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Rosemary Eshelman Celebrates Her Final YES Collaborative Meeting

By TR Robertson -Rosemary Eshelman has spent twenty-five years working with education programs, the last twenty years as the Coordinator of the Youth Enrichment Services (YES) Collaborative for the Carlsbad Unified School District. She has decided that it is time to retire, spend more time with family and enjoying all of the new avenue’s retirement can bring. She said she is excited to spend more time with her husband David, her two married sons, daughter-in-laws and three grandchildren and seeing what else she can be involved with. This reporter told her, “You may be retiring but I guarantee you will never be retired, I am the prime example of that, and you are like me”. The mission of YES, the organization she has been with at Carlsbad Unified, is to “be instrumental in creating a positive environment and safety net for young people in Carlsbad and the surrounding community to flourish and grow by collaborating with agencies and organizations that help young people thrive and resist negative influences”. This involves a one hour monthly meeting the third Thursday of each month of the school year where a variety of individuals representing agencies, organizations, schoolteachers/administrators and interested community leaders listening to various presentations that can assist their groups and sharing information about the agencies and organizations they work with. Along with organizing the YES program, Rosemary’s position as School Services Specialist/Community Connector involves her working with all of the schools and grade levels District wide in Carlsbad Unified. The different programs she covers with the schools cover school safety, substance abuse, low self-esteem, anger management, tobacco cessation, decision making and other topics. Rosemary has been instrumental in expanding the School Services program and bringing in programs to assist and educate young people, but she has also provided programs, lectures, and presentations for parents dealing with issues surrounding young people.

  • Rosemary Eshelman conducting her final YES meeting.

Rosemary’s journey to her position with the Carlsbad School District began in Boston where her involvement with community service started. She went to college in Wichita, Kansas, receiving a degree in Administration of Justice in Prevention and Correction at Wichita State University. Rosemary decided she would rather assist and help young people before they encounter the justice system. This decision would lead her to San Diego and a position in the Carlsbad Recreation Department. While with the department she created programs and events to engage young people and their families. A position opened with Carlsbad Unified School District working with the Safe and Drug Free Schools program in creating a positive school climate for students and staff. This would lead to the position of Chair/Organizer of the YES Community Collaborative. Through this program she expanded her involvement with partnering and networking with a variety of agencies in the North County area.

Looking at Rosemary’s service to the community and school district, friends and acquaintances described her importance to the students, parents and community members of Carlsbad. “She is a woman of incredible passion and optimism who inspires hope in the hearts of many for a brighter future among the people who live and work in our community.” Linda Ledesma, former Juvenile Justice Program Coordinator for the Carlsbad Police Department said, “Rosemary strives to interact with youth of all ages, genders, and ethnicities by inspiring them to learn more about the dangers of drug abuse, the potential for opportunities and success through education, and a deeper appreciation of cultural diversities.” Carlsbad Unified Superintendent Ben Churchill said, “Rosemary represents the best of Carlsbad! She is a connector, a champion, and a catalyst.” Malcom Warfield, Juvenile Justice Coordinator and soon to be new Coordinator for YES said, “I have never met anyone with the level of commitment she has to this community.” Carlsbad High School Principal Julie Redfield said, “Rosemary epitomizes Carlsbad. With a heart of gold, she consistently places our community at the forefront of her service efforts. Her dedication to fostering communication within our city and beyond is unparalleled.” At the Thursday meeting of YES, person after person complemented, congratulated and spoke about what Rosemary has meant to both Carlsbad and to their organization.

Retirement is always a hard decision, not because the time may or may not be right, but because it will be a significant change for most everyone. Some will spend more time with their hobbies or their physical activities, such as golf or pickle ball, or travel. Lounging around is something many talk about doing but most become bored and find just can’t do that. I found the key for me was to become involved in a variety of new adventures for my life, taking on some tasks and responsibilities that I had not had before, while also keeping doing things I had been doing before retirement. I found I was even busier than I had been before I retired, which is hard to imagine. I think Rosemary will find her way and will discover new and exciting activities to not only keep busy, but to also be as involved as she has been with organizations and groups in and around Carlsbad. As everyone said – Congratulations Rosemary on your retirement and get ready for Part 2 of your life. And most of all, thanks for keeping YES to “One Hour One Meeting”.

At all YES meetings, numerous handouts are always available for interested parties to pick up. These are a few of the handouts at this month’s meeting:


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