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The Secret Menus of Fast-Food Restaurants – Part 1 of 3

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TR Robertson — Did you know that many of the fast-food companies in the U.S. have secret menus with some very unusual food items that have surfaced over the years? These secret menu items are the result of some creative designs by customers that have become popular via the social media, or they are sometimes promotional food items that were once offered but disappeared and some want to bring them back, and some of the items are the result of a more health conscious public and the desire to take what was offered and make slight changes to the menu. For example, at one time Chipotle never offered a quesadilla on the menu, but patrons continued to request a quesadilla to be made from their tortillas and cheese and the popular item was eventually added to the Chipotle regular menu. In another instance, I remember a time you could order a Bell Burger from Taco Bell, my favorite, using their taco meat on a soft hamburger bun, but Taco Bell dropped the item, probably because the idea of a burger didn’t fit their Mexican themed restaurant. This is now one item you cannot get on a secret menu as Taco Bell still does not stock hamburger buns. Fast food restaurants continue to change and add to their menus. As you read through the different items that have been created in these secret menus, remember, not every fast-food restaurant will make what you are requesting. Some will be willing to make the item, but you will have to fill them in on the details of what you want. I have been to some Taco Bells that will make the Enchirito (another favorite of mine), once on the menu, but I have also been to other Taco Bells that won’t make an Enchirito.  It’s a food adventure.

I will be giving you a short description of the food items and the fast-food restaurants selected will be in alphabetical order. This article on Secret Menus will be divided into three parts to break up the length. The following web sites are a few of the sites I consulted containing more detailed descriptions of the secret menu items listed and I encourage you to visit the sites and select some of the creative secret menu items to try the next time you visit one of your favorite eateries. Go to Google and type Fast Food Secret Menus and then Check out – www.secretmenus.com, www.eathis.com, www.fastfoodmenuprices.com, www.mashed.com, and www.businessinsider.com/secretmenus. You will be amazed at the items listed and many of the other restaurants I did not cover. Remember, not every restaurant will make what you request, but you may be pleasantly surprised.

ARBY’s Secret Menu

  • Meat Mountain Sandwich – using every type of meat ARBY’s offers, plus Swiss and cheddar cheese. Runs around $10.
  • ARBY’s Ham and Swiss Cheese Sandwich – includes lettuce, tomato, red onions, mayo, and spicy brown honey mustard on toasted honey wheat bread.
  • ARBY’s Melt – the traditional roast beef sandwich with an ample helping of cheddar cheese.
  • Ultimate BLT – 8 pieces of pepper bacon, tomatoes, lettuce, creamy mayo on honey wheat bread
  • Bacon Mac and Cheese – pepper bacon bits crumbled on top
  • Bacon Beef n Cheddar – a layer of crispy pepper bacon added
  • Double French Dip – extra meat added to the regular French Dip.
  • ARBY’s Turkey Reuben – substitute turkey for the roast beef on the regular Reuben.
  • Super Roast Beef Sandwich – more roast beef added, plus tomatoes, lettuce, and Red Ranch Sauce.

Burger King Secret Menu

  • Rodeo Burger or Rodeo King – Add Burger King onion rings and bar-b-que sauce to a Whopper or Whopper Jr.
  • Suicide Burger or Quad Stacker– 4 beef patties, 4 cheese slices, bacon, and Burger King’s special sauce
  • Mustard Whopper – hold the mayo and ask for mustard on your burger or ask for a mayo-mustard mixing.
  • Quad Stacker – 4 patties, 4 slices of cheese, bacon and special sauce.
  • Burger King Veggie Whopper – an oversized burger with a veggie patty instead of beef.
  • Burger King Club – use chicken and add cheese, bacon, and tomato.
  • The BK BLT – basically take the Whopper and add crispy bacon strips.
  • Frings – half French fries and half onion rings in small or large orders
  • The Burger King Ham & cheese – ask for the cheese to be melted on the sandwich.

Carl’s Jr. Secret Menu

  • Monster Biscuit – bacon, egg, sausage, ham, and cheese
  • Chicken Stuffed Super Star – a Super Star double cheeseburger with a piece of spicy chicken, lettuce, and mayo, ask for tomato of you want.
  • Rodeo Burger – basically the same as Burger Kings, order a plain double cheeseburger.
  • The Harold – biscuits and gravy topped with eggs, hash browns and shredded cheese.
  • Plant-Based Burger – You can ask to turn any of their burgers into a plant-based burger, not just the one on the menu.

Chick-Fil-A Secret Menu

  • Spicy Grilled Chicken Sandwich – also known as the Spicy Char, add pepper jack cheese and Sweet & Spicy Sriracha.
  • Chick-Fil-A Fried Chicken Club – take the regular chicken sandwich and substitute crispy chicken.
  • Loaded Chicken Waffle Fries – request a salad bowl, chicken nuggets, cheese, and Buffalo sauce.
  • Buffalo Chicken Sandwich – A chicken sandwich smothered in their Buffalo sauce.
  • Stuffed Mini-breakfast Sandwich – order Chick-N-Minis along with hash browns and choose a favorite sauce.
  • Blueberry Cheesecake Milkshake – Ask to blend a slice of the cheesecake with their Vanilla Milkshake.
  • Root Beer Float – Not on their menu but can be requested.
  • Chicken Quesadilla – tortilla, shredded cheese, and chicken nuggets along with wither Buttermilk Ranch of Zesty Buffalo Sauce.
  • Double Down – two chicken patties as the buns and all toppings inside, or order two chicken sandwiches with no buns.
  • Icedream Freebie – swap the toy in the kids’ meal for an ice cream cone.

Chipotle Secret Menu

  • Quesarito – ask for your favorite items wrapped in a burrito then request that a quesadilla be wrapped around the burrito.
  • Burritodilla – a smaller version of a quesarito, less ingredients so a bit easier to eat.
  • Quesadilla – not always on all Chipotle menus.
  • Taco Salad – might be offered at some Chipotles, if not, fill a bowl with your favorite salad selections they offer, remember, guacamole is extra.
  • Double Wrapped Burrito – a larger version of their typical burrito
  • Single Taco – You can ask for just one taco, a great addition to some of the other menu items.
  • Chipotle Nachos – Request a plate of their nachos and add your favorite fixings from Chipotle.

Mixing ingredients and toppings – You can mix items, like having carnitas with steak and chicken or brown rice with white rice or black beans with pinto beans. I always ask for more pinto beans. You can also ask for tortillas to go with your bowl.

Del Taco Secret Menu

  • Stoner Burrito – a large burrito stuffed with beans, cheese, crinkle-cut fries, red sauce, and Del Taco Secret Sauce, ask for chicken as well.
  • Chocolate Chip Cookie Shake – take any of their flavors and have them mix in some of their chocolate chip cookies.
  • Bun Taco – it is basically one of the Del Tacos on a bun instead of a hard shell, once a regular item. Del Taco just brought this back on the menu – tried it again.
  • Orange Vanilla Milkshake – a milkshake version of a dreamsicle, once on the throwback menu. This is a vanilla shake and orange Fanta.
  • Combo Cup – a cup full of beef, beans, cheddar cheese and red sauce, topped off with tortilla chips.
  • Breakfast Taco – the Del Taco Breakfast Toasted Wrap in a crunchy shell, add hash browns and scrambled eggs with cheese and salsa.
  • Cheese Burrito – a Del Taco Burrito using cheddar cheese with red sauce and a layer of sour cream.
  • Go Bold – a reference to taking any burger, burrito or taco and adding crinkle-cut fries and Del Taco Secret Sauce. A little extra charged for Going Bold.
  • The Green Bean Machine – A breakfast burrito containing scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese, beans, and Del Taco’s green sauce.

This will give you an idea of what some of the Secret Menus look like. Lots more to come as Part 2 & 3 will continue a trip through a number of the fast-food restaurants that are so popular and what you can find offered if you just ask.


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