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Calendar >  What is Your Favorite Sandwich? – TR Robertson

What is Your Favorite Sandwich? – TR Robertson

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TR Robertson — The majority of people in the U.S. have a favorite sandwich in mind when they think about fixing or ordering a sandwich for themselves. There are several sites on the internet where writers have gathered information about the favorite sandwiches, by state, eaten most often.  In looking into this delicious topic, I visited articles by Hannah Doolin, Megan Willet and Erin McDowell, Emily Monaco, Kathy Morris, Dalia Colon, and Emily Goodman. There was some consensus for some of the states, but for other states several sandwiches stood out as a favorite to fix at home or order at a restaurant or deli. Read through the list. Note which ones you have tried or want to try or would never try. If you don’t see your favorite on the list, drop a note about the sandwich you feel should be added.

If you google some of the sandwiches you will note that some require specific bread, buns or rolls. They also will list the condiments, cheeses and veggies that should be added, if needed, as well as if the sandwich is made cold or grilled.

Alabama – Pulled Chicken with Alabama White Sauce

Alaska – Wild Salmon Sandwich – Yak Burger – Salmon Salad Sandwich

Arizona – Sonoran Hot Dog – Fry Bread Taco

Arkansas – Fried Bologna Sandwich – Deep-fried Catfish Po’boy

California – French Dip – Avocado Club Sandwich – Panini

Colorado – Denver Sandwich (eggs, ham, cheese, onions & peppers) – Fool’s Gold Loaf (French bread with Peanut Butter and bacon)

Connecticut – Fried Clam Roll – Connecticut Hamburger (white toast, burger, tomatoes or cheese and no condiments)

Delaware – The Bobbie (turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce) – Soft Shelled Fried Crab Sandwich

Florida – Cubano

Georgia – Pimento Cheese Sandwich – Fried Chicken Sandwich

Hawaii – Kalua Pork Sandwich

Idaho – Peanut Butter & Huckleberry Jam – Basque Lamb Sandwich – Meat Your Maker (steak, Italian sausage, bacon)

Illinois – Italian Beef Sandwich – Horseshoe Sandwich (open faced, choice of meat, French fries, secret cheese sauce)

Indiana – Pork Tenderloin Sandwich also called a Hoosier Sandwich

Iowa – Loose Meat Sandwich, also called a Tavern Sandwich or Maid Rite Sandwich

Kansas – Burnt Ends Sandwich – Runza or Bierocks (bun shaped pod filled with beef, cabbage and onions)

Kentucky – Hot Brown Sandwich (open faced with turkey, bacon and Mornay sauce)

Louisiana – Po’boy with fried shrimp or oysters – Muffuletta (cold cuts, provolone, cheese, olive salad and olive oil on Italian loaf)

Maine – Lobster Roll or sandwich

Maryland – Crab Cake Sandwich

Massachusetts – Fluffernutter (marshmallow fluff and peanut butter) – Juicy Lucy (a hamburger filled with cheese)

Michigan – Ham Sandwich – Corned Beef Sandwich – Minced Meat Pasty

Minnesota – Walleye Sandwich

Mississippi – Shrimp Po’boy – Pig-ear Sandwich (includes mustard, slaw and hot sauce0 – Slugburger (a depression era sandwich using various proteins substituted for meat)

Missouri – Hot Salami Sandwich – Gerber Sandwich (open faced with ham, provolone and paprika on French bread)

Montana – Pork Chop Sandwich – Peanut Butter and Huckleberry Jam

Nebraska – Reuben – Runza (ground beef and cabbage)

Nevada – Patty Melt – Heart Attack Grill Burger (five patties with bacon)

New Hampshire – Roast Beef Sandwich – Monte Cristo – Moe’s Original (salami with provolone, peppers, onions and olives)

New Jersey – Italian Hoagie – Jersey Breakfast Sandwich (thick cut ham with fried eggs on a Kaiser roll or bagel)

New Mexico – Green Chile Cheeseburger

New York – Pastrami on Rye – Bagel with lox and cream cheese

North Carolina – Pulled Pork Sandwich with vinegar-based BBQ sauce

North Dakota – Hot beef sandwich – Sloppy Joes – Smorbrod (open faced on Rye with beef, salmon, pickled herring, hard boiled eggs and cold slaw)

Ohio – Polish Boy (Kielbasa on bun covered in French fries and BBQ sauce)

Oklahoma – Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich

Oregon – Fried Chicken Biscuit Sandwich – Falafel Pita – Gardenburger (veggie burger)

Pennsylvania – Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich

Rhode Island – Hot Wieners – Dynamite Sandwich (Sloppy Joe with onions, bell peppers and celery)

South Carolina – Pulled Pork Sandwich with mustard BBQ sauce – Tuna Melt – Pheasant Salad sandwich

South Dakota – Hot Beef Sandwich – Walleye Sandwich

Tennessee – Hot Chicken Sandwich – Elvis Sandwich (Peanut Butter, banana, bacon fried)

Texas – Chopped Brisket Sandwich

Utah – Navajo Taco (taco filling piled on top of Fry Bread) – Pastrami Burger

Vermont – The Vermonter (sliced maple turkey or ham, Vermont cheddar, sliced green apples and honey mustard)

Virginia – Country Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Washington – Banh Mi

West Virginia – Sausage Biscuit Sandwich – Apple turkey sandwich

Wisconsin – Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Beer Bratwurst – Sausage Rolls

Wyoming – Trout Sandwich – Egg Salad Sandwich – Bison Burger – Bison Meatball Sandwich

Hungry yet? When I was in Maine, I even saw Subway selling Lobster Sandwiches. If it can be put on bread, you can call it a sandwich.


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