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Travels With TR – Favorite Memories from Japan and Japan in Pictures

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TR Robertson


TR Robertson ….Our trip to Japan was a fun filled, interesting and eye opening experience. These are a few of my favorite memories and at the end some of the standout Japanese food dishes you should try at some time in your life to experience Japanese cuisine. Following this is a slide show of pictures from the various cities and sites we took in. 

  • A view of Tokyo from the hotel looking across Tokyo Bay.

Photos by Carolyn Robertson

  • Heated Sci-fi toilets with built in deodorizers
  • Soft serve ice cream in delicious and bizarre flavors, especially creamia & red bean
  • The cleanliness of the cities, historical sites and shopping area
  • An amazing transportation system
  • Food on a stick – especially fried chicken, but squid and octopus interesting
  • The politeness of the Japanese people
  • The friendliness of the Japanese people
  • Bowing as a greeting
  • Being welcomed everywhere we went & every building we entered
  • Pedestrian only shopping market streets & the crowds
  • Variety of food available and hidden restaurants
  • The majesty and uniqueness of the temples and shrines
  • Beautiful flowers and the cherry blossoms on the trees
  • Every kind of electronic gadget you can imagine
  • Japanese business attire for men and women – predominately black suits and white shirts
  • Salads for breakfast as well as octopus balls
  • The love the Japanese people have for their history
  • Huge apartment buildings everywhere, all with balconies
  • The Japanese bullet train, smoothest & fastest ride I have ever been on
  • Feeding sacred deer
  • small portion of the arches as seen from the hillside.

Pictures by Carolyn Robertson

Some of the foods we tried – there is so much more we saw but didn’t taste

  • Okonomi – a vegetable/meat/seafood stuffed pancake/crepe
  • Shabu-Shabu – vegetables and meat cooked in a hot pot
  • Tempura – vegetables, meat and seafood
  • Yakitori – vegetables and meat grilled on skewers
  • Sushi – we had some incredible seafood sushi we made ourselves at a sushi restaurant
  • Takoyaki – dumplings filled with lots of different foods
  • Noodles – both cold and hot
  • Kobe beef burgers – didn’t try them but I bet they were good and expensive
  • Sashimi – ever kind of seafood you can imagine

Enjoy the picture slide show of our amazing two weeks in Japan.


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