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My Trip To Medieval Times

By   /  July 3, 2017  /  No Comments


Nadine Kaina ….After the first six months of 2017 with health problems, I felt the need to “get out-of-town” and focus my mind on something really different and exciting!  When I got the City of Vista Culture Caravan trip catalogue, I was compelled to go to the Buena Park’s event, Medieval Times in June.

Having gone on many of their trips in the past 12 years, it is great to have someone else do the planning with details providing an adventurous trip out of Vista. If I have had a favorite it would be the excursion to New York City!  I was picked up at home, taken to the airport, and all arrangements made for the five days adventure! Maybe this trip column another time.

A new bus was nice to ride in. Due to traffic on I-5, it was late picking us up, but even with traffic in other cities on a Wednesday afternoon, it arrived, not late for the event. As persons lined up to go into the building, we were given black/white paper crowns, told we were in the Black and White section, that our knight would also be in black/white and to cheer him on!

There were a few minutes to look around at many vendors selling articles of the Renaissance period, buy a beer or wine and to view the beautiful one black and white horses, in their stables.

Beginning at 5 p.m., we were ushered into our reserved seating, in a very colorful arena! Six colors- yellow, red, orange, blue, green, and black/white lighting behind each section of the audience.  Proceeding to sit, down you go, into very, low seats! Why? To be at table level for eating—yes, with fingers, no utensils! There is a bowl, plate, and napkin. Soon our food server asked us to open the napkin to see what Bill of Fare (food) would be offered. Drinks of soda, tea, coffee, and water were served. The soup was tomato bisque, along with toasted garlic bread, sweet buttered corn, ½ herb-basted baked potato and ½ of a roasted chicken. Very yummy and filling!

Knights on their horses soon entered! Audience began to cheer for “their” knight. Then exiting all but one, who with his beautiful, white, stallion gave a “performance”. Exactly with the beat of the music (as was everything, throughout the whole evening) the hoofs stepped in an excellent “routine”.

Actors on horseback and up in the King’s “loft”, began the well-scripted story.

Enter, the Lord Chancellor and King conversing about a Lance Contest. All the knights entered and began their competition.

Enter, Princess Catalina, daughter of the King, who gave out flowers to the Knights for their excellent athleticism and swordsmanship.  Who then, threw them with a “kiss” out to the audience. Two of our ladies were recipients.

Next was a contest of sword fighting to see who would be left last, as the winner. Not our knight! A net was lowered, to keep the audience free of sparks flying from metal hitting metal and ground cover flying from the horses’ hooves.

I tried taking pictures, but became so engrossed in the action, eating and music, that I only took a few. Our trip escort also took pictures, and she may be willing to share them.

The King and daughter read a list of attending participants birthdays, or groups, such as our Culture Caravan!  CHEERS!!!

The meal was excellent and so much…..couldn’t eat it all. There were bags given out for those wanting to take food home. I brought my dessert, a large piece of lemon loaf cake, home.

The event ended about 6:45 p.m. So entertaining!  Well planned and loved the music. Their contact info 1-888-WE-JOUST or medievaltimes.com.

Arrived home, which is the Gloria McClellan Adult Activity & Resource Center in Brengle Park, about 8:30 p.m.  You can call 760-643-2828 or email: vgiancola@cityofvista.com for further information regarding events and trips or to receive a new catalogue that comes out every three months. There is something for everyone!  Lots of fun!!! I will dream about the handsome men calling me, “My lady”!. It has been many years that I dressed up in renaissance costumes to go to the historical events in Escondido & Vista Steam Engine Museum.  I even got my husband into green tights as a “Robin Hood” one year, the next year he said “no”.  Hopefully, I look forward to seeing some of you on the next day trip.










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