charlie, Delta, etc. Eddie was 1, second in command was 2 and so on. While walking down narrow corridor between two buildings. Eddie felt something in his gut and radioed up ahead to three of his men that were walking up ahead, “This is Lima 11, Lima 3, 4, 5, pull back…repeat pull back.”

The three Seals retreated to where Eddie was standing. He informed his team, “They know we’re here.”

 Lima 22 asked, “What do you want to do?”

            “On me,” Eddie moved out, followed by his team. When they got to the edge of the building, Eddie instructed his team, “Frags.”

The team got a grenade in each hand and waited for Eddie to throw his on the roof before they threw theirs around the corner and behind a wall. Two dozen explosions caught the terrorists by surprise and three were blown off the roof. The Navy Seals came into the open and killed the remaining enemy combatants with small arms fire.

The team was always grateful for Eddie’s sixth sense when it came to detecting danger. It saved their lives on more than one occasion. While waiting for their extraction helicopter to arrive, Petty Officer First Class Gary Bozey spun a yarn about one of his older relatives, “I used to call my Great Uncle Maxwell, Uncle McBozey. He was a pilot during World War II and was riddled with anti- aircraft fire over New Guinea. He parachuted out and was captured by a vicious and bloodthirsty cannibal tribe. He was so tough that the cannibals quickly realized they couldn’t eat him because the meat on his bones would have been too hard to chew.

So, instead of killing Uncle McBozey, they made him their chief. He trained the cannibals on how to attack the Japanese and eventually they became the legendary ‘McBozey Marauders’.”

Petty Officer 2nd Class Dirk Robinson laughed, “I also believe that there’s oceanfront property in Tucson, Arizona and there’s Eskimos live on San Diego beaches.”

Gary continued, “For over a year Uncle McBozey fought in the jungle with his cannibal soldiers. He became a legend and would have received a lot of medals except that the cannibals ate the Japanese soldiers and that was against the Geneva Convention.”

            “Yeah, what happened to Uncle McBozey?”  Dirk asked.

            “What he got back from the war, he went to college and earned three degrees because he was so smart. He became a successful businessman and later started the Cannibal Run to honor his fighting companions in New Guinea. It was a cross country race that started at the Red Ball Garage in Manhattan, New York and ended at the Portofino Hotel in Redondo Beach, California,” Gary explained, “They made a movie about it. It had Burt Reynolds and Farrah Fawcett.”

Eddie heard the helicopter approaching and called out to his team, “Let’s go home, you can finish the story later, yarn-spinner.”

While back at the rear, Eddie received an email from his mother than his father had a heart attack and was currently in the hospital. He wasted no time putting in for emergency leave.  Eddie told the second senior enlisted man on the team, Senior Chief Danny McGee, “I’ll stay in touch…stay safe.”

            “Good luck to your father,” Danny said.

            “Appreciate that,” Eddie responded.

Eddie arrived at San Diego International Airport at 10:37AM and was picked up by his younger brother, Jimmy who said, “Good to see you, Eddie…how was the flight?”

            “Long, but not fast enough…how’s Dad?” Eddie inquired.

            “He’s a tough guy, he’s hanging in there. I know that he’ll feel a lot better once he’s sees you,” Jimmy said.

While driving from the airport to Palomar Medical Center, Eddie dozed off and had a flashback about his team being in trouble…the images might have been vague, but the feeling was unmistakable. When Eddie jumped, his brother asked, “You alright?”

            “Delayed jet lag,” Eddie shrugged.

Edward Corbett Sr. was recovering from emergency heart surgery and family and friends were in the waiting area. Eddie mother, Janet and his sister, Kelly came up to embrace him.

Janet said emotionally, “Thanks for coming, Eddie.”

            “You couldn’t keep me away…like Dad says, God, family, country. Is it alright to see him?”

Kelly replied, “I’m sure it would be alright.”

When Eddie walked into the room, his father was groggy, but still cracked a smile, “It’s good to see you son.”

At that precise moment, Eddie had another flashback about his team and this one was more vivid. It buckled his legs.

Three days later, Edward Corbett was released from the hospital and went home to recover. Eddie contacted his team in the Middle East and Senior Chief Danny McGee reassured him that everything was alright, “We’re just kicking back…nothing much going on.”

            “Roger that…let me know if anything changes,” Eddie said.

For a trained warrior like Eddie Corbett who used his intuitive nature to stay alive and also keep his men alive, it didn’t make any sense to ignore it now. Where was the danger, was it here at his parents’ home or was it back in the Middle East where his team was? The feeling was getting stronger and Eddie was doing his best to keep it hidden from his family. He wanted the focus to be on his father, not him.

Back in Israel, Senior Chief Danny McGee was called to a meeting that included United States State Department Officials and CIA operatives. One of the State Department officials who deliberately chose not to identify himself said, “We’ve got an emergency mission that is time sensitive. How fast can be you be ready to go?”

Senior Chief McGee questioned, “We’re always ready to go. The point is, what’s the mission?”

            “You’ll be briefed on the way.”

The Navy Seals were airborne in less than 30 minutes. Their helicopter was shot down over a steep canyon and the fuselage of the aircraft bounced against the sheer cliff before landing on the ground below. Two more Stinger missiles hit the debris to make sure there were no survivors. A group of paid mercenaries were standing in an opening with their missile launchers still on their shoulders. One of them made a phone call and said two words, “It’s done.”

Back in San Marcos, Eddie felt a chill run down his spine at the same time that his team was supposedly killed.

Six days later, Eddie was at Dover Air Force Base to meet the plane that was returning with remains of his team. Family members, politicians and the President were also in attendance. Eddie stood off to the side and watched the proceedings. As the flag draped coffins were taken off the plane, Eddie saw the President look at his watch and wondered if the Commander-in-Chief had something better to do.

 Admiral Henry Olson walked over and said, “How you doing, Master Chief?”

            “As well as could be expected, sir,” Eddie responded softly.

            “The President would like to meet you,” Admiral Olson said.

            “I’ll pass.”

            “Maybe I didn’t make myself clear…that was not a request,” Admiral Olson reiterated.

            “With all due respect, you made yourself emphatically clear and my answer is still the same. I wasn’t sure if this was the right time to retire…thanks for helping me make my decision,” Eddie walked off.

After offering his heartfelt and sincere condolences to the families of his fallen comrades, Eddie walked over to a bench near the airplane hangar to find some solitude and to deal with his grief. He closed his eyes and had a vivid hallucination of the helicopter being shot down and the men who fired the missiles. Suddenly Eddie felt something touch his right arm and he opened his eyes to see Mossad Agent Eliana Chambers sitting next to him. Eliana was a raven haired beauty with smoldering gray eyes and a sultry voice. Her stunning looks opened up a lot of doors in the espionage business and the only thing that exceeded her breathtaking beauty was her deadly special skills.

            “I didn’t mean to disturb you. Please accept my deepest condolences,” Eliana said.

            “Thank you, we accept the risks of our death much easier than we can accept the deaths of those we serve with,” Eddie philosophized. “Something tells me that you have another reason for being here.”

            “You are in danger, we need to talk in private, I have a car nearby.” Eliana offered.

Twenty miles down the road, Eddie and Eliana were sitting in a car on an isolated road. “Your country is responsible of the death of your men and you are next on their list.”

Eddie showed no emotion, the statement only confirmed what he already felt. Eliana asked, “You don’t seemed surprised to hear that?”

            “What’s your Intel?” Eddie asked abruptly.

Eliana explained, “The cluster bombs that you recovered were recently sold on the black market and millions of dollars ended up in your President’s re-election campaign fund. Your government has to eliminate anyone with knowledge of the high tech armament.”

            “Interesting,” Eddie responded, “There’s something you should know.”

Eddie and Eliana flew to Tirana International Airport in Albania and got a rented car. They drove to a farmhouse on the outskirts of town and were met by Eddie’s Seal team and the two pilots.

Flashback- After being assigned their mission, Senior Chief McGee called Eddie in California. Eddie responded, “I’ve been having some serious premonitions, I need you to do exactly like I say.”

As the helicopter approached the ridgeline, the two pilots activated the sophisticated auto pilot program. The rotary aircraft hovered for 30 seconds and everybody quickly fast roped to the ground and continued on course.

Ryan Delancey commented to teammate Jake Mitchell, “We’ll see if Eddie is right this time. We’re going to be in big trouble if he’s wrong.”

The Seals and the pilots only had to wait two minutes before the helicopter was shot down.

Return to Present- Eddie informed his team, “I’m off the grid and you’re dead and we’re keeping it that way until this over. No communications whatever, no logging in to any website… We’re staying dark, understood? Eddie gestured to his female companion, “You know Eliana, she’ll be working with us.”

            “Hello gentleman, we’ve got our work cut out for us. The theft of those cluster bombs poses a major threat to the world, “Eliana added, “This conspiracy goes very deep.”

Eddie said, “That’s alright…we don’t mind a high body count,”

The team nodded in agreement and with the help of Eliana, the Seals tracked down the Wagner Group mercenaries who shot down the helicopter and eliminated them in an ambush in the country of Ukraine.

The next mission was the assassination of the State Department bureaucrats who contracted the mercenaries. The Seal team divided up into groups of two and went after 10 devious deep state bureaucrats. Eddie and Eliana intercepted their target in an elevator in Miami. Florida. While the man was diverted by Eliana flirtatious demeanor, Eddie injected an air bubble into the man’s carotid artery with a syringe.

The Seal team found out where the cluster bombs were being stored in Syria and regained possessions of them after killing three dozen Iranian Special Forces soldiers. The bombs were turned over to the Israeli government.

The current administration was full of corruption and backroom deals and it seemed liked there was some type of congressional investigation being conducted into the nefarious activities of the current administration. The President was at his summer home at Bar Harbor on the Maine Coast and was swimming off the coast while Secret Service agents patrolled the beach and the shoreline. The President was sitting on an oversized floating device and drinking a beer while his personal protection detail encircled him.

Suddenly a hand reached up and pulled the President beneath the surface and dragged him to a depth of seventy five feet. The Commander-in-Chief struggled all the way down then drowned as water filled his lungs. The scuba diver released the limp body and swam off. Five miles away, Eddie was helped aboard a motorboat by Eliana and members of his team and they disappeared into the distance. While very few people would ever know what actually happened, the Revenge Legacy will be forever etched into the top secret annals of American history. Simply put, this was Special Forces Justice as it’s most proficient and deadly       The End.


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  1. marty says:

    Great action filled story. The good guys win.

  2. John Michels says:

    A real thriller with a large dose of facts

  3. Terry L. Lutz says:

    Good story Tom. You read my mind!

  4. Tony says:

    Very interesting story in the Sunday Vista Press by none other then my favorite story writer Mr. Thomas Calabrese.
    Mr. Calabrese has written a very interesting story this Sunday and some food for thought.
    A little suspense, Special Operators, Intelligence people from other countries, and some other Intel personal operatives that risk their lives, these people that do amazing things, like the Seal Teams. They are human beings with families and do amazing things at risk of their lives for our country.
    We need to keep our military to the forefront of of our minds and not only remember them on special days like Armed Forces Day or Memorial Day but as often as possible because they put their lives on the line every day as our Police Officer’s and Firemen do too.
    When possible express your appreciation and concern for these great men and women that put our safety and country first.
    Thank you Mr. Calabrese for this wonderful story about the men and women that help keep America safe.

  5. Robert says:

    Another good story. Thanks

  6. Joe says:

    What about his cabinet? And his Vice?

  7. bob wolf says:

    great story, justice was served,

    but now what to do with a laughing joke of VP

  8. Jon Gregory Nielsen says:

    Thanks (yet again!) for a timely story which lifts up the best that our country (still) has to offer.

  9. Bart says:

    Another good story# 421 that could be made into a Netflix movie. I will share with friends with military backgrounds.

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