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Calendar >  Vista Government Affairs Meeting Held

Vista Government Affairs Meeting Held

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Vista Government Affairs hears About Tri-City Medical Center Issue and Vista Traffic Management

TR Robertson – A nice sized in-person group at the Film Hub and several Zooming the April Vista Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs Committee meeting heard two informative presentations as well as a number of governmental reports from various representatives. Presenting first was Dr. Gene Ma, Chief Medical Officer and Interim CEO of Tri-City Medical Center. Dr. Ma has been at Tri-City Medical Center for 23 years, the last fifteen of these in administrative positions. He discussed their Women in Labor and New Born Services Program and the challenges the hospital and the program is facing. He pointed out that there has been a 20% reduction in the birthrate and the hospital subsidizes each delivery at the hospital for $1,200 to $1,500 for each delivery. Tri-City has been dealing with issues concerning incursions by Palomar Hospital into the Tri-City Hospital community area. Today Tri-City averages 1 or less deliveries a day, down significantly from past years. There is a real possibility they may have to drop the Women in Labor and New Born Services Program due to economic reasons if some assistance is not received. They are currently looking at partnering with other entities to maintain the L&D Services. Dr. Ma said the new Psychiatric Unit will provide a more sustainable approach to providing long-term care for patients and this type of set-up is what they are looking for in continuing the L&D Services program. He said good medical services from a local hospital is a necessity for communities. Tri-City is currently involved in reaching out to a variety of community entities to build more positive community relations as well as exploring what type of partnerships would work best for the Women in Labor & New Born Services Program.

The next presentation was from Sam Hasenin, Principal Engineer for the City of Vista, as he gave a power point presentation of a Transportation Mobility Update. His department is responsible for a number of areas centering around transportation in the city. These areas are Signals, Signs, Striping, Parking, Speed limits, Neighborhood Traffic Calming, Development Plans, Traffic Control, Traffic Safety, Capital Progress, and Interaction with SANDAG and other agencies. They have a number of priorities such as improving the flow of traffic and completing projects that would aid in the flow of traffic. Their current focus is improving traffic safety, reducing vehicle speed and establishing connections to transit systems. Sam said they have a Comprehensive Safety Action Plan and have received a Federal Grant of $320,000 to assist with this. They also have a Comprehensive Transportation Sustainability Plan that includes collaboration with NCTD, Emerald Drive Corridor improvements and improvements like roundabouts, bike lanes and pedestrian crossings. The Townsite Complete Streets Project will be using a $4 million state grant for Phase I. Phase II will include traffic signals at Emerald and Lewis, a roundabout at Bobier and Calle Jules, traffic calming on priority streets, green bike lanes and protected bike lanes. Traffic congestion management includes continual signal timing management and monitoring the 50 CCTV cameras for traffic management and flow. Some of the challenges his group faces as they work on transportation mobility issues for the city include the large volume of traffic cutting through the city at various times during the day, the continued growth in the city, dealing with the sprinter trains stopping every half hour and speeding issues. Additional problems surround the cost of any of the improvements. For example it runs between $200,00-$600,00 to put in roundabouts.

Government Agency Updates (Various bills referred to in the update can be googled for more information about the specific bill)

Jessica Ramirez from Congressman Mike Levin’s Office – Discussed the Unified Global Strategy Act the Congressman supports designed to fight against superbugs and possible global pandemics. Discussed HR 1786 which would give Vets access to jobs to reduce unemployment in this group. Discussed HR 1287 which promotes fair business practices in the cattle industry. The Congressman is also following the ongoing repairs along Highway 78.

Fernando Hernandez from Senator Catherine Blakespear’s Office – SB 428 passed which enables employers more authority to protect employees when filing harassment claims against the public while on the job. The Senator attended a March Community Clean-up in Vista. Vista resident Jennifer Ianaole, who runs Unicorn Homes in Oceanside, was selected Woman of the Year.

Ryan Ewart of Assembly Member Laurie Davies Office – The Assembly Member will soon be opening an office in Oceanside, off of El Camino Real. The Assembly Member is still working to assist in lowering the price of gas signing a letter requesting an early release of the summer blend. Grants are available from AB 882, dealing with assisting businesses affected by coastal erosion. An information sheet was passed out dealing with how to contact the Assembly Member and specifically what services their office can provide.

Imelda Huerta from the City of Vista – The City Council is discussing loosening restrictions on food truck operations in the city. Saturday is an Easter Egg Hunt in Brengle Terrace Park. Summer Camp registration is underway. Kites over Vista is also underway. There is an impressive exhibit upstairs at the Civic Center. Moonlight concerts will soon begin and tickets now available as are tickets for the upcoming Moonlight musicals, the first on being “Jesus Christ Superstar”. A Clean-up of the Buena Vista Creek Trail will soon be held.

Kristal Jabara from County of San Diego Supervisor Jim Desmond’s Office – The Supervisors signed a resolution to support SB 832 which concerns the placement of sexually violent predators in communities. Also passing was a motion to allow residents access to livestock during close-downs due to fires. Funding is now provided for drowning prevention education, $250,000 allocated partnering with the YMCA. $30,000 has been allocated to provide emergency pet give-away kits to assist the public during catastrophic situations. An update on the recent resigning of former Supervisor Nathan Fletcher and the next steps the Supervisors will follow.

Vista Chamber of Commerce CEO Rachel Beld reminded everyone about the upcoming Meet the Leaders event on Thursday, April 13 at the Shadowridge Country Club featuring presentations from Congressman Mike Levin, Assembly Member Laurie Davies, State Senator Catherine Blakespear, Supervisor Jim Desmond and Vista Mayor John Franklin.

From Peter Kuchinsky II, Vista Irrigation District –

Credit: VID website

Last October 2022, at the beginning of the rainy season, Lake Henshaw was only 6% full. Due to abundant winter rains, the lake is now reaching 60% full.  This is good news for local water and Vista Irrigation District.  Over the last 12 months only 4% of Vista’s water came from Lake Henshaw.  It is hopeful with the increased local supply that 15 to 25 percent of the District’s water can come from Lake Henshaw and the balance would be purchased from the Water Authority and includes, imported water from the Colorado River and local desalinated sea water.

As part of the strategy to use local water, Vista Irrigation District has prepared a final Lake Henshaw and Lake Wohlford Harmful Algal Blooms Management and Mitigation Plan (Plan). The Plan identifies the factors that contribute to the growth of harmful algal blooms (HABs) in Lake Henshaw and Lake Wohlford and outlines short and long-term treatment measures to reduce or eliminate them.  Treatment will start in April and continue until September to maintain the quality of our local water supply. Included in the Plan are recommendations and guidelines for monitoring HABs levels in the lake.

There are several water conservation programs available through the District. These programs can assist customers to more efficiently manage their water consumption and are offered free of charge in conjunction with the District’s water wholesale suppliers, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California and San Diego County Water Authority. https://www.vidwater.org/water-conservation

VID residential homeowners are encouraged to enter the WaterSmart Landscape Contest.  This annual competition rewards water-efficient landscapes created by customers. Be recognized for your work in water conservation and neighborhood beautification. Deadline is May 12, 2023.  https://landscapecontest.com/rules-entry/vista/ 

In honor of Vista Irrigation District’s 100th Anniversary, the public is invited to celebrate “A Century of Service and Stewardship” with VID on September 9, 2023, from 10 am – 1 pm. More details to come.


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