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Calendar >  Vista Unified School District Community Updates

Vista Unified School District Community Updates

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Vista, CA – As we approach the end of the year, schools are beginning to plan events to celebrate the success of our students and graduates. Although these events will be on a much smaller scale than years past, schools are looking for safe ways to highlight students and their accomplishments. For all end of the year events, schools will be required to adhere to the most current CDPH guidelines, and all guests must follow VUSD’s requirements for mask wearing and social distancing.

Summer Learning Opportunities

“Super Science Summer” is the theme for the district elementary summer school this year!

The district summer school will be offered to students from June 21st-July 9th from 8:00-11:30 Monday through Friday. Summer school staffing is now being completed, and staff will know their assignments within the next few weeks. Currently, there will be one classroom per grade level with an average of 15 students in each classroom at the five elementary schools that are host sites (Alamosa, Breeze Hill, Monte Vista, Vista Academy, Bobier). Curriculum materials will be provided for teachers in language arts, math and science, and art. Reading materials will be aligned to the science themes for each grade level, making an exciting way to brush up on reading skills while also learning about science. The hands-on science activities for each grade level are as follows: 1st grade: Solids, Liquids, Gases; 2nd and 3rd grades: Force and Motion; and 4th and 5th grades: Machines at Work and Play. In addition, we are looking into offering a sports option for students two times per week. The summer school option will be available to a select group of students based on their individual needs. Students will be invited to register the first week of May.

Secondary Summer School Opportunities

Secondary Summer School Opportunities

We have a variety of opportunities during the summer months for our secondary students in order to create a robust, comprehensive, and multi-tiered system of support. These fall into three main categories – remediation, bridge, and enrichment.

  • Remediation – We have two comprehensive programs for high school students to remediate failing grades in order to be on track for graduation and to meet A-G requirements.
    • Graduating seniors will have the opportunity to attend up to two three-week sessions at Alta/Murray in order to complete their senior year and receive a diploma during the summer. This is a program that we offer every year for all of our seniors, but we have increased this due to the pandemic, with an additional three week session, allowing seniors to make up even more credits in order to graduate.
    • Current 9th, 10th, and 11th graders will also have the opportunity to remediate failing grades through a district-wide summer school program. We will offer two three-week semesters of courses in the summer months, allowing high school students to remediate up to 10 credits before the next school year.
  • Bridge – All middle and high schools will be offering bridge options for invited students to provide targeted learning opportunities that will prepare students academically for the upcoming school year. Principals will be sharing schedules and details with parents as each site finalizes their dates, times, and programs; but district-wide, bridge opportunities include programs for incoming 6th and 9th graders, English Language Learners, special education students, and at-risk students.
  • Enrichment – Each middle and high school will also offer enrichment opportunities in a variety of disciplines. Just as with the bridge programs, each site will finalize their dates, times, and programs and communicate information to students and families. Sample programs include AVID, sports and athletics, visual and performing arts, lab sciences, career technical education, computer science, middle school and STEM and mobile maker labs.

Great Progress On Measure LL Facility Bond Projects

We have made huge progress these past few weeks on the Vista High Sports Complex with the installation of sod at the new softball field, the installation of bleachers, and the placement of concrete for the west end tennis courts. These next couple weeks, the contractor will continue to install sod for the multipurpose field, begin forming for the east end tennis courts, and prepare the entrance for paving and concrete sidewalks. See the progress photos below of the softball field, tennis courts, and new bleachers.


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