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Calendar >  Vista Chamber Government Affairs Meeting

Vista Chamber Government Affairs Meeting

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Sheriff’s Department Presents Information About Security for Businesses and Residential at June Government Affairs Meeting

TR Robertson –The Vista Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee meeting for June focused on business and residential security in a power point and discussion by a variety of members of the Sheriff’s Department. Jason Omundson and Chloe Turenne-des-Pres from the Crime Prevention Unit started things off with a power point presentation first focusing on business safety. Chloe read some statistics from 2021 dealing with burglaries. The Sheriff’s Department responded to 1,290 alarms indicating suspicious activity from an alarm, 106 reports of a burglary in progress, 39 burglaries of commercial property and 28 silent alarms set off by a possible burglary in progress.

Daily the Sheriff’s Department deals with calls relating to trespassing, thefts, frauds, transient issues, and parking lot issues, as well as a multitude of other crimes. Jason Omundson said the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design is aimed at informing business owners and residential owners as to what they can do to make it harder for a criminal to commit a crime. He said businesses especially can do their part by looking at their location and deciding what could be removed or improved to eliminate possible problem areas; such as seating areas that would draw people to remain in a location, deciding where cameras could be set-up for protection, proper signage dealing with No Trespassing and Cameras in Operation and hiring effective, local private security firms. He said there should be clearly marked entrances into a business or into the loading area for companies. He recommended LED lighting for both residential and commercial businesses. Jason also said the lighting should be directional. A lengthy discussion went over the Trespass Order Authorization Form that can be used to remove unwanted transients for 30 days. Sargent Al Gathings, from the COPPS Team (Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving), also spoke about what both residents and businesses can do to help stop, alter, and report crime in the community. He answered a number of questions from those in attendance. A number of pamphlets were available for those in attendance covering Cybersecurity for Small Business, Reporting Crime or Suspicious Activity, a Map of the San Diego Sheriff’s Department City of Vista Beat Map, a Date Breach Response Guide for Business, and a Protecting Personal Information Guide for Business.

One handout available could apply to both Businesses and Residential areas to ensure safety for everyone:

  • Make sure you have adequate lighting around your entrances and exists and consider leaving an internal light on.
  • Securely lock doors and use supplemental locking devices if necessary
  • Leave empty cash drawers on the counter
  • Bolt safes to the floor.
  • Do Not leave cash on the premises after hours.
  • Surveillance cameras should be placed strategically to capture the best view possible.
  • Store video recording devices in a secured location.
  • Secure high target items to avoid a “smash and grab” crime.
  • Schedule a FREE Business Security Consultation with the Vista Crime Prevention Specialist 760-940-4564 or 760-940-4353

If you are a victim of a crime or notice suspicious activity no matter how minor you think it might be – Report It. Call 9-1-1 for emergencies, 858-565-5200 for non-emergencies and 888-580-8477, 760-940-4551 for the Sheriff’s Department. For more information go to www.sdsheriff.gov. The Vista Sheriff’s Office is located at 325 S. Melrose, between the County Court House and the Jail.

Government Reports:

From the City of Vista – a Grant has been awarded to the City of Vista that will allow the hiring of additional social workers to assist the city in a variety of area. The city has also received funding for housing for some of the homeless. The June 28 City Council meeting will discuss the Clean Air Emergency Alliance. Outdoor dining and signage allowed during the previous COVID years is over. There will be a discussion of a ban on outdoor smoking while dining at restaurants.

Kristal Jabara from Supervisor Jim Desmond’s Office – Camp Fox, at the base of Palomar Mountain, has been acquired by San Diego County and will be used to house Fire crews when needed and as a training facility. Ten million dollars has been allocated for housing solutions grants. Seniors in need of assistance for any reason are encouraged to call 2-1-1. The Supervisor’s budgeting process is underway.

Suleyman Balderas from Assembly Member Tasha Boerner Horvath’s Office – Six of the Assemblymembers bills are under consideration, one deals with the expansion of ocean lifeguard certification. Governor Newsome has released his budget for the state for consideration.

Jonathan from Senator Patricia Bates Office – Three of the Senator’s bills are under consideration, SB 473, 11,65 and 925. There are 7 job killer bills still alive and moving along.

Jessica Ramirez from Congressman Mike Levin’s Office – The city has received a $2.13 million dollar community project grant that will be used to improve sidewalks and street lighting in various locations. One bill the Congressman is working on is the Transition Act for servicemembers moving into the private sector. A study is underway for a budget request for border and port of entry issues especially dealing with the influx of illegal drugs.

The next Vista Chamber Government Affairs Meeting will be August 4th.


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