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Vista Community Clinic

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March 2021–VCC’s COVID-19 vaccines have picked up steadily in the last month. Through careful planning, Saturday vaccination clinics have already successfully immunized 1,547 VCC patients. The clinic is continuing to vaccinate patients based on the local county vaccination priority guidelines. VCC: Lake Elsinore clinicians are shown above preparing for their outdoor vaccination clinic on February 20th.
To date, VCC has vaccinated a total of 1,919 patients and staff members. The organization is very proud to be at the forefront of the progress that is being made in communities around the country and is excited to continue this work in the coming months.

Expanding the Reach in Equity

In further exciting news, VCC’s North County branch was selected as one of only 25 Federally Qualified Health Centers in the country to receive more COVID-19 vaccines. The additional doses will be used to execute a pilot program being run in collaboration between the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Based on a directive from President Biden, these 25 selected Community Healthcare Centers will reach community members that have been disproportionately affected by the virus, including people experiencing homelessness, migrant farmworkers, and more, extending VCC’s reach deeper into our own patient base and targeting those most vulnerable. The push to get these groups vaccinated will be a big step forward in keeping all of us safe, and VCC is honored to have this distinction.

Making the News

VCC CEO, Fernando Sanudo, was featured on NBC 7 nightly news on February 11th discussing VCC’s vaccination efforts and supply. The organization is working hard to get as many vaccines out as possible in a timely manner to help keep our communities healthy and safe.

Specializing in CareVCC unveiled its specialty Cardiology service shortly before the end of the year. Just over a month into the new service’s offerings, the clinic began contacting patients to learn more about the experience through the patient’s eyes. Bradley, a 53-year-old local man, spoke candidly with the clinic about having this option available to him.

Bradley doesn’t visit the doctor often. In fact, he admits he hadn’t had any sort of medical visit in the last three years, but all that changed when he experienced a heart attack on December 6th of 2020. In an emergency hospital visit, he had a stint put in and was referred out for immediate cardiology care. The only problem was that Bradley didn’t have health insurance at the time. As luck would have it, VCC was preparing to open this service up to the community, enabling Bradley to not only access this care but afford it. Bradley said the service he received was great and “felt comfortable from the moment he walked in the door.” From the COVID checks to the facility to the staff, everything at VCC helped make his first visit back to the doctor a positive one, and for that, he is very thankful.

The good news is that Bradley is feeling great now and jokes about how he’s finally “eating how [he’s] supposed to be.” He’s ready to turn a new leaf after his heart attack and says he’ll be returning to VCC for further visits and follow-ups. The professionalism in care is what’s drawing him back to the community clinic. It’s safe to say that through the storm, Bradley is finding his way with medical care that’s making him feel right at home.

You can help patients like Bradley by donating to VCC. Donations of any size make an impact on the kind of life-changing care that VCC offers to patients of all ages, regardless of income or insurance status. Click on the blue link below to get started on making today’s contribution someone’s healthy tomorrow.Donate Now

Power On

The importance of maintaining power in a healthcare facility can sometimes go overlooked when considering all of the needs of the organization. But in truth, a power outage can spell disaster for patients and clinicians alike.

Imagine sitting down in the dental chair to get a filling, only to experience a power shut-off in the middle of the procedure – this is exactly the kind of scenario that VCC wants to make sure never happens to any of its patients.
To guarantee this never happens, the organization’s IT team is currently in the process of moving its servers to a colocation to create a highly-secured system with extended backup power. While this might not seem too exciting in the healthcare world, it’s just one more way VCC is actively improving access and reliability of care to the communities it serves.

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