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Calendar >  Vista Chamber Government Affairs Committee Hears A Vista Residential Development Update at March Meeting

Vista Chamber Government Affairs Committee Hears A Vista Residential Development Update at March Meeting

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TR Robertson – The Vista Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee heard from Vista Community Development Director Joe Vacca and Jennings Imel from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce at their March meeting. Using a power point presentation, Joe Vacca, Vista Community Development Director, detailed the Vista General Plan for residential development as well as the approved and pending new residential developments. Joe stated he is “here to work together to weave the fabric of the Vista Community and is open and available to all.” He said the City Council is currently working on the General Plan, required by state law. He also said this General Plan is a comprehensive and long-term document. Land Use Circulation Housing takes in a number of factors like open space, safety and noise. There has already been a series of workshops on the General Plan starting in 2023. A number of outreach efforts have been used to notify citizens about these workshops. Joe’s department and the City Council will also be looking at Land Use Alternatives. Once completed, the proposals will go back to the City Council, making sure that they also abide by the California Environmental Quality Act. This will apply to all residential, commercial, mixed use, industrial, and civic activity/parks and open space. The various Mixed-Use designations will all look at the number of dwelling units, their height and space along with other considerations. Two examples of these types of approved developments include The Ryland complex and Paseo Artist Village in the downtown area. Joe encouraged citizens to go online to the city’s web site to check out the maps detailing the proposed and approved residential developments for Vista and to take part in the various workshops that deal with the General Plan for the City of Vista. He then presented an overview of various projects either recently completed, approved for construction and/or underway and recently approved. These included:

Santa Fe Terrace – 51 Townhomes – some low income

Postal Way Residential – 36 units – some low income

South Santa Fe Multi-Family – 96 units – some low income

The True Life Companies – 28 units

Palomar Annexation and Subdivision – 24 units

Taylor Terrace – 51 Townhomes

Kensho Housing – 183 units

Park Avenue Apartments – 176 units – some low income

TTLC Melrose Matagal – 34 units

North Santa Fe Apartments – 36 units

Vista Hannalei – 75 units

Alliance North Santa Fe – 60 units

Santa Fe Plaza Apartments – 19 units

Civic Center Villas – 10 units

Soltaire – 107 units

Santa Fe Apartments – 45 units

The next presenter was Jennings Imel from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Jennings reminded everyone that we are in the middle of an election season and the Chamber is looking at both the outcomes of the elections for the House and Senate and the Presidential election. He said recent polls show both main Presidential candidates have low approval ratings. Jennings also said there are some very interesting elections around the country that could cause interesting changes in the Republican and Democratic levels in Congress. Various projects and bills could be affected by the election results. The U.S. Chamber is very concerned about the effect this may have in the business climate for the nation. He also said not a lot of bills have recently been approved by Congress. Some other areas of concern that may affect the business climate are border security, the Ukraine war and tension in Taiwan. Jennings did say a tax package had been passed by the House and is now in the Senate for approval. He also said we should keep a possible tax increase in 2025 as an area of concern.

Governmental Updates:

Salome Tash from Congressman Mike Levin’s Office – The Congressman is working on several proposed programs to provide food sources for children during non-school time. He recently visited the Oceanside Community Clinic promoting lowering health care costs for those in need. The Congressman supports the Health Insurance Premium Act that would assist in covering the cost of insurance for many people.

Fernando Hernanez from Senator Catherine Blakespear’s Office – The State Senator’s priority issues concern housing and gun violence. She currently has 24 bills introduced dealing with these issues. The Senator has also been appointed to a number of committees for the Senate. She has co-authored bills dealing with trying to charge utility bills based on income and a bill dealing with unsafe camping on the streets by homeless individuals. The Senator recently took part in the opening of the Buena Vista Creek Center. One other area of concern deals with a bill dealing with the theft occurring in retail stores where those stealing are not serving any significant jail time. The Senator will be holding a Town Hall on the 20th talking about drugs in this region. It will be held at Mira Costa College’s San Elijo campus.

Ryan Ewart from Assembly Member Laurie Davies Office – The Assembly Member has introduced and has concerns in the areas of retail theft, young people used in commission of theft human trafficking, and fentanyl sales.

Kristal Jabara from County of San Diego Supervisor Jim Desmond’s Office – The Blue Envelope Program is underway sponsored by the Sheriff’s Department. The program assists autistic individuals and their interactions with law enforcement. The Supervisor does not support a bill on the November ballot that would add a ½ cent sales tax supposedly to be used for road improvements. The America Rescue Plan Act has $110 million unspent that will be used for infrastructure programs for addiction treatment. $20 million was recently allocated for assistance with homeless services and $10.6 million allocated for affordable housing projects. It is estimated that 600-900 people are crossing the border every day and being dropped off at various locations in the county. Prop 47 is close to having enough signatures to be placed on the ballot. Prop 47 would close the loopholes on the $950 limit before felony charges can be leveled for theft.

Josh Sino Cruz from the City of Vista – The City Council will be dealing with issues dealing with cannabis special events and the upcoming financial report on expenditures and revenue. There will be some upcoming Vista street closures. A committee will soon be formed to assist with the use of the Avo Theatre in Downtown Historic Vista. Upcoming Events:

Mar19 – Planning Commission meeting

March 21 – Moonlight Amphitheatre season begins

March 23 – Unity with the Community

March 27 – Townsite Phase II Community meeting

March 30 – Pride of Vista Lions Club Easter Egg Hunt

Rachel Beld – CEO Vista Chamber of Commerce – Vista Magazine is out, Heroes of Vista on March 22 at the Vistonian, Applications are out for the Chamber Velocity Summer Student Internship Program (applications due April 10)

From Peter Kuchinsky Vista Irrigation District

VID residential and commercial customers can learn more about available rebates at: https://www.vidwater.org/rebates

Sign up for workshops that include topics, including soil, design, turf removal, plant selection, planning, irrigation, rainwater catchment and implementation — all the elements needed to convert high-water-use turf to a beautiful, water-efficient landscape. Next on is Saturday March 16, 2024, from 10 am – 1 pm.  to register for the workshop. Sign up online at  https://www.eventbrite.com/e/design-shape-your-space-tickets-796469470627 or for more information contact Sandra Sanchez at ssanchez@vidwater.org<mailto:ssanchez@vidwater.org> or (760) 597-3155.

VID employees Equipment Operator Oscar Chavez, Utility Worker Luis Ramos and Senior Equipment Mechanic Steve Tester were recently recognized with a safety award from the District’s insurance provider, ACWA JPIA, for improvements made the valve exercising truck.  One of the issues with the existing valve exercising truck was available storage for valve lids on the vehicle. Due to the amount of space the valve exercising equipment occupied on the truck bed, there was limited space for valve lids; therefore, the valve lids had to be stored in the bed of the valve exercise equipment or under the flatbed in bins. Access to the valve lids, which weigh 20 – 40 pounds each, required climbing in the truck bed or stooping/bending to access the bins where they were located.  The employees collaborated on a design for the flatbed that would make the valve lids easier to access. The design located the valve lid bins on top of the flatbed (waist high) in a cage system that was secured with small stake gates that could be easily removed to access the valve lids without having to stoop/bend or climb into the truck bed reducing injuries related to strains, sprains and lifting.


Federal officials have released a final conservation plan to prevent Lake Mead from falling to critically low levels, threatening water delivery and power production at Hoover Dam. The agreement among the seven Colorado River Basin states would save some 3-million-acre feet of water through the end of 2026.  It is expected to be formally adopted in the coming weeks, officials said.  Water levels at Lake Powell and Lake Mead remain historically low, even after heavy rainfall in the past two years, and long-term conservation measures are needed to ensure the sustainability of the Colorado River. system.  https://lasvegassun.com/news/2024/mar/05/feds-release-final-colorado-river-water-conservati/

The next Government Affairs meeting is April 4th at the Film Hub.


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