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Message From Kwan Lee
President, VCC Board of Directors
I hope you are having a wonderful start to your 2022 and staying in good health! This year represents positivity and hope for all of us at VCC for a few reasons, including a very celebratory event, and I look forward to standing alongside all of you supporters, donors, community members and patients as this year continues to unfold.

There is much to be celebrated in 2022, and I think it’s safe to say that we are all hopeful for a year full of light, and forward movement. I am proud of the adversity that VCC has overcome over these last few years and the dedication to a mission that includes providing top quality healthcare to all members of our communities. There is much to be shared this year and much to be discussed as we proceed further into the year but for now I will let the latest news speak for itself and wish you a very happy upcoming spring season.

I’d like to remind you that any donation(s) you make, will go toward ensuring that patients have access to essential, and potentially life-saving, no matter what personal circumstances they are facing. You can make an impactful contribution today by clicking on the blue “Donate Now” button below, or by contacting Betsy Heightman by phone at 760-631-5000 ext. 1139 or by email at betsy@vcc.org.

Thank you for your time and consideration today. I am looking forward to this year, and the differences we are going to make together. Your gift makes a tremendous
impact on the health of our community.

Top 20 in the Country Last year, VCC was chosen as one of only 50 healthcare centers, across the country, to win a $10,000 prize in the first round of the “P4 Challenge” (Promoting Pediatric Primary Prevention), courtesy of the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA). Our pediatric care team won for their innovative approach to increasing access to youth immunizations and visits. We are proud to announce that we were chosen as winners in phase 2 of the challenge. The competition was narrowed down to only 20 in the country, and our team’s strategy won! The new award is a prize of $25,000, all of which will help us reach our pediatric care goals.

Of the 70,000 patients VCC serves, about 33% of them are 19 years old or younger. The drop in pediatric visits seen throughout the pandemic is just now beginning to rebound, and there is a vital need to ensure kids are getting the care they need as they grow up. With Dr. Sujana Gunta, Pediatric Director, as the challenge’s leader, the clinic has big plans to reach local children and make up for the visits lost during the pandemic. Our care teams will be increasing outreach, education, and ease of access for families, by providing weekend and evening hours. The clinic is honored to have been chosen and recognized for all the hard work our clinicians do.

Celebrating Black History and Future – As February comes to an end and the next month quickly ushers in, VCC wants to take this opportunity to acknowledge the importance of Black History Month and the need for diversity in all spaces. African-Americans have made great contributions to present-day life, medical care being no exception – Otis Boykin, paved the way for the first successful pacemaker; Dr. Daniel Hale Williams performed the world’s first open heart surgery in 1893; Dr. Rebecca Crumpler is the first black woman in the US to earn an MD, in 1864, and provide healthcare access to countless black Americans that had no access to healthcare.

There is still much work to be done in the fight to close care gaps, but good leaders find opportunities and that is exactly what you will find with VCC. Our organization stands firm in its mission to provide equitable care and treatment. We are seeking stronger relationships and closer work with local NAACP organizations and black youth in order to listen and amplify black voices and needs. Diversity in our workplace, diversity in our waiting rooms, and diversity in our conversations is the direction that VCC continues to go, and certainly not just in February. So as this celebratory month ends, we want our public, patients, and supporters to know that we celebrate not only black history, black future as well.
Telehealth Support VCC has been selected to receive funds from the FCC’s (Federal Communications Commission) COVID-19 Telehealth Program. This is the FCC’s sixth and final round of funding and our healthcare organization is one of only 100 healthcare facilities in the country to be chosen. This program is set up to support healthcare providers and patients by continuing to give access to care by means of telecommunication services, i.e. phone, computer, or tablet device.

Doctor has distance video call with patient during social distancing.

Telehealth Support

throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, VCC provided telehealth services to reach vulnerable patients. Thanks to these efforts, patients were able to stay in touch with care, whether that was ongoing for a chronic condition or for sick visits. VCC’s telehealth program will be awarded $894,718 in funds to secure equipment like computers, monitors, webcams, and headsets to help expand telehealth services. Funds will also be used to purchase blood pressure monitors that can electronically track patients’ health. Telehealth has proven itself to be a valuable tool in connecting with patients and improving patient outcomes during COVID-19, and we are looking forward to continuing to use today’s technology to keep patients connected to health.

Orange County VCC: The Gary Center – the organization’s Orange County (La Habra) location has had tremendous support, thanks to its outreach liaison, Scott Miller. The clinic’s ability to provide fresh foods, hygiene products, and essential family needs, like diapers, has taken off significantly over the past few years. Mr. Miller’s dedication to keeping the La Habra community safe, supported, and nourished has led to consistent weekly distributions that local residents can count on, and the current reconstruction of a permanent community health and wellness center on South Hillcrest, where both patients and community members will be able to shop and receive meals.

Mr. Miller and his team of community workers continue to provide a variety of necessities and resource materials, Monday – Friday at three locations throughout La Habra – the Community Resource Center, El Centro Park, and the clinic. They have also been able to dedicate Tuesdays to seniors, where they create a farmer’s market style experience for our elderly residents, specifically. Thanks to these efforts, patients have been able to have a shopping experience that is dignified, provides a sense of humanity, and relieves the stress from not knowing where your family’s next meal is coming from.

VCC Services

Donations and outside funders are the heartbeat of the clinic. Without this financial support, VCC would not be the life-saving healthcare center it is today.

At VCC, we’ve got your whole family covered, and we can help patients qualify for medical and dental coverage:

  • Pediatrics
  • Adult Medicine
  • Dental
  • Family Planning
  • Immunizations
  • Behavioral Health
  • Chiropractic
  • Women’s Health
  • Prenatal Care
  • Optometry
  • Acupuncture
  • Podiatry
  • Insurance Enrollment
  • Food Distribution
  • Diaper Distribution
  • Pharmacy
  • Same-Day Appointment Availability
  • Referral to Immigration Services
  • Cardiology
  • Senior care including PACE referrals, when eligible

If you would like to make an appointment for care or consultation at any of our nine locations, please call or text us at 844.308.5003. Telehealth services available.

VCC Reaches a Golden Milestone

This year we celebrate health and hope; using all that we have achieved and all that we have learned about the COVID virus to bring us back to normal. The increase in vaccine access, booster options, and expanded testing are all signs that we are finally getting there. This year, at VCC, we are also celebrating a grand milestone – 50 years of community care!
Since 1972, Vista Community Clinic has been on a mission to provide quality affordable care to anyone, at any age, who is in need. There is a lot of excitement to be able to celebrate such a milestone in care, alongside the amazing strides that our medical communities have made to end a global pandemic. The clinic will be stepping down memory lane throughout the year and as we get closer to our annual gala celebration. We are also looking forward to celebrating in person this year and will be giving more details later in the year on where and when our grand celebration will take place.

If you are interested in how you can become a sponsor this year, you can reach out to Betsy Heightman, VCC Chief Development Officer, at 760-631-5000 ext 1139.

1000 Vale Terrace Drive Vista, CA 92084


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