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Calendar >  This Week at San Diego REP: Dazzling Performances Coming Up!

This Week at San Diego REP: Dazzling Performances Coming Up!

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Two Weeks Left To Have Your Tax-Deductible Donation to The REP Doubled!

We need your help to ensure the future of intimate, provocative, inclusive theatre at San Diego REP. Will you help us reach our goal of raising $100,000 by December 31st? Give a Tax-Deductible Donation

Hershey Felder returns, LIVE from Florence, with a dazzling holiday treat!
Streaming Sunday, December 20 at 5 PM Pacific.

Based on the original Our Great Tchaikovsky, and featuring an extended focus on The Nutcracker (in honor of Christmas) as well as Tchaikovsky’s life in Florence, Italy where he spent a good deal of time, Tchaikovsky – Live from Florence will be filmed live on location where Tchaikovsky actually lived and worked in Florence. An interesting, surprising and engaging holiday treat. Get Your Ticket to View

Behind-the-Scenes with Hershey Felder

On his Facebook page, Hershey Felder has been sharing some thoughts and photos as he and his team prepare for the LIVE filming. We’ve captured them in one place for you to enjoy! View HERE.

The Curious REPort: A Closer Look at Tchaikovsky

Hershey Felder performed Our Great Tchaikovsky at San Diego REP in 2017. Alongside that production, we created our magazine-like Curious REPort for audiences to dig deeper into history and themes related to the show. Check it out HERE!

Ring in Every Winter Celebration with Monday’s Winter Schminter: A Hanukkah/Solstice Concert
Streaming Monday, December 21 at 7:30 PM Pacific

Join Lipinsky Family San Diego Jewish Arts Festival favorite, Yale Strom and his band, Hot Pstromi, live online for an intimate Hanukkah and Winter Solstice Celebration! Gather the whole family around your TV or computer to ring in the season with Klezmer music! The Winter Schminter concert will present joyous and soulful music to celebrate the holiday season: The music will ring in every winter celebration, from Hanukkah to Christmas to the pagan Winter Solstice. These beautiful melodies will be punctuated with amazing improvisation by this world class ensemble. Don’t miss this end of the year happening. Get Your Ticket to View

Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi perform Georgia on My Mind with Special Guest, Rebecca Jade
On Giving Tuesday, we released this short performance from Yale Strom & Hot Pstromi recorded at the 19th Annual Klezmer Summit. Enjoy!

Sending 2020 Off with Gratitude

This year has held many challenges, but all of us at San Diego REP have been so thankful for the many donors, audiences, and staff who have made it possible for us to continue making art however we are able. We’re extending our Month of Gratitude to the end of the year to continue to celebrate and thank a few of these many special people!

This week, we share our appreciation for Julia Ramirez Stone (tonight’s Women of Valor honoree) and Ken Stone, longtime fans who have enjoyed 100+ productions while attending The REP for over 25 years!  Julia is a proud member of The Rep’s Board of Trustees. Julia and Ken wrote:

“We believe in the Rep and the progressive and social values it stands for.  We enjoy the new plays as much as we enjoy the reproduction of old classics.  We have been donors and supporters for many years because we believe in the Rep’s mission and the manner in which the Rep represents and promotes so many different topics, cultures and social causes.  Julia has been involved with the Rep’s annual Lipinsky Family San Diego Jewish Arts Festival for several years and she is very passionate about the works that are produced during the festival. We are honored to be part of the Rep Family and do our best to introduce the Rep to as many people as we can.  Everyone we invite to the Rep becomes an immediate fan.  We plan on continuing to support and donate to the Rep in the future as we understand how valuable a role it has in our communities and beyond.”

Thank you Julia and Ken. You are both such treasured members of our REP community!

P.S. If you missed the Jewish Arts Festival Chanukah Episode of Women of Valor, which honored Julia, you can watch it HERE.

Plus, This Week’s Shout Out Goes to Chris and Evelyn, our Environmental Services Team!

Above, from top to bottom: Evelyn with her cleanings supplies; thermometer, sanitizer, masks, gloves, and check-in sheet for anyone arriving at the Lyceum

Our small but mighty Environmental Services Team has been working SO hard to ensure the Lyceum Theatre is kept safe and clean, even while the theatre is closed to the public and the majority of our staff work from home. They have continuously worked to stay up-to-date on COVID protocols, rearranged our spaces to accommodate social distancing for staff if they came in to work, kept everything disinfected and sanitary during filming for “JQA” and “Picasso” and also dealt with occasional ill-effects of the construction at Horton Mall – like a small flood in areas of the Lyceum…In short, they are the REAL stars of the theatre right now. Our EVS Manager, Chris, also owns Green Rock Cleaners (https://greenrockcleaners.com/). If you need or want some professional, eco-friendly cleaning services, give them a ring!
Thank you Chris and Evelyn – your work and expertise is highly appreciated!

Right, from left to right: Hallway that was flooded from ceiling leak caused by outside construction and our conference room rearranged to accommodate a staff desk for appropriate social distancing.

San Diego REP’s 2020 Top 5

Two weeks ago we started counting down 5 of the most popular and most viewed REP virtual creations of 2020 from across our social media channels!
This week, we feature the introduction video to our Hear US Now comissioning project. We are so excited to be supporting the work of all five of the playwrights featured in this intro (Boni B. AlvarezIdris GoodwinJason GraslK. Quinn MarchmanGiovanni Ortega and Kit Yan), and judging by the responses we received on social media when we published the video, you are too!


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